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Chapter 1348 Demon¡¯s Nightmare

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    The silver magic flames are particularly dazzling, and the fire clouds are all over the sky. The domineering atmosphere makes people feel like they are in a hell of magic flames.

    Chu Mu wildly released the domain of the Demonic Flame Sea, and the silver flames shone on his body, making him look even more evil and arrogant.

    The dragons and phoenixes of the demonic flames were dancing around Chu Mu, and they were completely controlled by Chu Mu!

    Raising his hand, the magic flame suddenly turned into a silver dragon in the sky, roaring past in an arrogant and domineering manner!


    The aerial realm where the feathered demons flew was ruled by the magic flames, and now there were dragons flying with the demonic flames. The chased feathered demons all let out panicked cries, flapped their wings vigorously and fled in different directions.

    The black feathers were scattered messily, and turned into ashes when they touched the magic flame.

    The formation of feather demons was forced to disperse. At this time, the three remaining Kongting demons seemed to have found an opportunity to strike. Their jewel-like eyes exuded a ferocious light in the air.

    With their bodies hidden in the silver firelight, the Kongting demons were almost completely invisible. They approached Chu Mu quietly, only waiting for the demon flame dragons around Chu Mu's body to be released before launching an attack.

    After driving away the feather demon, Chu Mu¡¯s attention fell on the remaining seven low-level masters. Obviously, these people were the most difficult to deal with.

    It¡¯s not that Chu Mu was completely unaware of the demons in Kongting, but Chu Mu didn¡¯t bother to pay attention to them at all.

    The Kongting demons obviously couldn't tell Chu Mu's disdain. When a dragon suddenly passed by and burned the feathers of a feathered demon, three Kongting demons appeared at the same time.  The leopard-like body pounced out quickly!

    The opponent had already launched an attack, but Chu Mu still ignored it. However, Yu Suo, who was standing next to Chu Mu, his eyes lit up, and those charming pupils flashed with a bright red luster.

    This bright red color is a bit evil and seductive. At the same time as it flickers, the eyes of the three Sky Listening Demons also flicker in the same way.

    The long purple hair was tossed casually, and the scent of pollen spread, covering the three empty listening demons like mist.

    "Flower Soul Control!"

    Yu Suo said the name of the skill, and there was a hint of subtle cunning in her arrogant and charming eyes.

    Flower Soul Control must first control the mind, and then use pollen to hypnotize its body before it can achieve complete control. Even if Yu Suo maintains her current human form, her highest control can reach ten quasi-masters. Control these three Kongting.  The demon has enough rubbing.

    "Go, get rid of those two elemental soul pets." Yusuo issued an order, controlling the two Kongting demons to directly attack the two fire and rock masters who were standing far apart.

    How could the two elemental soul pets expect that the Kongting Demon would attack them? They were instantly killed by the two Kongting Demons without any precautions.

    At this time, Yu Suo took a special look at Chu Mu and found that Chu Mu was already fighting those low-level master-level creatures. The cunning look in his eyes was even worse. She recited a long spell and attached the third  Just listen to the demon's body.

    "Then the demon of Kongting turned into a wild horse, running wildly in a certain direction, quickly leaving the area and running in the direction designated by Yusuo.

    Seeing that the demon Kong Ting had gone away, a dark smile flashed across the corners of Yu Suo's bright red lips.

    "If you get it, you should be able to break free from this guy's control. Hum, you bastard Chu, are you going to torture me with magic flames? This queen can torture people thousands of times more than you!"

    After doing this, Yusuo hurriedly recited a spell and blessed Chu Mu's ghost dragon with flower armor to improve its defense capabilities.

    Before becoming the master, Yusuo still had to hide her pride and resentment, and use obedience and "understanding" to dispel Chu Mu's wariness. This way, she would have more opportunities to come out and act, and be able to  Yunjing's plan will be implemented.

    With the blessing of Yusuo's flower armor, the low-level master-level little hidden dragon was able to fight one against two. It had already set its sights on Yong Chong's two-eyed feather demon. It didn't need Chu Mu's order. The little hidden dragon waved its wings.  Pounce towards the double-eyed feather demon!

    The defensive power of the little Hidden Dragon itself is very strong. After being covered by the flower armor, Yong Chong's skills of the feather demon could not even break through the defense of the little Hidden Dragon. As a last resort, Yong Chong could only escape to the back of the team, and gradually came with support.  The quasi-masters gathered together.

    Yong Chong, like Wu Chi, issued a summons order and called all the other master-level experts here. At this time, Yong Chong's team of feather demons had increased to ten!

    &nbs; The five people broke out in a cold sweat at the same time. If Xiao Tan hadn't reminded him, one person's heart would have been taken out by this weird guy just now!

    However, for some reason, despite reacting in advance, the coldness still seemed to permeate the surroundings.

    "No, get away quickly!" Wu Chi screamed.

    As soon as he finished speaking, a huge dark aura suddenly emerged from the swirling black clouds in the sky. As Chu Mu pressed down his palm, a black evil tomb suddenly fell on the sky burning with magic flames!

    The evil tomb was so huge that it pressed heavily on the location where Shangjiazhen was escaping. He and his soul pet were instantly covered by the evil tomb!


    The sound of a death knell trembled, and the evil tomb that fell from the sky covered Shangjia Town and pressed directly into the mountains. Suddenly, with the mountain that was flattened as the center, terrifying flames shot up like a stormy wave, burning dozens of kilometers in radius.  The mountains are spectacular and terrifying!  !  !  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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