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Chapter 1333 The swamp world, the swamp fish demon!

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    After the grassland empire, there is a yellow and gray swamp.

    Jiaheng said that the place where the demon spirits are found is in the south of this swamp where it borders the ice sheet. However, the area is also extremely vast, and it is not easy to find the demon spirits.

    After knowing the approximate location, Jiaheng and Li Qin were of no use to Chu Mu and others. The five of them decisively left them behind and headed to the south of the swamp.

    "Those two people are not ordinary stinkers. As a result, their attitude became much better after Chu Mu summoned Death Dream." Ye Wansheng muttered.

    "Don't worry about them. Let's practice in this swamp first, and then go find the demon spirits later." Chu Mu said.

    Experience is the most important thing for everyone to come to this Guangtong Mysterious World. This swamp Mysterious World is a big empire. The seemingly dead swamp with no life is actually hidden in the murderous intention. If you are not careful, you may be dragged into it.  In the huge mud, he was suffocated by the mud and died.

    Old and dead trees were scattered in some hard soil areas of the swamp. Looking at this vast desolation and emptiness, both women felt extremely uncomfortable, especially as some mud always gave off an unpleasant smell.


    Suddenly, a tentacle in the mud passed by Ye Qingzi at an extremely fast speed, quickly wrapped around Ye Qingzi's waist, and then stiffened suddenly!

    Everyone else was stunned, not expecting that the speed of the tentacles was so terrifying.

    Chu Mu, who was walking beside Ye Qingzi, also reacted very quickly. Just when the tentacle was about to drag Ye Qingzi away, he grabbed the tentacle with his hand!

    The silver magic flame ignited, burning rapidly along the tentacles, and quickly spread to the swamp pond next to it.

    After the tentacles were burned, Ye Qingzi hurriedly let go and retracted them at an extremely fast speed.

    In an instant, the entire swamp was silent again, as if nothing had happened just now.

    Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu in shock. Chu Mu noticed that Ye Qingzi's waist seemed to be contaminated with some toxins and reminded her.

    Ye Qingzi found the detoxification potion from the space ring and asked Chu Mu to help apply it. What is surprising is that generally speaking, the detoxification potion prepared by Ye Qingzi will detoxify after being applied on it. The tentacles left behind  It takes a while for the toxins to be eliminated.

    "That thing should be of a high level, let's be careful." Chu Mu said.

    The demonic flames that rose from Chu Mu's palm just now were not considered a skill, but at his low level as a master, any flame could wipe out an emperor-level creature, and the thing actually escaped back.

    Not long after entering the swamp, we encountered high-level creatures. If it had been an ordinary Soul King team, they would have been completely wiped out just now.

    The swamp is a big empire, so flying is certainly not practical. Everyone can only continue walking along the muddy land.

    Chu Mu has a map in his hand. This map roughly indicates how to walk through the swamp in order to pass through it smoothly.

    Generally speaking, there is no definite route in the puzzle world. After all, the puzzle world is so large that it is unimaginable, and it will present a maze-like terrain. After entering, you will be lucky to be able to break out.

    As for the terrain of swamps, they are special in that every muddy swamp may be a nest of evil creatures. Many times you have even stepped into the center of the nest without knowing it. In addition, the area of ??hard soil is very limited.  This means that if you don't follow the map, the risk factor is very high.

    There are several routes marked on the map. Since they want to experience it, it is impossible for them to choose a completely safe route.

    The class distribution of soul pets in Guangtong Mysterious Realm is a bit weird. Powerful creatures may often appear outside the swamp. City Lord Li Ziran also constantly told Chu Mu and others to be extra careful no matter where they are.

    Of course, they also confirmed just now that this swamp is indeed a dangerous place. It would be really difficult for anyone else to react to the attack by the tentacles just now. If they were dragged into the mud,  It is even more difficult to rescue them, because the depth of these seemingly thin mud may even exceed the ocean, and a few kilometers is considered shallow.

    To describe it specifically, the entire swamp should be a giant and deep swamp ocean, with some solidified mud occasionally appearing on it to form land where weeds and old trees grow, barely enough for living things to walk on. However, it is calm and unrippled in all directions.  The mud may cause fatal surprise attacks at any time.

    In this muddy land, Chu Mu really didn¡¯t know what soul pet to summon.It was snatched away. It loved collecting human corpses most in its life!  !

    Lingyin Concubine is not a fighting soul pet. Although she has now reached the quasi-dominator level, facing the extremely ferocious Zhao Marsh Fish Demon, Lingyin Concubine still decisively jumped behind Chu Mu and made a voice like a little girl.  .

    Chu Mu had already recited the incantation. The only ones suitable for fighting in the swamp were the Demon Tree Warriors.

    However, the Demonic Tree Warrior is no longer suitable for training. Chu Mu finally chose to summon Zhan Ye to cooperate with Mu Qingyi's White Tiger to fight.

    The White Tiger used his freezing ability to freeze the mud, so that the marsh fish demon could not return to the mud, and Zhan Ye took the lead in fighting again!

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