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Chapter 1517 The intolerable sheep entering the tiger's mouth

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    Chu Mu continued to close his eyes and rest his mind. It was just a similarity, and Chu Mu would not think anything of it.

    It was good that Youyou didn't speak when she saw the other party. She hated dealing with these people the most. If it weren't for her pressing matters, she would have given a good lesson to those young masters who always wanted to take advantage of her.

    "Hey, Xiao Huan, where were those two guests just now?" Youyou suddenly noticed something and hurriedly asked the woman who received Chu Mu before.

    "Oh, they went downstairs and seem to have left." The woman named Xiao Huan said.

    "What's going on! Didn't I ask you to watch it for me?" Youyou's voice suddenly became stern!

    Xiao Huan was startled by Youyou, and it took a long time before she stammered: "II forgot."

    ¡°You can¡¯t do this little thing well, do you know where they went?!¡± Youyou asked hurriedly angrily.

    "II don't know." Xiao Huan said.

    "Youyouyou really want to make me angry to death. What is in your mind? Is it all mush!"

    Youyou rolled her eyes, she just walked away for a while and asked Xiaohuan to help her look at the two highly suspicious men, but in the end, she let those two men slip away!

    She spent a lot of effort to find this clue, and now she was asked to find those two guys in a huge sea of ??people!

    Youyou's chest was heaving with anger, and Chu Mu also opened his eyes at this time. It was not that Chu Mu was surprised about the two men just now, but that Youyou's voice was too loud. Just now Chu Mu thought she and Ye Qingzi  That Wen Wen temperament was very similar. When he closed his eyes to rest, his mind was filled with Qingzi's soft and watery appearance. However, the woman's scolding completely destroyed Chu Mu's aftertaste and also destroyed Chu Mu's feelings towards her.  This is called the first sense of a woman.

    This woman is not elegant at all, she also has a hot temper. She looked generous just now, but as soon as she heard the two men left, she got angry and scolded her.

    Well, Chu Mu can be sure that this woman's temperament and personality are basically not similar to Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi is the kind of person who, even if she is very angry, will never roar loudly, but will be frighteningly cold.  kind¡­¡­

    "I know where the two of them went." At this time, Chu Mu spoke.

    "You know? Where have they gone? Tell me quickly!" Xiaoxiao asked hurriedly.

    Chu Mu smiled bitterly and shook his head. It turned out that the gentle and elegant appearance of this woman before was all a disguise.

    However, Chu Mu was very surprised as to why Yuyou was so interested in the two men just now. Judging from her appearance and expression at this time, it seemed that she didn't know those two people, but more like she was tracking lost prey.

    "They are in the back alley of Guangfeng. That's what I heard them say when they left just now," Chu Mu said.

    If she didn¡¯t look a little like Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu wouldn¡¯t bother to care about other people¡¯s affairs.

    "Oh, oh, thank you, please take your time and enjoy the tea. I have to leave beforehand." Xiaoxiao said hastily, and then left in a hurry.

    Chu Mu looked helplessly at the impatient woman and shook his head with a wry smile.

    After Xiaoxiao left for a while, the woman named Xiaohuan took her place and came to pour tea for Chu Mu.

    Xiao Huan was not very good at conversation, so she just sat next to Chu Mu at a loss, looking at Chu Mu from time to time as he closed his eyes to rest.

    After an unknown amount of time, the appraiser came out, walked up to Chu Mu with a smile on his face, and bowed respectfully.

    People who can possess such resources and wealth must have a very high status. It is normal for the appraiser to salute Chu Mu.

    "We have passed the appraisal. There are a total of in your space ring" The appraiser was about to speak.

    Chu Mu waved his hand, interrupted him and said, "I know how many things are inside, just tell me all the prices you estimate."

    "Ohoh, okay." The appraiser has never seen such a cheerful person, especially when faced with such a large amount of resources.

    "The price we have given is 70,000 yuan to purchase all the resources in your space ring." The appraiser said politely.

    "Seventy thousand mysteries?" Chu Mu frowned slightly.

    Mr. Li estimated the value of the item at 80,000 yuan. When it arrived at their auction house, it was a full 10,000 yuan less. As expected, although this trading house processes mysterious objects quickly, it is really too dark. 10,000 yuan can almost buy a quality product.  It's an ordinary seventh-level mysterious object.  With luck, it's a high-level Dominator!

    "Uh I haven'tHuan Huan had spent most of the time thinking about what she would do when she arrived at this handsome young master's residence. If she pulled her into the room to do something embarrassing, should she refuse, or

    In the end, Xiao Huan had been struggling with the matter for a long time. Chu Mu controlled Ye's gorgeous back and made all her messy thoughts disappear.

    At night, even the sky is a speeding road of night.

    Under the feet are thousands of lights, and the night is like a black star streaking across the sky over the city. It is so fast that the patrol guards in the forbidden air cannot detect the existence of the night at all.

    Chu Mu was heading towards the back alleys of Guangfeng as he flew like this.

    ¡°If a woman looks a bit like his wife, and by chance, this woman¡¯s words are being spoken into the mouths of two wolves, if this happens, a man will not be able to sleep all night!

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