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Chapter 1625

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    "That's Wu Yunlong!" Lin Mengling was the first to say the name of that domineering wing-type soul pet!

    Wu Yunlong is a wing-type dragon, the top creature in the wing-type. In terms of racial level, it should be very close to the five immortal legends!

    This kind of high-blooded creature must be the favorite of big forces, and the value of its young pets even exceeds that of many immortal creatures.

    Lin Mengling is considered to be a person with a very high status in the entire human field, and Xia Yin is an extremely outstanding soul pet master. They have seen quite a few high-level soul pets, but when they saw Wu Yunlong flying over the clouds, they still felt  Showing surprise.

    Just after entering the Seal Valley, they encountered this kind of creature with extremely high bloodline in the wing system. Are there more unknown powerful soul pets hidden in the Seal Valley? If they can get a young pet, it will be more beneficial to them.  It¡¯s even more powerful!

    "Young Master, this Wu Yunlong and the Ancient Demon Feather Demon are tied for the highest-level creatures of the wing race. Of course, this is the knowledge of the human field. It is difficult to say whether there are higher bloodlines in other places." Old Li said.

    "What's so special about Wu Yunlong?" Chu Mu asked.

    "They are the overlords in the sky. At the same level, the three pure-blooded Cyan Hidden Dragons may not be able to defeat Wu Yunlong." Old Li said.

    The bloodline of Tiancang Green Hidden Dragon is very powerful. Wu Yunlong can fight one against three at the same level. This Wu Yunlong's strength is indeed amazing, but I don't know what level the Wu Yunlong just flew over. If it can  Let the little Hidden Dragon fight with it, and it will definitely gain a lot from the battle.

    "It seems that this year's training will be very interesting." Xia Yin touched his chin, stroking his beard even though he didn't have a beard.

    "Do you know how to get there?" Chu Mu looked at Lin Mengling and asked.

    Lin Mengling shook her head and said, "I thought you knew."

    There is a formation in the Yin Valley. This formation can gather the immortal energy of the Yin Valley. If you meditate there, you can quickly reach the soul decay level.

    Chu Mu, Lin Mengling, and Xia Yin are all Jiu Nian Soul Slayers, so the chance of directly breaking through to the Soul Mortal Level is very rare. It is no wonder that Tang Zhuo was so devastated after his defeat, having lost such a leap.  The opportunity to enter the soul decay level, if he is not careful, he may be stuck in Jiu Nian Soul Killer for the rest of his life.

    Yu Suo told Chu Mu the general direction. Chu Mu smiled bitterly and found that neither Lin Mengling nor Xia Yin knew how to go, so he had to lead the way.

    "It should be there. Judge Xiao said that the place where the three peaks stand is the best place to practice the formation." Lin Mengling pointed to the three abrupt peaks at the end of the earth.

    The three peaks are like three swords, rising from the ground and pointing towards the sky.

    Yu Suo told Chu Mu that this was the foundation pillar of the cultivation array. The roots of the three mountain peaks were used as nodes to activate the immortal energy of heaven and earth, forming a triangular array with a vortex-like effect, continuously pouring the immortal energy into the cultivation array.  middle.

    So the cultivation process is actually very simple. As long as you sit in the triangle formation surrounded by three mountain peaks and meditate peacefully, you can basically reach the soul decay level.

    There is only one chance to seal the valley. It is very rare. Lin Mengling, as the apple of the eye of Shenzong, can get such an opportunity.

    Xia Yin provided the indispensable energy magic stone for the Yingu cultivation array, so it was natural for him to take one of the places.

    Saintess Yu repaired the formation that had been dilapidated for many years. This spot originally belonged to her. However, there are ancient restrictions in the Seal Valley. Not only will her cultivation here not improve, but her cultivation will be repelled.

    It just so happened that Chu Mu arrived at the main city of Zhengming at this time. Yu Suo was greedy for the pure evil energy in Chu Mu¡¯s body, so naturally she wanted to deliberately please Chu Mu


    When we arrived at the location of the cultivation formation, the three peaks happened to form a basin valley.

    The entire valley is carved with dense and complex patterns, which is dazzling to see.

    The training array is very large, with a diameter of about five or six kilometers. The best place to practice is naturally the center. There will be an ancient triangular map with a side length of about ten meters in the center.

    The three corners correspond to the three mountain peaks, which also happen to be the three locations where Chu Mu, Xia Yin, and Lin Mengling practice and meditate.

    Chu Mu, Xia Yin, and Lin Mengling cannot have the current strength because of luck. They are all crazy cultivators, including Lin Mengling.

    When they felt the strong immortal energy flying in the cultivation formation, the three of them were all shaken up and wanted to sit down immediately and break through the current level.

    Soul decay?After this scene, Lin Mengling and Xia Yin didn't know what to say.

    "Brother Chu, your little fox is so charming." Xia Yin said.

    Little Moxie continued to climb up, wagging his nine little tails, and jumped on Wu Yunlong's head.

    ¡°Wuwuwu~~~~~¡± Little Moxie called out to the little Wu Yunlong.

    Baby Wu Yunlong was actually not afraid of life. When he saw little Moxie jumping over, he felt like he had found a playmate, flapping his little wings and looking a little excited.

    ¡°Woo~~~~~¡± Moye stretched out his tail slowly, then shook off some snacks.

    Mo Xie would hide whatever he liked to eat on his nine fluffy tails. He would shake it out and chew it when he was bored. Many of these snacks were made by Ye Qingzi and they tasted very good. Mo Xie was smart and used these snacks.  Come to bribe baby Wu Yunlong.

    Baby Wu Yunlong extended his tender paws honestly, ate a small bean, and bit it. The little guy immediately made a happy sound, took a deep breath, and sucked all the small beans into his mouth.

    With a mouth full of snacks, baby Wu Yunlong chewed happily, and his plump appearance was really adorable.

    At this time, Dawu Yunlong opened his eyes, but he just raised his eyelids and continued to snore.

    Mo Xie knew that Wu Yunlong¡¯s actions just now showed that he was welcomed and recognized, so he raised a small paw and waved towards Chu Mu, as if he was making a victory pose.

    Xia Yin and Lin Mengling were stunned

    These days, there are not many soul pets who can fight and be sold as cute!  Chu Mu's little fox is simply a god's pet.

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