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Chapter 1402 The first battle, the half-demon Bai Yu!

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    Li Xu's line was already ready to make a move. When there were still five days before the battle, Li Xu stood high on the Tianshan Mountains and told his men: "The west you see will become a slave land. Treat slaves, you  Your nature shouldn¡¯t require me to tell you how to do it.¡±

    The Crescent Moon Land itself is not very popular with Li Xu, but in recent times, adventurers have been reporting to him that there are actually many unexplored secrets in the Crescent Moon Land, especially those owned by the three major palaces.  Sanctuary, as well as independent spaces such as the special Immortal City and the Tower of Sealing, are very rare in the outside world.

    There are indeed very few independent spaces outside, but there are ten independent spaces in a small third-level city. This shows that this territory is not as simple as they initially inspected.

    Therefore, after learning about the situation, Li Xu became more and more eager to possess the New Moon Land. He regretted that he did not send people to take over the place completely earlier and wasted a lot of resources.

    However, it doesn¡¯t matter much. After the Independence War, the people here will become slaves, and then this New Moon Land will completely become a source of resources for them in the Cloud Realm. If there are more in those independent spaces  If they dig more space, it might not take long for them to reach the eighth level of the Cloud Realm.

    Reaching the eighth level realm, in the entire realm, the cloud realm can be considered to have the real power to speak.

    Li Xu himself had already planned the next development. Just like this, he deliberately stationed the legion in the west in advance, so that after the battle, he could immediately form a rule and start his grand plan!

    It¡¯s not that Li Xu looks down on the strength of Chu Mu and others, but it¡¯s a person who has come out of the third level. Is it necessary for the dignified Li family to look down on him so highly?  This is like the difference between a mountain village warrior and Master Hongcheng.

    Time passed a bit slowly. When the red sun on the day of the Independence War slowly rose wrapped in clouds and mist, Li Xu had already led many experts to the heights of Tianshan Mountain.

    The mountains of the Tianshan Mountains rise from the ground like a sky screen, standing majestic and cold and majestic in this snow-capped world.

    The light shining down on the first day made the white snow reveal a brilliant golden color, and the magnificent scenery made everyone who went to watch the battle marvel.

    Once you climb to a high place, the coldness has already invaded your soul, and even the powerful soul emperors will tremble.

    Members of Shenzong had already inspected the location of the battle. There is a large rolling white mountain range to the north of Yunmen. Onlookers can all focus on the main peak of Tianshan Mountain to watch the battle, while the participants can watch the battle on the endless mountains and wild ridges.  in battle.

    In the cold mountains of Lengchuan, the judge Lu Yuqin, wrapped in a blue waist robe, has been standing aloofly high on the ice and snow peaks. She is a little thin but also attractively thin. Her icy temperament is very similar to the surrounding Hanchuan icebergs.

    Perhaps, in the hearts of many strong men, this cold and independent woman is far more domineering than the arrogance brought by the entire Tianshan Mountains.

    After quietly staring at the ice and snow world for a long time, Lu Yuqin seemed to be in a trance. When she turned around, she found that the people from the Crescent Land and Li Xu were already standing twenty meters behind her.  People come up without authorization and disturb their thoughts.

    Lu Yuqin was actually used to keeping such a distance from others, and her eyes fell on those people in the New Moon Land.

    The first thing Lu Yuqin noticed was Bai Yu wearing a black coat.

    Lu Yuqin was very surprised. This man was obviously very young, but his temperament and expression seemed a little too mature, and even a little desolate.

    Bai Yu has just completed the hard training not long ago. He has not completely suppressed the demonic flames in his body, so his whole person looks a little evil.

    "Are you the alien demon?" Lu Yuqin felt the demonic flames burning in Bai Yu's body and asked.

    In fact, only Shenzong has this name for the alien system. The world is so vast and full of wonders. The so-called aliens are special creatures that share a body with certain soul pets and are composed of human souls and soul pet souls. This kind of  Alien creatures are recorded in Shenzong's books, but in fact not many are actually seen.

    Bai Yu nodded. There was nothing to deny. When he was in the Demon Spirit Mountains and Wencheng, he had left a deep impression on many people. Lu Yuqin must have guessed that the demon was him.

    Lu Yuqin also nodded, without asking any more questions, and his eyes fell on Liu Binglan.

    Her eyes stayed on Liu Binglan for a long time. Liu Binglan was wearing a snow-white wind robe today, with slender figure.Comes from the power of the devil.

    ??Here in the New Moon Land, almost everyone who comes to watch the battle knows Bai Yu, and many of them have met Bai Yu.

    This Demon Emperor, who was frozen for nearly twenty years and then woke up, once brought two devastating disasters to the Crescent Land.

    It seems that the changes in the New Moon Land's structure are inseparable from this man. The two semi-demon turmoils heralded the changes of the times.

    Now, this half-demon Baiyu who has made the whole world panic no longer makes people in the Crescent Land scornful, and has even gradually become the second most admired and powerful person in the Crescent Land.

    Today, the beloved and respected Demon Emperor has made the whole world fear the half-demon Bai Yu, but he wants to fight for the complete independence of the Crescent Land. Regardless of victory or defeat in this battle, it is destined that the Crescent Land will change.  The pattern of the past thousands of years will begin a new historical chapter. Whether it is new and independent, or whether it will decline and decline, will be decided by the Demon Emperor Bai Yu.

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