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Chapter 1433 The Holy Wind Tunnel Leading to the Qiankun Ice Gate

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    By the way, it has been more than half a year since Chu Mu entered the Wind-Binding Holy Domain.

    It¡¯s not that Chu Mu specifically wanted to devote himself to training for such a long time, but that Chu Mu, who was an expert and bold man, accidentally walked into a wind-blown area with no direction, and he could no longer find his way back.

    Since he couldn't get out, Chu Mu devoted himself to practicing here. However, Chu Mu gradually discovered that some of the lords and overlords in this wind belt seemed to know him. If they saw him and Qin, they would run away.  Running away would not give Chu Mu and Qin a chance to practice at all.

    Chu Mu smiled bitterly, is he that scary?

    Of course, this also explains a problem. During this period of time, I have been wandering in the same wind belt and entered a real wind maze.

    "Catch one and ask."

    In the end, Chu Mu spent a lot of effort and captured a big leader in this wind belt.

    The big leader of the wind system had a depressed look on his face. He usually avoided this plague god who appeared out of nowhere, but in the end, he still fell into the hands of this human being.

    After Chu Mu asked for directions, he let the wind leader go.

    The sanctuary needs to maintain a certain level balance. Chu Mu will not just kill animals randomly, which made the wind element leader break out in a sweat!

    ¡° If I had known earlier that this plague-god human was lost in his own territory, I should have jumped out and let him go. Why would I have to suffer the wind system leaders like them who have been hiding in such embarrassment in recent times?

    Of course, the leader of the wind system actually had evil intentions when he pointed the way to Chu Mu. He did not point Chu Mu to the road back, but pointed Chu Mu to the more terrifying dead wind zone.

    The dead wind zone is a place that the wind leader dare not even step into. It is said that there is a wind tunnel there, and people will be swept into weird places if they are not careful.

    Wind tunnels are a very scary natural phenomenon for the wind masters in the sanctuary. This wind tunnel does not have any powerful force that can directly tear life apart, but it does have very weird spatial chaos.  As a result, if you are not careful, you will be thrown to a place outside the sanctuary. In their eyes, that place is a kind of hell and the end

    Chu Mu naturally would not have thought that a damn wild soul pet would lead him to a dangerous place like some villains when he was pointing the way.

    After walking out of the mixed wind zone and gradually entering the dead wind zone, Chu Mu felt that the wind aura here was stronger than in the previous place, which to a certain extent meant that the strength of the soul pets in this area would definitely be stronger.

    Chu Mu happened to have the intention to continue practicing, so he stepped in without hesitation.

    By accident, Chu Mu had no sense of time. He only knew that if there were mysterious objects to advance now, the wind-binding spirit would be able to reach the middle master.

    The problem of the mysterious objects must be left to Qingzi to solve. Chu Mu gave the Ice Sky Elves and Ghost Dome King, who had reached the master level, some more experience. With the assistance of the mysterious objects, they could reach the low level.  Waiting for the master.

    "Huh? The wind in front of you is a bit chaotic." Chu Mu stood on the spot, feeling the wind blowing in front of him.

    In fact, the wind in the Dead Wind Belt was never normal. Chu Mu said it was a bit disordered, but in fact it was so weird that it was unreliable.


    The wind-binding spirit was flying around Chu Mu, its big eyes staring forward curiously.

    With a light finger, the fingertips drew a spiral of light wind. These light winds slowly pushed away the chaotic airflow in front, just like opening a door.

    Chu Mu had an adventurous spirit and stepped into this weird air flow without hesitation.

    With Qin exerting a wind shield, Chu Mu didn¡¯t need to worry that the wind would hurt him. Chu Mu vaguely noticed something as he walked along.

    "It's strange, the space here seems to be very unstable." Chu Mu said to himself.

    Chu Mu himself controls the power of space, so he is naturally aware of the fluctuations and anomalies in space.

    After walking for an unknown amount of time, Chu Mu gradually realized that this dead wind zone was very similar to a space vortex!

    "Could it lead to another world?" Chu Mu looked at the gathering point of the space vortex in front of him with some surprise.

    Space vortexes have powerful space tearing forces. Ordinary people may be torn to pieces before they even get close to the wind tunnel in the center of the space vortex.

    And Chu Mu himself possesses alien abilities, and his current strength is even closer to that of a high-level master. This kind of space vortex will not be harmful to Chu Mu.Entered the cave 20 meters away.

    Back then, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi did not dare to approach the 20-meter cave because they were not strong enough. Now that Chu Mu is escorted by two high-level masters, the power of the wind can no longer pose a threat to Chu Mu.

    Many times, after accomplishing something that you couldn't do before, you will feel particularly happy. Chu Mu is in this state now.

    When Chu Mu first entered the Ice Palace, he got some benefits. There must be something more wonderful in this second cave!

    To have an adventure, you have to go where no one has been before and where no one dares to go!

    Of course, it¡¯s hard to say whether it was a chance encounter or not. Chu Mu was just making assumptions in a happy mood.

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