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Chapter 1045 It is hiding aside

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    In the city lord's hall, everyone followed the instructions of the Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian and dispersed to all sides of the city to prepare for emergencies.

    Li Guang and Duan Qiming, two old gentlemen, continued to search for the source of this phenomenon. The appearance of so many black elf butterflies must indicate something or hide something.

    "My lord, what's wrong?" Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian asked Di Ji in confusion.

    "I just feel that there is an aura in this city that disgusts me." This woman's sixth sense is very keen. Before certain dangerous auras appear, she will always feel a little irritable.

    That night on the natural day, she felt this irritability.

    "Is it caused by it?" Xia Zhixian asked.

    Di Ji shook her head and said, "It's someone. I don't know who this person is, but he must have shown strong hostility towards me at some point."

    Evil, evil, anger, hatred, these negative emotions are easily detected by Di Ji who controls various mental skills. This is not like an illusion.

    "Do you need me to find this person?" Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian asked.

    "No need, this person is well hidden. His hatred and anger are very strong. I think he will appear sooner or later." Di Ji stood up slowly, dragged her noble skirt and walked out of the hall for a few seconds.  When she arrived at the side door, she stopped and said calmly, "Chengmo existed, and he probably died in this city a hundred and fifty years ago. The thing I asked you to find in Xiangrong City,  It¡¯s his relic.¡±

    Xia Zhixian also took steps forward, slightly catching up with his master, his bright eyes showing a bit of surprise.

    "Then these black elf butterflies" Xia Zhixian is a city lord himself, but he doesn't know that there has been a strong man in Xiangrong City who may have surpassed the alliance leader.

    "It should be, as Li Guang said, it's his soul pet. This creature has been hiding near Xiangrong City. Our actions should have alerted it, which has been guarding its owner." Di Ji said.

    "Then shall we continue? We have been searching for so many years with no results" Xia Zhixian asked.

    "It will appear, which means we are very close to success." A wise smile flashed across the corners of Di Ji Yanhong's lips.


    On the simple and unique green-shaded path, a group of colorful elf butterflies blew up a messy air current, cutting through the surrounding tree crowns like sharp blades.

    The fallen leaves were divided into two halves and slowly fell down.

    The elf butterflies in the city all fly slowly, and such wind-like shuttles are very rare.

    However, if you look carefully, you will find a cold and exquisite black figure in front of this group of colorful fairy butterflies.

    This black shadow jolted in the alley, nimbly dodging the attacks of the group of fairy butterflies, and then quickly rushed into a yard filled with the fragrance of medicine.

    The group of colorful fairy butterflies looked very angry, lingering outside the medicine hospital, but they did not dare to step in for a long time.

    Suddenly, a strong dark aura was released from the yard and swept around the yard!

    In the eyes of others, it is just a cool breeze swirling in the yard, but the keen elf butterflies can feel the frightening dark atmosphere mixed in the airflow.

    ¡°Puff puff puff puff puff puff~~~~~~~~~~~¡±

    The panicked elf butterflies no longer dared to stay outside the courtyard and scattered in all directions.

    In the yard, the evil man in white tights took back his aura and slowly walked to the bruised black elf butterfly.

    "I know you are different from them, but it's a pity that the elf butterflies here can't seem to tell the difference." Chu Mu stretched out his hands and picked up the black elf butterfly that had been following him for a while.

    This black elf butterfly also had black eyes. It stared at Chu Mu with a bit of stubbornness in its eyes.

    "I'll let my wife treat you." Chu Mu walked to the pharmacy and placed the injured elf butterfly in front of Ye Qingzi.

    Ye Qingzi naturally heard what Chu Mu said to the black elf butterfly in the yard, and secretly muttered that Chu Mu was getting thicker and thicker, and he did not forget to take advantage when talking to a black elf butterfly.

    "Fortunately, the injury is not serious." Ye Qingzi was even more proficient in treating this kind of injury. After summoning the concubine Ling Yin, who was also a flower type, he sprinkled several skills on it, and then gave it some medicine. This little black  The guy regained his original vitality.

    After recovering, the black elf butterfly lay on Chu Mu's shoulder again, looking at the surroundings with a pair of cold and smart eyes.

    "Chu Mu, it's good"That's right, but it's a pity that the elf butterfly's egg level is too low. Although it can be reborn in this way, it is too weak after all. Alas, its former owner walked through Xiangrong City several years ago.  " the old gentleman said.

    "Why didn't its original owner take it away? Since it still has some memories." In Chu Mu's eyes, there are no weak soul pets, only weak soul pet masters. Any soul pet can be strengthened to a higher level.

    The old gentleman suddenly fell silent and "watched" Chu Mu's face.

    "His surname is also Chu. You give me a very similar feeling, the same excellence, the same charm" The blind old man showed a bitter kindness on his face.

    "The surname is Chu, what is his name?" Chu Mu was stunned and asked hurriedly.

    "You probably don't know him" Mr. Chen stood up slowly and walked out of the hall on crutches. He continued without stopping, "Help me take good care of him, this little guy with strong self-esteem."  .¡±

    Chu Mu watched the blind old man walking away on crutches, and felt a strange feeling in his heart.


    "Oh, it's not that he didn't take it away, but that it hid aside."

    The blind old man seemed to have remembered something, and turned around and said calmly.

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