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Chapter 1600 Heavenly Horned Beast, Sky-Breaking Horn

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    ¡°Contestant, are you ready?¡± Referee Mu Xie asked Chu Mu again.

    Only then did Chu Mu come back to his senses and nodded towards the chief judge, Mu Xie.

    "Young Master, reserve your strength for a little bit. If you expose yourself too much, you will attract the attention of the weeper." Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu himself also had a sense of propriety, and began to guess the identity of the other tablet weaver.

    "The battle begins!" The moment the referee Mu Xie announced the start, the whole place thundered. This overwhelming atmosphere instantly pushed the battle to a peak.

    Both parties summoned soul pets, Han Erxing's summoning speed was faster, he did not hesitate at all, and the first soul pet he summoned was his strongest main pet, the Paradise Horned Beast.

    Having seen Chu Mu¡¯s war beast Mo Ye¡¯s ability to continuously improve its strength, Han Erxing had a strong disdain for Chu Mu in his heart, but he would not underestimate his opponent in such a formal competition.

    The first summon is the strongest Heavenly Horned Beast, which does not give Zhanya any chance to improve his strength!

    The Paradise Horned Beast possesses a pair of horns that are so furious that they take up one-third of its body. Its fierceness is enough to intimidate people!

    The strong body stepped on the Fushan Mountain. With a casual step, deep cracks appeared in the extremely hard Fushan Mountain. If the power of the iron hoof stepped heavily on the soul pet, the soul pet would be crushed directly.  broken!

    The Heavenly Horned Beast, the king among the horned beasts, when they fully explode their power and speed and use the Heavenly Horn to break through the space, all the Horned Beasts will surrender under their indestructible horn!

    A nearly immortal-level Paradise Horned Beast!

    Being close to immortality is only one or two levels away from quasi-immortality, but the Dominator level is insignificant in front of them.

    When Chu Mu was so calm when facing all the challengers by himself, Han Erxing, Xin Xin and Tang Zhuo did not panic because they had already entered the immortal level. Any one of them  They can trample all young players under their feet!

    This is the Immortal level. During the battle between Xin Xin and Lu Fenxue, they felt the huge energy of destruction. Those players who were still wandering around the Dominator level knew very well that it was impossible for them to fight against players of this level.  !

    In the main city of Zhengming, despite Chu Mu's amazing performance in the last battle, there are still many people who are not optimistic about Chu Mu, because the three people Chu Mu will face next are all people with immortal strength.  !

    The Paradise Horn Beast stood in the floating mountain battlefield. Those huge floating mountains seemed a bit small in front of the arrogant Paradise Horn!

    Chu Mu glanced at the corner of heaven that almost pierced the blue sky, and made a rough judgment about this soul pet.

    It is definitely impossible for Zhan Ya to fight. Before Zhan Ya's strength improves, he will definitely be instantly killed by this paradise horned beast.

    "Moye, come on. Let me see your true power in the underworld!" Chu Mu glanced at Moye on his shoulder and said.

    After Chu Mu obtained the power of the Black Nightmare, his soul thoughts surged to nine thoughts, and he was expected to reach the soul decay level.

    The improvement of Chu Mu¡¯s soul mind itself will release the power of Mo Xie¡¯s Netherworld. Coupled with Ning Man¡¯er¡¯s nurturing of Mo Xie¡¯s immortal charm for a long period of time, Mo Xie¡¯s current strength is close to the immortal level.

    Perhaps, there will still be a gap in strength between Mo Xie and the Heavenly Horned Beast, but so what, Mo Xie is not even interested in fighting at the same level!

    Mo Xie jumped down from Chu Mu¡¯s shoulder, and with high morale, he let out a cry!

    The demonic energy spread everywhere and turned into a thick demonic cloud, shrouding the Fushan battlefield!

    The demonic cloud presses down, seeming to destroy all the floating mountains!

    An astonishing outline of mountains appeared in the sky, with nine cloud tails hanging down, so spectacular!


    The evil wind swept across, and angry purple flames filled Moye's body.

    Mo Xie's body stretched out, transforming from an exquisite and petite body into a body of a fox that perfectly combines strength and beauty. The silver hair on the back of his neck flew up like a king's cloak, and he looked so heroic!

    The purple flame, silver body, and innate nobility make even the high-blooded Paradise Horned Beast look a bit eclipsed!

    Han Erxing was stunned. He had always thought that Chu Mu would summon the war beast Mo Ye, but who would have expected that the other party would actually have such a powerful soul pet. The gorgeous visual impact at the moment of its incarnation even Han Erxing was stunned.  I feel so shaken!

    &nAs Ye Lai deals with the Paradise Horned Beast, with Ye's terrifying dodge ability, this Paradise Horned Beast will definitely not be able to touch even one of its hairs.

    Of course, each soul pet has its own advantages. When Mo Xie was wild, his overriding bloody spirit was enough to give him a fight.  Ye Zhan is superior in speed and dodge, Zhan is unmatched in his wildness after charging up, and Mo Xie is the combination of these two, speed and power, as well as terrifying flame destruction!

    Moye has three main attributes!  What's even more frightening is that it also has many powerful racial skills. Facing enemies whose levels are within two levels, Mo Xie has never lost!

    Just now, while Mo Xie was constantly dodging the attacks of the Paradise Horned Beast, he also roughly figured out the attack routine of the Paradise Horned Beast.

    Mo Xie¡¯s battles are often full of wisdom, and he can make some battle judgments as quickly as Chu Mu.

    Next, it¡¯s time to make the Paradise Horned Beast uncomfortable!

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