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Chapter 1073 Dream of Death, Nirvana and Reincarnation

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    ¡°Brother, show me that treasure quickly.¡± Ning Maner trotted to Chu Mu¡¯s side and said to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu opened the space ring and took out the wooden box.

    Ning Maner took it with her hand, sat down next to Chu Mu, and then opened the box with anticipation and excitement.


    A faint fragrance floated out from the box, followed by spiritual energy so strong that Chu Mu felt a little dizzy!

    "What a special aura!" As a spiritual master, Ye Qingzi's sense of smell was naturally more sensitive. She looked at the special ginseng-like root of a spiritual tree in the box in amazement.

    The largest spiritual source Chu Mu has ever seen is just the ice spring in the ice palace. Although this natural root is completely different from the spiritual energy in the ice palace, Chu Mu can also feel that it is stronger than the ice spring.  The ice spring in the palace is more than ten times richer!

    ¡°Brother, you¡¯ve made a fortune!¡± Suddenly, Ling Maner picked up the wooden box and happily made a few laps.

    Chu Mu, of course, also knew that the treasure captured by this coincidence was unusual. Even after being surprised, his face was full of joy. It was indeed something left by the strong man Cheng Mo two hundred years ago!

    Based on this concentration comparison, this is probably very close to the mysterious thing Mu Qingyi once said!

    At the moment, Chu Mu also asked Ning Man'er, who had a special understanding of various spiritual objects. She must be able to give a more accurate answer.

    "This is the root of nature. It should be the root essence condensed by a certain dominant creature in the plant world for thousands of years. It was then preserved in a special way by the strong man two hundred years ago. It is a genuine mysterious object!"  Ning Man'er's eyes turned into crescent moons when she smiled.

    "What a mysterious thing!!" Chu Mu immediately became excited!

    He and Mu Qingyi went to that long ice palace with great effort, and after several months they didn¡¯t even smell the mysterious energy. This shows how difficult it is to find the mysterious things!

    Even some peerless experts who have reached the master level tried to break into the depths of the forbidden area to find a mysterious object, but almost all found nothing!

    This time he went against the defected woman because Chu Mu didn¡¯t want this woman to have an easy time, but he didn¡¯t expect to accidentally take such a hot treasure!

    Chu Mu now finally figured out why that woman was so angry that her face was blue. What she really cared about was probably not that Chu Mu was causing trouble for her, but that Chu Mu had taken away a real mysterious object!

    "That woman must be going crazy." Chu Mu secretly rejoiced.

    The significance of this mysterious object is quite important. If it falls into the hands of the defected woman, Chu Mu will probably have to face another Dominator-level creature in the future. But now that it has fallen into his own hands, he will have the ability to create a Dominator.  The opportunity for a super creature, this is closer to the day when she becomes his slave!

    Chu Mu himself is a Dominator. If he has another Dominator-level creature, then a strong man of Mu Qingyi's level will definitely have to take a detour when he encounters him. In this human realm, except for the enigmatic leader who has not shown up yet,  , Chu Mu no longer has to fear anyone!

    "Alas, it's a pity that it's a little lacking" Suddenly, Ning Man'er let out a sigh.

    Chu Mu immediately recovered from the fanatical thoughts and asked eagerly: "Why is it not enough?"

    The second master level, Chu Mu didn¡¯t want to be poured cold water on him.

    "It should be that the evil woman's puppet flower demon extracted part of the profound energy, making it not so full. If measured by Sister Ye's quality, it should only be regarded as a top-grade mysterious object." Ning Man'er said.

    "What's the success rate for high-grade mysterious objects?" Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi.

    "More than 50% depends on whether the soul pet has the potential to make a breakthrough." Ye Qingzi said.

    Chu Mu¡¯s wood soul pet is only the Demon Tree Warrior. The Demon Tree Warrior has only reached the High Emperor level not long ago, and seems to be far away from having the potential to break through to the Dominator level.

    While he was speaking, the body of Death Dream, which suddenly became extremely quiet, continued to shrink in the air, and slowly turned into a black and elegant little Death Dream, and then landed on the whiskers.

    "Death Dream" fell into the trap of the defected woman. His divided life was destroyed to an unknown extent, and he was injured much more seriously than Chu Mu.

    At this time, Death Dream, who transformed into a sixteen-winged black butterfly-tailed dark phoenix, landed on it. He closed his eyes in enjoyment, as if he was about to lie down on it and fall asleep.

    "Brother, the profound energy is weakening" Although Ning Maner liked Xiao Suimeng very much, she soon discovered this fact.

    Chu Mu was stunned for a moment, then rudely handed Xiao Mianmeng a handbag.??There is an ultimate desire for higher realms.

    The appearance of Xuanwu and Chu Mu this time can be regarded as giving it a chance to reach a higher level, so although it will become a little pet again, Death Dream, who has longed to fly to a farther world, has made the decision to achieve nirvana.  !

    And the fate of the future will also be handed over to this human being who has something about him that makes him feel a little familiar.

    Of course, all this still has to wait for whether this human being can help it complete nirvana. This can be regarded as a test for this human being as a master.

    If it fails, Dead Dream can only stay in its own territory.  After all, it has lived for more than two hundred years and does not think that it will obey the command of a human in its twenties.

    Nirvana is a kind of life re-creation, giving up the original memory and body and starting a new destiny.

    This kind of abandonment of Death Dream may be a bit unacceptable to humans, but for many creatures like Death Dream that truly seek "strength", it is nothing at all.  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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