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Chapter 1098 Mirror Space

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    Chen Fang¡¯s arrogance is justified. Chu Mu can feel that this guy is actually a Soul Emperor with eight thoughts!

    It is very difficult to cross from Sixth Thought to Seventh Thought. After Chu Mu reached Seventh Thought, he made no progress for more than half a year. It can be seen that there is still a certain gap between Eighth Thought and Seventh Thought, at least from the perspective of the collision of soul thoughts alone.  , Chu Mu could feel the pressure Chen Fang could exert on him!

    After the spell was completed, a demon spirit appeared in front of Chen Fang. It was the Lan Yu Demon Spirit Emperor that Chu Mu had seen in the Mysterious Realm!

    The original Lan Yu Demon Spirit Emperor was probably only at the quasi-emperor level, but the Lan Yu Demon Spirit Emperor summoned by Chen Fang had definitely reached the peak of the emperor level in strength, and the pure demon spirit aura was far more powerful than that of Mo Xie.  The demonic aura that comes out must be stronger!

    Mo Xie has been released from the Chu Lian state, and his silver eyes are staring coldly at the demonic Lanyu Demon Spirit Emperor!

    The Blue Yu Demon Spirit Emperor was very fast. After Chen Fang summoned him in the main hall, the blue shadow mysteriously disappeared in front of Chu Mu's eyes. The willow leaf blade that came from nowhere followed the blue shadow.  The tail of the cloak swept away, sweeping out a sharp arc of light in the hall full of red flames!

    Mo Xie¡¯s seven-life fox shadow was instantly shattered by this skill, scattering countless silver hairs.

    Mo Xie's true body could not dodge the opponent's rapid attack in such a narrow space. When he stepped on the red burning hall again, there was already a bright red blood line on his body, and the blood was being absorbed by the Blue Yu Demon Spirit Emperor.  Continuously flowing out under the tearing effect.

    Mo Xie didn't care about the blood spilling out.  Because Mo Xie, who is extremely bellicose at heart, has not felt pain and bleeding for a long time, this kind of stimulation will only arouse Mo Xie's stronger fighting spirit!


    Mo Xie¡¯s body turned into a silver shadow, and his long tail circled between the impregnable palace pillars, transforming into countless silver dazzling clouds!

    Mo Xie was hidden in the majestic tail that was constantly shuttling, and the Blue Yu Demon Spirit Emperor also turned into an almost elusive blue shadow, and its speed reached the limit of the emperor level!

    Cold light, demonic shadows, blood stains, silver and blue collided almost everywhere in the hall. The power that was originally enough to sweep for more than ten kilometers was compressed in this extremely solid hall, forming waves that made the space somewhat distorted.  The energy caused the entire world palace to shake violently!


    ??Silver light and blue blade light suddenly intertwined in the center of the hall, and two clusters of blood spurted out at the same time. Then countless afterimages of Mo Xie with a silver body overlapped and appeared in front of Chu Mu.

    And Queen Lanyu Demon Spirit slid to the edge of the hall, heavily hitting a mark on the extremely strong wall, and blood flowed down its arm that could be turned into a sword blade.

    Obviously, the Blue Yu Demon Spirit Emperor was seriously injured because of Mo Xie's multiple attributes, especially Mo Xie's nine tails. These nine tails are extremely threatening to the Lan Yu Demon Spirit Emperor. They can not only be used as defense to resist the damage of skills, but also  As a weapon, it explodes with amazing power!

    However, Mo Xie did not have much advantage in this confrontation, and the toxin from the dark mist snake had already taken effect, making Mo Xie's defense very weak, and his wounds were constantly being corroded by the toxin.

    Looking at Mo Xie and Lan Yu Demon Spirit Emperor, who were evenly matched, Chu Mu remained calm as usual.

    He remembered that when he was chased by Xia Guanghan into the Forbidden Realm, the Lanyu Demon Spirit Emperor he saw was so powerful for Chu Mu that it shocked Chu Mu's heart.

    Now the Blue Yu Demon Spirit King is much stronger than the one he encountered at the beginning. Mo Xie can still barely draw a tie with the Dark Mist Snake after fighting with it. It seems that those so-called powerful and invincible creatures in the past have been defeated by Chu Mu.  It¡¯s nothing in the eyes anymore!

    It is obviously impossible for the opponent to keep fighting with himself like this with single control!

    Sure enough, when Mo Xie was fighting the Lanyu Demon Spirit Emperor, Nie Yunbin recited a spell and summoned three soul pets in one breath!

    Fighting here no matter how strong the World Palace is or how strong the outer barrier is, it will eventually be noticed by others. Once people from the three major palaces come, this plan will fail, so Nie Yunbin must get it as soon as possible.  Xia Chu Mu

    After Nie Yunbin completed the summoning of his three soul pets, he immediately ordered them to rush towards Chu Mu!

    These three soul pets are respectively the peak emperors of the beast, insect and vine types, but they have one thing in common, they all carry poisonous bodies, even if some emperor-level creatures are exposed to itIt's actually very easy, but if you kill them, your own strength will be exposed, because the only people in this world who can kill Nie Yunbin and Chen Fang in such a short period of time are those with master-level strength.

    So to deal with them, Chu Mu just used a very simple skill called Mirror Space to separate the spaces between Mo Xie and the Blue Yu Demon Spirit Emperor. He hid in the darkness and watched with the helpless ones to see who the Blue Yu Demon Spirit Emperor was.  Why was he slowly killed by Mo Xie!

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