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Chapter 1570: Fighting for the Main City

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    Among the Shenzong and Qionglou Yuyu, a woman who controlled the flame phoenix flew between these fluttering halls and attic, and was flying outside the main city.

    "Junior sister Mu, where are you going?" Xu Daofeng saw the Crown Phoenix Queen and immediately followed her and asked.

    The golden and noble Phoenix clan has almost become Mu Qingyi¡¯s symbol in Shenzong.  Among the younger generation of Shenzong disciples, Mu Qingyi is as dazzling as her Crown Phoenix King.

    "A few of my friends are here. I'll wait for them at the city gate." Mu Qingyi said

    "Is it Chu Mu and the others?" Xu Daofeng's eyes lit up.

    Mu Qingyi nodded and asked, "Do you want to go together?"

    "Of course, I haven't seen them for a long time. During this time, I was worried that no one would accompany me to make troubles. They came at the right time." Xu Daofeng laughed.

    ¡°Then let¡¯s go.¡± Mu Qingyi smiled.

    After such a long time, they finally came to Zhengming City.


    Mu Qingyi really missed them. He originally planned to visit the New Moon Land after a while, but he didn't expect that they had already rushed here and told himself that they would be able to reach Zhengming City today, which made Mu Qingyi feel very good.  .

    "Junior sister Mu, your admirer is here again." Xu Daofeng glanced behind him and said with a smile.

    Mu Qingyi looked back and saw a man driving Yunxian Luan flying towards him. He immediately frowned and said to Xu Daofeng, "Let's speed up."

    ??????????????????????? Crown Phoenix King flapped his wings, and his flight speed suddenly accelerated, leaving a bright flame trail above the main city of Zhengming as it passed through the sky.

    Xu Daofeng hurriedly followed Mu Qingyi, and soon left the man driving Yun Xian Luan behind.

    "Am I that scary?" The man looked at Mu Qingyi who flew away with a wry smile.

    The main city of Zhengming is not that huge. In other words, according to the level ratio, the main city of Zhengming should be ten times larger than it actually is.

    However, the area does not represent the status of a city. At least the main city of Zhengming is very strict on the entry and exit of people, and it rejects those low-level soul pet masters without any pretense!

    The main city of Wupan in the land of Wupan has a limit on the number of people who can enter the city every day. There are many smaller cities around it, and many of them queue up there with signs. The queue may last several months.

    "Compared to the main city of Wupan, the main city of Zhengming appears to be more domineering. The direct reason why they prevent ordinary people from entering this city is that they are too weak, and the main city of Zhengming does not welcome weak people.

    This regulation has existed for a long, long time. No king who cared about the common people has ever withdrawn from this regulation. No matter how loud the opposition is, this regulation has still been in use to this day.

    The ruler of the main city of Zhengming wants to tell everyone that if they want to enter the capital, they have to show their strength.

    A city can be described as gentle, friendly, and beautiful, but Zhengming Main City can only be described as domineering!

    In this world, there will always be some cities that are approachable and all-encompassing, but the Zhengming Main City, which has extremely high history, status, and significance, will never lower its status to do so. The higher the Zhengming Main City raises its profile, the more  The more countless strong people crowd here, because only this high profile can fully demonstrate that their efforts on the path of cultivation are worthwhile, and they can calmly look down on those who are not qualified to enter the city with a superior look.  people.

    "A very realistic city. Also, there is no need for a world main city to be pretentious with you." Ye Wansheng looked at a large group of people who were refused entry to the city and let out a sigh.

    Chu Mu's attention fell on the guards. He noticed that the guards who prevented the so-called weak people from entering the city were not measured by a level. They would first ask the other person's age, and then ask if the other person had any special honors, and then  It will depend on his strength.

    This means that this city welcomes strong men in proportion to their age. This city allows people at the leadership level to enter, but your age must be very young, at least in line with the potential standards set here.

    "By the way, at our age, what level do we need to reach to enter the city?" Pang Yue said worriedly.

    She was worried that the requirements for competing for the main city were so high that she was not even qualified to enter.

    &nbsBut Qingyi could feel that there was no falsehood in her, and she was pure from body to soul.

    Suddenly, Mu Qingyi remembered a person, who was indeed somewhat similar to her.

    After Mu Qingyi was framed, she lived in Chu Mu's courtyard in the Soul Palace for a while. In addition to Ye Qingzi, there was also a lovely girl who lived with Chu Mu. The girl's temperament was such that people couldn't help but feel sad.  favorite.

    "Are you Ning Man'er?" Mu Qingyi finally remembered.

    Ning Man'er had a bright smile on her face and said, "Sister Mu finally remembered."

    The surprise on Mu Qingyi's face was even worse. Ning Man'er had changed a lot. She was just a cute little girl before. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a heart-thrilling beauty.  Son!

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