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Chapter 1458 Sweeping Zhao De¡¯s Marine Corps (Part 1)

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    The black wolf passed over Zhao De's head, roaring like a dark giant beast.

    The targets of Chu Mu's attack were those elemental soul pets. If the five hundred elemental emperors let them continue to launch skill attacks, they would cause a lot of trouble for themselves.

    Dark waves swept across, and the sailors who controlled the elemental emperor stopped breathing one by one, and panickedly ordered their soul pets to deploy their shields.

    This naval group appeared to be well-trained. Just when the fragile elemental teams were about to be attacked, the plant team grew rapidly, forming a large dense forest of plants in front of the elemental team.

    The black elemental energy slapped on the plant forest, and the outside of the entire plant forest began to fester.

    The plant forest was continuously engulfed, and the dark energy with overwhelming power quickly spread to the soul pets of the plant world.

    Even though the plant world's soul pets are the best defensive fortress, they cannot remain unharmed under the impact of this energy. Soon, the bodies of more than a hundred plant soul pets were overwhelmed by the dark energy, and the entire fortress was densely packed with no gaps.  The forest became a mess and screamed again and again.

    The power of reversal is about 50% stronger than the energy absorbed. The energy absorbed by Chu Mu is equivalent to the simultaneous attacks of more than 300 elemental emperors. If added with 50% of the dark reversal effect, it will be close to 500 elemental emperors.  The emperor.

    With the bombardment of more than five hundred elemental emperors, no matter how tenacious the plant emperor's vitality is, it will be bombarded beyond recognition.

    Rotten roots, broken branches, crushed wood chips, scattered canes

    There are a total of four hundred creatures in the plant world. Chu Mu's reversal skill killed at least more than a hundred plant emperors, and nearly one-third of the entire airtight forest fortress collapsed!

    The sailors who control the Plant Emperor all have earth-colored faces. Calculated this way, with only three attacks, their entire plant team will be wiped out.

    "Attack! Don't stop!" Zhao De's generals roared angrily.

    "Sea Beast Team, crush them! Land Beast Team crush them! Wing pets, attack, what are you doing in a daze!!" Zhao De ordered angrily!

    In the huge lake waves, the lake water began to roll violently and surged.

    At the same time, the clouds in the sky released a rumbling waterfall, all pouring into the air, forming a torrent rolling in the air, heading towards here with claws and teeth.

    The elemental team once again recited the incantation. With the protection of the plant fortress, the elemental soul pets could recite the incantation with peace of mind.

    Colorful elements glowed, but the energy contained in them was full of death!

    Beast-type creatures have always occupied the mainstream position among human soul pet masters. Thousands of wild beasts sprang out from the military camp following Zhao De's order!

    Thousands of imperial beasts rushed towards them, trampling and crushing everyone in their path, which made people tremble with fear!

    Thousands of emperors, this is a force that is enough to crush high-level emperors. Naturally, Chu Mu will not underestimate the enemy.

    "I will restrict those elemental emperors, and you deal with these beasts." Princess Jinrou said to Chu Mu.

    After saying that, Princess Jinrou had closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling slightly.

    She put her fair hands on her chest, and her graceful figure slowly glowed with a faint blue light.

    When the incantation was recited, a pleasant note floated out, which sounded like an unintelligible singing voice, with this strange magical sound.

    No matter how strong the plant fortress is, it cannot stop the spiritual song from drifting in. This melodious magic sound fell into the ears of the elemental emperors.

    Singing a spell requires concentration, but when those elements chanted seriously, they couldn't help but be attracted by the melody of the magic sound, and their spirits inexplicably followed the melody of the sound.

    The spell storm that was originally full of destructive power slowly dissipated under the melody of the magic sound. All the elemental sailors looked at each other, wondering what happened.

    "It's the interference with the magic song!" Captain Element frowned.

    The Demonic Interference Song comes from the Sharman Tribe on the ocean, which is what people often call the Murloc Tribe. They are the nemesis of elemental soul pets, because any note spit out from their mouths can easily interrupt the spell of elemental soul pets.

    An elemental soul pet that cannot recite spells is just a decoration. Elemental sailors are most afraid of encountering this kind of creature.

    However, what puzzles them is why a female ghost has this special ability.

    "Keep singing and concentrate!"??Strength is huge, especially for Demonic Tree Warriors. If the Demonic Tree Warriors who are invincible in group battles have the power of a high-level master, how can they be afraid of hundreds of emperors?


    The Demonic Tree Warrior has become very brave under the blessing of various states. It stands in front of five people, and it has the potential to block the way of one man!

    When those armored beasts that adjusted their condition and rushed forward again were swept by the arms of the Demonic Tree Warriors, a dozen of them were immediately swept down far away and could no longer stand up.

    And the countless root traps are more lethal due to the poison and the effect of ignoring the defensive sting. Once they fall into the trap and fail to climb out within five seconds, those beast-type emperors will definitely die.

    The attack power of the Demonic Tree Warrior is not very high, but its combat power is the most durable among all Chu Mu's soul pets. It can destroy more than fifty soul pets in one burst. This is already terrifying. The Demonic Tree Warrior can kill more than fifty soul pets in one burst.  The skills of the wood soul pets released at the same time, Chu Mu really doubted how many times these thousand beast emperors could withstand such destruction by the demon tree warriors.

    "As expected of us, he is the strongest auxiliary soul pet master in the New Moon Land." Chu Mu sighed with emotion.

    Xia Zhixian's strength has improved a lot compared to before, and the auxiliary effect is so significant that it directly makes the Demon Tree Warrior jump a level higher.

    And the life conversion skill allows the magic tree to continue to increase in strength as the battle continues!

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