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Chapter 1049 The legendary creature, the dream of death

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    The frenzied black elf butterflies have temporarily retreated. They were entrenched ten kilometers away and gradually became quiet, as if nothing had happened.

    Chu Mu looked through the gaps in the dense branches and glanced at these black elf butterflies that behaved extremely strangely.

    Chu Mu was hesitating, wondering whether to go face to face with that woman.

    Chu Mu knew that she did not recognize him because the two of them had already separated their souls from each other. Even if they had a soul pact, they were still separated by two layers of powerful spiritual restrictions.

    Di Ji didn¡¯t want the still-dead Chu Mu to sense her, and Chu Mu didn¡¯t want this woman to be able to track her all the time.

    However, Chu Mu could not completely guarantee that this woman could detect him through other keen abilities.

    The most important thing is that Chu Mu's current appearance is actually somewhat similar to Chu Chen's appearance in the original battle of the world. The defecting girl must have seen Chu Mu's appearance through the puppet girl's shared vision before.  She sensed some clues from her appearance. Not only would Chu Mu be in trouble, but this woman would definitely tear her hypocrisy apart and unite with the alliance leaders to attack the three major palaces.


    "Your Highness, Chu Fangchen seems to have left, and I won't be able to find him for a while." Duan Qiming walked up to Di Ji, saluted, and said with some embarrassment.

    "Oh, forget it." Di Ji didn't care.

    As Xiongshou said, Chu Fangchen does have some strength, but she is not something to be afraid of for the time being. If she secretly eliminates this scourge now, it will easily make the three major palaces suspicious, and the image she has created will be ruined.

    The most brilliant form of struggle is to make the other party not even know who their enemy is.

    " Seeing that Di Ji didn't care, Duan Qiming immediately scolded Chu Fangchen for that bastard.

    This boy is really very arrogant. How many people have cut their heads just to see this fairy. Even if they can say a word, for many young soul pet masters, they will definitely have no regrets in their lives.

    Duan Qiming lives in Xiangrong City, so he is naturally aware of people's enthusiasm for worshiping this woman. He didn't expect that this guy Chu Fangchen would not pay attention to the goddess in the eyes of countless men. Good guy, if these admirers know this  , must be arrested and paraded in the streets and cast aside!

    Li Guang glanced at Duan Qiming, hesitated for a while, and said, "If Your Highness has nothing else to do, we will leave first."

    "Yeah." Di Ji nodded.

    After Li Guang and Duan Qiming left, Master Hua Huang held a broken flower extending from the window, crushed it into powder with his hands, put it in the tea, and then drank it elegantly.

    "Can you handle it?" Di Ji asked lightly.

    "Should be." Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian put down the tea cup and said with a bit of wisdom in her beautiful and charming eyes, "Chu Fangchen's alertness is quite high?"

    "Don't let them enter the city. Once all the plants wither, it will be very difficult to find what Chengmo left behind." Di Ji said.

    Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian nodded.

    The reason why Xiangrong City is so prosperous is entirely cultivated and structured by the Flower Emperor Xia Zhixian. However, no one knows that this deputy city lord is cultivating countless plants to cover the city. At the same time, he is also using these plants to dig up the entire Xiangrong City.  Three feet, looking for something left by the strong man Cheng Mo two hundred years ago. The most likely thing is that this thing is buried under the ground of Xiangrong City!

    Xiangrong City is extremely huge. Searching for it underground is undoubtedly like looking for a needle in a haystack. After spending several years, Xia Zhixian still found nothing.

    "However, most of the entire Xiangrong City area has been searched. If that thing is really in Xiangrong City, it will definitely surface as the search scope gradually narrows.

    However, what they did not expect was the appearance of the Black Elf Butterfly Legion!

    At first they didn't know what the black elf butterflies meant. When they discovered that these elf butterflies could make plants wither and wither, they realized that these elf butterflies wanted to break into the city and destroy all the plants they searched.  , to prevent them from continuing to search for Cheng Mo¡¯s belongings.

    Therefore, no matter what, Di Ji and Xia Zhixian will not let these fairy butterflies break into the city, otherwise it will take many years to cultivate so many natural land searches.

    "Strange, why do I feel an uneasy aura." Di Ji suddenly frowned and said.

    Flower Emperor¡¯s Master Xia Zhixian did not understand the meaning of Di Ji¡¯s words.

    "My lordp; However, the state of mind of this strong human being at this time is not much different from that of other people who are in fear and shock. Even after entering this field, it is even more difficult for him to believe that he knows more about this world.  There is such a creature!  !  !

    Li Guang and Sun Qiming have always believed that the king of these black elf butterfly legions should be the legendary super-powerful creature called "Dead Dream", the soul of Cheng Mo, the strongest human being two hundred years ago.  Favor!

    They have been searching for the "Dead Dream" for decades. They used various methods to find documents to prove the existence of this creature, and to study its race, ability, shape

    However, they could never imagine that the "dead dream" was actually these millions of black elf butterflies!  !

    "Every black elf butterflyisall part of its body!!!"

    It¡¯s hard to describe the shock in Li Guang and Sun Qiming¡¯s hearts!

    Millions of fairy butterflies condensed into one creature. This is the legendary super-powerful existence - Death Dream

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