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Chapter 901 Man and demon, the father¡¯s cry of sorrow!

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    "Old Li, can this kind of life awakening really only awaken Bai Yu's soul without awakening the soul of the White Nightmare?" Chu Mu looked at the traces of blood seeping into the slowly melting fingertip ice.  Shi Zhong asked.

    "Young Master, I don't know this either. What I wanted to tell you just now is that you may have misunderstood the little princess." Old Li stood beside him, looking at the fragrant woman in Chu Mu's arms, and kept shaking his head.  Sighed.

    Li Lao'er pointed at the Zhitian Ice Stone and said, "The defecting girl must have found a way to directly melt the Zhitian Ice Stone in recent years. Even if the little princess's blood life is not needed, the half-demon can be released.  , the little princess¡¯s original intention should be to protect her father and let him recover from the half-demon as an adult, so she deliberately compromised with the defecting girl. When the defecting girl was about to dissolve the ice stone in the sky, she tried to awaken the human side of the half-demon.  .¡±

    "Although I don't know whether this method is feasible or not, this girl is indeed not abandoning the lives of tens of millions of people as you said. She is saving Tianxia City and saving his father in this way"

    Chu Mu had almost killed Bai Jinrou just now, and now seeing that her life was almost drained, he felt even more heartbroken.


    Behind Chu Mu, the ice had almost melted to less than one meter thick, and the sound of breaking ice and rocks could be heard.

    I don¡¯t know when, a thick evil cloud of resentment condensed at the top of the mountain, and the entire blue sky was also shrouded in this torrential resentment!

    Suddenly, a powerful aura that had never been seen before came from the sky-pointing ice stone behind Chu Mu!  !  !

    This didn¡¯t even give Chu Mu the courage to turn around!  !

    At first, Chu Mu felt that if the half-demon had just woken up, his body would definitely be very weak. Maybe he could handle it as a half-demon.

    But Chu Mu was shocked to discover that the resentment pouring out of the pointing sky ice stone was so huge that it could directly impact the soul of a soul emperor. It was so huge that Chu Mu couldn't even think of becoming a semi-demon, because Chu Mu could feel it.  Even though he is half-demon, he looks like a child in those demonic eyes behind him that look down at the world!  !

    Baiyu Demon Emperor!  !

    The Baiyu Demon Emperor has awakened!  !  !  !

    The sleeping space should be silent, everything should be as still as a painting.  However, at the moment when the Baiyu Demon Emperor awakened, the entire sleeping space experienced an unprecedented restlessness. Under the invisible threat, the glacier land could collapse at any time!  !

    Chu Mu had seen the territory of Emperor Si Ye, and the overwhelming darkness controlled everything.  But at this moment, even if the half-demon Baiyu didn't spread the sea of ??demonic flames all over the entire sleeping space, Chu Mu could still smell the domineering aura of the Baiyu Demon Emperor in this independent space!  !

    No corner of the space can escape his enchanting eyes. The entire sleeping world is now held in the palm of his hand. As long as he holds it tightly, the space will collapse!  !

    This was the first time that Chu Mu truly felt the majestic pressure from a creature beyond the emperor level!

    Perhaps, the strength of the Baiyu Demon Emperor is slightly stronger than the strongest creature Chu Mu has ever seen - the Azure Hidden Dragon!

    At first, the Azure Hidden Dragon did not put any pressure on Chu Mu. Its battle with the God of Prison Island took place in the Sword of the Sea and Sky, and the weak Chu Mu could not spy on it at all.

    Now a creature that is probably stronger than the Cyan Hidden Dragon is standing behind him, less than two meters away from him. He is looking down at him. As long as his eyes are a little sharper, it will be enough to kill him!  !

    However, the half-demon Bai Yu has awakened, but he has never made a move against Chu Mu!  !


    "Young Young Master more than ten years ago in order to prevent people from using this kind of resurrection technique to revive the Bai Yu Demon Emperor, all the direct descendants of Bai Yu's White Nightmare were all executed  OnlyOnly your white devil" Old Li froze there and said to Chu Mu in a trembling voice.

    Chu Mu¡¯s whole body was so stiff that it was extremely difficult to move even a finger.

    And Old Li¡¯s trembling words also made Chu Mu understand why the half-demon Bai Yu who was only a few meters away from him didn¡¯t directly release his cruel nature and kill him!

    Because Chu Mu¡¯s white devil is the descendant of the white nightmare that devoured Bai Yu!

    The half-demon is composed of the soul of Bai Yu and the soul of the White Nightmare, and is divided into two sides: human nature and demonic nature.

    Chu Mu not only signed a soul pact with the descendant of Demon Xing, the White Devil, but the Bai Jinrou he was holding in his arms was the daughter of Demon Emperor Bai Yu. They happened to be Human Bai Yu and Demon Xing Bai Yu respectively.bsp; ¡­¡­

    It penetrated the sleeping world, penetrated the Immortal City, and the magic sound even spread to the entire Tianxia City!  !

    The tens of millions of residents in Tianxia City, whether they are soul pet masters or ordinary people, they all heard this voice!

    For a time, the whole Tianxia City was boiling!  !  !

    ??Evil and Demon!  !

    This is the existence that truly makes the whole world tremble!  !

    He is warning the world that he has woken up!  !

    His voice is casting a curse on everyone, and everyone will become the dead souls under his claws!  !


    However, only Chu Mu knew that the world-shaking demon cry of the ruthless half-demon was filled with the common desolation and sadness of the two fathers, man and demon!  !


    (It was very difficult to write these two chapters. On the one hand, it is not too easy to explain the White Devil¡¯s life experience and the secret of Princess Jinrou in two chapters, but Xiaoyu still shortened it to let everyone know simply.  , why the White Devil was executed in the first place, why Princess Jinrou had no real power and was isolated, and why she was so melancholy as a girl

    On the other hand, it explains some of the factors that alleviated the crisis of the semi-demon Baiyu.

    It can be said that these chapters have filled in too many pitfalls, which made Xiaoyu himself a little exhausted. He wrote and revised, revised and wrote again

    No matter what, it is still completed, but the update is late, I am very sorry~~~~(To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support will  This is my biggest motivation.) (Remember this website address:
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