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Chapter 1170 Blood-stained Queen¡¯s Palace (Part 1)

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    "Your Highness Tianji!!"

    All the servants who came in and out turned pale with fright. At this time, these people were holding the items in Mu Qingyi's own palace. Because the Queen's Palace had changed hands, Fang Wu, the highest status person, ordered people to move these items that originally belonged to Mu Qingyi.  All the stuff was moved out, and then some new stuff was brought in.

    These are things that servants don¡¯t dare to violate, so they naturally have to follow them.

    But now that they saw Her Royal Highness the Queen appearing in front of them, and a majestic white tiger next to them, they suddenly felt guilty and timid, and they all knelt there.

    At this time, several girls at the door saw Mu Qingyi. They stood there, their legs trembling slightly, but their faces were forced to be calm.

    "Youyou, a vicious-hearted woman, actually dare to come here!" Zhuo, the head of Ji's female guard, blushed and pointed at Mu Qingyi.

    Zhuo Sheng has naturally been brainwashed by Fang Wu, and now everyone knows that Mu Qingyi is no longer the Mu Qingyi she was then. Without the Crown Phoenix King, she may not be stronger than Fang Wu.

    "Lord Fang Wu, please be generous and leave you a way to survive. Don't be ungrateful!" The young girl next to her also immediately started scolding.

    Now the entire Soul Alliance and Vientiane City have set off a frenzy against Mu Qingyi, and these people are the core ones.

    In the past, these thoughtful ladies would still be afraid of Mu Qingyi, but now there is no need to be afraid. There are experts in the Queen's Palace who can deal with her.

    "What are you doing kneeling down? She is no longer the master here. Get up!" Zhuo Tong looked at the servants who were kneeling on the ground angrily and cursed loudly.

    Those servants looked at Mu Qingyi and then at Zhuo Yang, not knowing for a moment whose order they should follow

    Mu Qingyi¡¯s eyes were cold and arrogant. Now even a female guard Ji dared to be so arrogant in front of her.

    " However, Mu Qingyi didn't take Zhuo Yang seriously at all. She didn't even know this woman's name before. She didn't need to waste time dealing with this kind of character.

    She took a step forward, and without even looking at these people, she led Bai Hu straight towards the Queen's Palace.

    ¡°Go and report to Lord Wuhuang and Lord Tiexin.¡± Guard Chief Ji Nu said hurriedly when she saw that the situation was not going well.

    Mu Qingyi is not in a hurry. Since someone has gone to notify the two evil disciples, Mu Qingyi can wait slowly in the main hall.

    It¡¯s not that she didn¡¯t dare to go in directly, but Mu Qingyi was worried that if she demolished the Queen¡¯s Palace in a fit of anger, she would be a bit sorry for her family.

    Mu Qingyi walked into the front hall and sat directly on the main seat of the hall, "waiting" for his two female apprentices.

    And Bai Hu lay down next to Queen Mu Qingyi's chair, making those girls who only dared to keep a distance but did not dare to approach tremble.


    Bahuang Fangwu is giving advice to the servants in the Queen's Palace. Although she can't be the Queen, the Queen's Palace belongs to her, so she must sweep away everything about Mu Qingyi, and then change  Get your own stuff.

    Fang Wu and Mu Qingyi were female soul masters at the same time, and Fang Wu even became famous earlier than Mu Qingyi.

    However, later on, Mu Qingyi was at the top of her game, and no matter how hard she tried, she was still far behind Mu Qingyi.

    The main reason for this is the Crown Phoenix King. Without the Crown Phoenix King, Fang Wu believes that he can definitely defeat her!

    She had indeed surrendered to Mu Qingyi from the bottom of her heart, but that was a few years ago when she had been suppressed by this woman under her golden and sacred light, and Fang Wu's resentment had been piling up.

    " However, Fang Wu didn't have the courage to attack her. After all, no matter her royal status or strength, Fang Wu could not provoke her.

    Until he got introduced by Xiong Mo Ling by chance and was appreciated by Di Ji.

    Fang Wu felt that Di Ji was far more powerful than Tian Ji Mu Qingyi. Her eyes could see through people's hearts, and her scheming was also very deep. Unlike that woman Mu Qingyi, who actually offended the throne for some insignificant people.  There is always some inexplicable compassion, and she does not even have any ambition to be a queen at all. How can such a woman be qualified to be a queen!

    Therefore, after Di Ji nudged her and gave her enough opportunities, Fang Wu began to send people to do some unreasonable things, and put all these things on Mu Qingyi's head, and at the same time deliberately kept it secret until the accumulation was almost the same.  At that time, another exposure made Mu Qingyi fall into irreversible danger.

    Of course, the most important thing is to deal with the Crown Phoenix King. This is a world where the strong are respected. Little dirt cannot affect Mu Qingyi's status at all. OnlyGotta come out!

    "Your Highness, you have indeed made too many enemies because of unnecessary things and your own way of doing things" Tie Xin lowered his head and said these words slowly.

    The strong have their own rules. Mu Qingyi never follows the rules and carries an idealistic philosophy.

    Due to her strength, no one dared to say anything to her before, but now she really has nothing, and Tiexin can only choose a stronger queue now.

    Mu Qingyi looked at Tie Xin who had made the decision, and felt a sense of sadness in her heart.

    Mu Qingyi has always been very tolerant towards her disciples, but she did not expect that her tolerance would fuel their ambitions.

    "Okay, don't have any regrets about the path you choose. It's best to be like Fang Wu, who persists to the end and leaves no room for error, otherwise it will be difficult for you to become a master" Mu Qingyi sighed softly.  tone.

    Mu Qingyi¡¯s remaining kind thoughts have disappeared, and her eyes gradually turned from helpless to cold, and she said slowly: ¡°It¡¯s just that these words of mine are for you in the next life.¡±

    As soon as he finished speaking, the white tiger next to Mu Qingyi's throne stood up, and suddenly a huge murderous aura and chill filled the entire Queen's Palace!  !  !

    Mu Qingyi is very merciful, but when he thinks of the dead Emperor Si Ye, he thinks of those persecuted disciples

    Today the Queen¡¯s Palace will be stained with blood!  !

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