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Chapter 1276 Slaughter, Slaughter Beast

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    When the evil slaughtering beast charged, it stirred up a torrent of evil aura. Countless ferocious and angry faces could be vaguely seen in the evil aura, with fangs and bloody faces!

    The pair of wings covered with dense bone spurs were like two bone knives used to kill living beings. They opened to the left and right. The nightmare army on both sides were instantly cut into two pieces, and a large area of ??the demonic flame was extinguished instantly.

    With such an evil beast attacking, everyone's expressions became serious.

    The Beast King of Wanchao still roared. It took heavy steps, crushed all the ruins in front of it, and headed towards the evil slaughtering beast!  !

    The evil beast and the holy beast were confronting each other head-on. The power of blood and resentment was extremely domineering. The golden brilliance of the Beast King of All Dynasties was instantly overwhelmed. The bone horn on the forehead of the evil Slaughter Beast collided with the golden horn of the Beast King of All Dynasties. Suddenly, the sound of ghosts crying and wolf howling could be heard.  , the huge evil energy drove away the Beast King of Ten Thousand Dynasties with an absolute advantage!

    ¡°Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!!!!!¡±

    The heavy steps of Wanchao Beast made the ground collapse. It retreated to the temple before finally steadying its pace. There was blood overflowing between the golden horn and forehead!

    The Beast King of Wan Dynasty is the lord of the Seven Figures Saint Kings, and his strength has reached a level close to the mid-level master. In the first round of collision, the Beast King of Wan Dynasty was injured!  !

    Everyone was shocked, the strength of this evil slaughtering beast exceeded their imagination!

    "Hahahaha, I thought the Holy King of Seven Pictures was so powerful, but it turns out it's just that. I, Lingchan, will take away all your lives today!!" Lingchan laughed arrogantly from the Altar of All Things!

    This sound was as harsh as it could be, making everyone feel disgusted and angry.

    "Enjoy this feast of massacre!" Ling Chan drove the demon spirit to fly down from the Altar of All Things.

    Next to Ling Chan, there are several soul pets whose auras have reached the master level, including the meteor dragon who was defeated by the little Hidden Dragon but recovered from his injuries, and the Vulcan Slave who controls the pure power of fire!

    "And what fell with Ling Chan were the leader Yuan Sui who controlled the Qi of the Wind, the emperor Wu Kuang who stood on the shoulders of the Ice Sword King, and the hero Lian Yan who controlled the Iron Eagle King!

    "Chu Mu, is your soul pet still capable of fighting?" Bai Yu asked in a calm voice.

    Chu Mu nodded. In the past time, Ye Qingzi had spared no effort to heal herself and her soul pet. Although her recovery speed was not as fast as before, she would never be able to fight against Ling Chan's soul pet again.  question.

    "Ling Chan probably hasn't reached the soul slayer level yet. Your ghost dragon should still deal with the meteor dragon, the war beast Mo should also deal with the dominant demon spirit, and my ice-eyed unicorn should suppress the Vulcan slave." Bai Yu said.  .

    ¡°Leave Wu Kuang and Lian Yan to us.¡± Mu Qingyi glanced at Ye Qingzi and said.

    "Well, be careful, these two people seem to have gained some evil power." Chu Mu said.

    Bai Yu quickly glanced at Liu Binglan and Chao Lengchuan and said, "You guys are dealing with Yuan Sui. If I guessed correctly, he should have more than just the Dominator-level soul pet, the Qi of the Unifying Wind."

    Liu Binglan was stunned. If Yuan Sui had other master-level soul pets, why didn't he summon them when he fought against her? Was he waiting for him to summon the Lord of Six Chens or was he deliberately showing mercy?

    Liu Binglan has just consumed a lot of soul power, and it is definitely impossible to summon the Lord of Six Chens now. She must wait for the soul power restoration potion that Ye Qingzi gave her to gradually take effect, and she can only summon it when she has enough soul power.

    Chao Lengchuan's Wan Chao Beast was actually scarred, and he paid a heavy price for being able to defeat Li Hong.

    However, it can be seen that both Prince Chao and Wan Chao Beast still have fighting spirit. As long as Ye Qingzi's healing skills take care of him a little bit, he will definitely continue to fight!

    For a moment, the people dispersed immediately, and the little Hidden Dragon, which was in the best recovery condition, was the first to bear the brunt, staring at Ling Chan's Meteor Dragon!

    The Meteor Dragon was beaten to the ground by the Little Hidden Dragon before and now it has not only recovered from its injuries, but its strength seems to have also increased a lot.

    However, the little Hidden Dragon is not afraid of protracted battles. Its tenacious vitality and powerful self-healing ability make it invincible!

    And Zhan Ye has the fastest recovery ability, but unfortunately its strength cools down slightly as the battle is interrupted.

    Zhan Ye has the strongest willpower. Even if he doesn't have his limbs reborn, he won't have the slightest fear of Ling Chan's demon spirit.

    After the little Hidden Dragon, Zhan Ye rushed out wildly, the flames of war burning on it.

    When Ling Chan saw that Chu Mu¡¯s war beast Mo Ye was actually still fighting, a hint of anger flashed in his eyes, but he ordered the evil killing beast to take the lead in killing Zhan Ye!  ?The Demonic Sword of Heaven and Earth flew out first, and then slashed at the evil killing beast from all directions!  !


    Eighteen heaven and earth demon swords chopped, chopped, stabbed, and swept, but they made a metallic sound when they fell on the evil slaughter beast, and then they all collapsed!

    Eighteen magic swords, criss-crossing and majestic, only left eighteen shallow marks on the body of the Evil Slaughter Beast. They did not even break through the defense, let alone injure the Evil Slaughter Beast.

    "Are you tickling my soul pet?" Ling Chan's sarcastic voice came again.

    Chu Mu and Bai Yu's hearts sank even more. The defense of this slaughtering beast was also extremely high. Even their strongest skills could not cause direct damage to it. They had to find a way to break its defense, otherwise their attacks might really be  Tickling the evil Slaughter Beast!  !

    (Chapter 2 is presented~~~~~~~~~~Okay, this evil killing beast is indeed tough, but Batu is not a vegetarian~~~~~) (To be continued. If you like this  This work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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