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Chapter 1387 Yusuo, escape plan

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    Mu Qingyi was resting where she was. She did not chase him with Chu Mu because she believed that Chu Mu could definitely deal with the guy named Wang Chongshan.

    Not long after, Chu Mu came back with a ghost of vengeance wrapped around him and some evil aura.

    "Is he dead?" Mu Qingyi asked.

    "Well, I don't have the habit of leaving people alive. What's going on? Where did this guy come from?" Chu Mu asked.

    "I don't know either. It seems that they are people from the Dark Sect. They plan to destroy or even kill the examiners selected by the Shen Sect. There are still many of their people in this mountain who are targeting other targets." Mu Qingyi said.

    "Forget it, this is their business, let's just leave it alone." Chu Mu didn't like wading in the muddy water, so he handed the soul catching ring in his hand to Mu Qingyi and continued, "The drinker should be inside it.  Blood demon, when I came over just now, it hit me, and then I grabbed it and rushed towards you."

    Mu Qingyi blinked, never expecting such a good thing.

    Chu Mu sent Mu Qingyi to a safe location and asked her to return to Tang Guan first.

    When Chu Mu broke into Wen Mountain just now, Tang Guan had already noticed him. If Chu Mu flew out in front of him again, Tang Guan would definitely not think it was an illusion. If he was caught on the spot, Mu Qingyi  Even if it's cheating.

    So Chu Mu planned to go around Wenshan from another place.

    The reason why Wenshan has only one exit is because taking this road is the safest. Otherwise, no matter where you go, you are very likely to fall into the territory of the lords of Wenshan. If you are not careful, you will not be able to go there.  The fate of returning.

    Chu Mu, an expert in art, was bold and planned to pass through those dangerous places.

    While walking through Wenshan, Chu Mu discovered a corpse. This corpse was one of the ten examiners. From this point of view, just as Mu Qingyi said, there were many people from the secret sect here who were assassinating the examiners.  By.

    "This will make the test a lot more difficult invisibly." Chu Mu said to himself.

    When they separated from Mu Qingyi, Mu Qingyi gave the map to Chu Mu. Chu Mu walked south for a while and found that the road was not as easy as he thought. It seemed that it would take more time to leave Wenshan.  Got some strength.


    "You mean there are people from the Dark Sect inside?" Tang Guan looked at Mu Qingyi in shock, his pupils obviously dilated a bit.

    "Yes, I met one." Mu Qingyi briefly explained the situation of meeting Wang Chongshan.

    "The Dark Sect? You just said the Dark Sect!" The crutch in the hand of an old man watching fell to the ground, and his whole body was trembling.

    The old man accompanied his grandson to come for the assessment. It was not easy for such a talent to appear in their family, so he recommended him to Shenzong without hesitation, hoping that he could become a member of Shenzong. He did not expect that in such an initial meeting  During the assessment, there were actually people from the Dark Sect inside.

    Not many people know about the Anzong, but those who know him are undoubtedly not talking about it. The old man is well aware of the horror of the Anzong, and is even more worried that his grandson will die in Wenshan because of it!

    "We are going in!! My nephew is still inside!" Li Kuangsheng immediately jumped up.

    Li Kuangsheng is from the Li Xu lineage, and his nephew is Li Zuoteng. Li Zuoteng is the strongest member of the younger generation of the Li family. If he is killed by the Ansect, it will be a huge loss to the Li Xu lineage.

    On the other side, a woman from the Mu family couldn't sit still because her son Mu Zheng might encounter someone from the Ansect in Wen Mountain.

    "You'd better stay outside here. If there are people from the Dark Sect inside, as many people as you go in will die. I have sent people to notify Chief Lu and other members, and they will be here soon.  Tang Guan said with a frown.

    Tang Guan is very clear about the strength of the Dark Sect. Any one of their members must be at the master level, which is consistent with their Shen Sect. Although the Dark Sect has always been hiding in the scorching sun of the Shen Sect like a shadow, once they appear, their strength will be greatly reduced.  It will definitely not be inferior to the members of Shenzong.

    "Butbut we can't just wait here. You must know that the people of the Dark Sect are a group of murderous fanatics." The woman from the Mu family almost shed tears. The Dark Sect appeared.  It is an exaggeration to describe the place as barren. The heinousness of this organization is definitely beyond anyone's imagination. Even the massacre in Jiecheng that occurred in Yunjing not long ago, some people also suspected that it was the secret sect's instruction.

    Tang Guan didn¡¯t say anything. He knew very well the behavior of the Ansect. Entering Wenshan now will only cause more people to die inside. What needs to be done now is to summon all the members of the Shen Sect to come together., but Chu Mu obviously didn¡¯t have any tracking marks on his body.

    "Is Death Dream being tracked?" Chu Mu used his soul mind to probe into Death Dream's soul.

    After some investigation, Chu Mu discovered that there were no traces of spirit on Death Meng¡¯s body.

    But at this time, Yu Suo, who was staying in Chu Mu's first soul contract, was worried.

    She didn't expect Chu Mu to be so vigilant. If he checked each soul pet now, he would definitely find that the tracking mark was actually on her soul. Once the tracking mark was erased, Wan Zhong and Kong Ting's Demon  It would be difficult to find Chu Mu.

    Yu Suo is also very nervous now, very afraid that Chu Mu will use his soul to detect her.  Because once she was discovered, her escape plan would come to nothing, and the frantic Chu Mu would definitely punish her even more severely.

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