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Chapter 1120 The sealing tower breaks the imprisoned soul pet

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    Wanxiang Altar, Queen¡¯s Palace

    "This matter is a bit tricky. Xiong Zuo is still outside. If we join forces, we will be more secure." Yuan Sui, the leader, said.

    Mu Qingyi nodded, frowned and asked, "Don't you understand the reason yet?"

    The leader Yuan Sui shook his head and said: "No, it's hard to imagine that after being sealed for so long, not only did his life not fail, but he became so powerful, it's really unbelievable."

    "Let's go. Are you ready?" Mu Qingyi said no more, stood up, and recited a spell in the Queen's Palace.

    Mu Qingyi did not summon the Crown Phoenix King, but summoned the Super Emperor White Tiger in front of him.  Bai Hu obediently knelt on the ground and asked Mu Qingyi to sit on him.

    The leader, Yuan Sui, nodded and recited a spell to summon a creature with a purple snake tail, a wolf-like body, and a pair of purple thunder wings on its back.

    Mu Qingyi glanced at the purple-tailed Wolf King owned by Yuan Sui.  Mu Qingyi remembered that this Purple-tailed Thunder Wolf Emperor should have been Yuan Sui's main pet for a long time. His current strength is that of the Invincible Emperor, but the combat power of this Purple-tailed Thunder Wolf Emperor is much stronger than the other Invincible Emperors.  , I¡¯m afraid it won¡¯t be a problem to fight one against two.

    Mu Qingyi's strength ranking is lower than Yuan Sui's. Mu Qingyi, who is relatively strong, has always wanted to know how strong Yuan Sui's true strength is, and how he can sit firmly in the top position.  Up without wavering.

    "Let's go." Yuan Sui, the leader, said.

    With that said, the two of them had already controlled their soul pets and flew towards the Altar of All Things.

    At the top of the Altar of All Things stands an uninhabited palace. This palace stands on the top of the most majestic Altar of All Things, as if it were solidified on a cliff. Its precipitousness and eeriness make people tremble with fear.

    The appearance of this palace is cold-colored, with eaves and corners flying like long swords, and the walls are as smooth as ice. It was raining heavily at this time, and the rain hit it, but it did not leave any traces on it. Even a little bit of moisture was visible.  Unexpectedly, it seems that no matter the wind or rain, this palace will remain so lonely!

    Mu Qingyi and the leader Yuan Sui flew under the palace, and then walked into the palace.

    The entire palace is empty, and the main hall is decorated in a very ancient and solemn way. It seems that every pattern and symbol on the wall represents a special meaning.

    The two of them walked into the center of the hall. In the center was a floor painting that occupied almost half of the entire hall. Some of the words and spells depicted in the floor paintings would always flash with strange cold light from time to time.  .

    Mu Qingyi and the leader Yuan Sui both stood in the center of the painting, while the leader Yuan Sui raised his head and stared at the hollow dome like a large hall.

    There is also a huge mural on the inner wall of the dome. The pattern of this mural is also complex and complicated, full of characters that flash with cold light. However, the patterns of the two murals are different.

    "Your Highness, please recite the incantation." The hero Yuan Sui said.

    Mu Qingyi didn¡¯t think much and recited a spell!

    The long hair flew into the air the moment he recited the incantation, and the giant painting above and below suddenly trembled. Countless rays of light lit up from the runes, constantly intertwining around Mu Qingyi and the leader Yuan Sui.  A pattern is printed in the space where they are located!

    The formation is gorgeous and majestic, like countless lightning bolts and corona of the sun.

    The array became more and more dazzling. When the light reached a peak, the space suddenly trembled. The next moment, Mu Qingyi and the leader Yuan Sui disappeared from the spot at the same time.

    The light slowly dimmed, and the main hall gradually returned to its original silence and solemnity. The patterns on the ground were still engraved on the ground and were printed on the inner wall of the dome. However, Mu Qingyi and the leader Yuan Sui, who were standing here just now, disappeared out of thin air.  , never seems to appear here.


    The rusty chains hung up against the dark sky, shockingly intertwining between heaven and earth.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????: A huge ancient ring interlocking with each other, revealing oldness and corrosion, but these iron chains that seem to be flying in the sky have been there for who knows how long.

    There are many gaps in the iron lock. These are probably the marks left by the most powerful blows of some complaining and angry creatures, but it has never really broken so far!

    The long chain extends to a place that cannot be seen from the field of vision. It is unknown whether there is a creature locked here that has been imprisoned here for many years on the other end of this ancient chain.


    Suddenly, a few thick and uselessIt's unusual, but the real problem is not here, but that the sky chain is broken!

    The seventeenth-layer Sky Chain is so strong that even Dominator-level creatures may not be able to break it. Even if it is broken, it will cause huge turbulent damage to the pierced soul, which is enough to directly shatter the soul of this soul pet!

    "This" Mu Qingyi looked at the broken sky chain with dull eyes, and her face became more solemn!

    Mu Qingyi originally thought that the creature escaped through other weird methods, but he did not expect that it actually broke the strongest sealing chain directly!

    ¡°Whose soul pet is locked in this sky chain?¡± Mu Qingyi asked in a calm voice.

    The leader Yuan Sui slowly said: "The protagonist of the hush-hush controversy back then¡ªChu Tianmang!"

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