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Chapter 876 Hunting and Killing the Blood Trial Wolf Emperor (Part 2)

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    Thousands of waves of soil surged, making that large area of ??the city turbid, with dust flying all over the sky!

    The speed of the Disaster Spider Emperor is obviously much slower than that of the Blood Judgment Wolf Emperor, but this guy's aggressiveness and poison control are very terrifying.

    "This guy's legs actually grew!" Chu Mu noticed from a distance that the Disaster Spider Emperor, who originally had one of its legs cut off by the Holy Pet Ming Immortal Bird, now had eight intact legs.

    In this immortal city that lacks resources, the Disaster Spider Emperor can only recover his lost legs by relying on his self-healing ability. This is true for insect-type creatures. Once they are not completely killed, they will disappear after a while.  He recovered quickly and regained his original fighting strength!

    Amid the billowing smoke and dust, Chu Mu kept staring in that direction, looking even further into the distance, because he believed that the giant-level creature coming was definitely not just the Disaster Spider Emperor!

    Sure enough, among the huge waves of earth and demonic clouds, Chu Mu vaguely spotted a black ghost shadow following behind the Disaster Spider Emperor!

    This ghost figure did not deliberately hide its figure and aura, otherwise Chu Mu, the peak emperor-level soul pet of the ghost system, would never be able to see clearly even if he used his special pupils!

    "What is that ghost?" Chu Mu asked Old Li.

    Old Li shook his head and said: "I only know some peak emperor-level soul pets who were sealed in the last century. This ghost should be a creature that was sealed in the Immortal City in the past hundred years. It seems to be very difficult to deal with.  , even the Disaster Spider Emperor volunteered to charge for it."

    "If it's a ghost type, it will be more difficult to escape!" Chu Mu said.

    "Indeed, let these two holy pets kill the Blood Trial Wolf Emperor as soon as possible, otherwise the peak emperor of the ghost type will get entangled and it will be very difficult to escape!" Old Li said.

    Chu Mu nodded, and when he was about to inform the two holy pets of the distance between the two giants, there was suddenly a shocking shaking in the sky!  !

    Chu Mu was stunned for a moment, looking far into the distance, staring at the dark and unclear sky!

    The entire sky was covered by huge dark clouds and the demonic clouds rolled up by the Disaster Spider Emperor. However, after the terrifying space shook, the sky actually collapsed, and its original dim color instantly turned into pitch black and chaotic, completely  Like a huge black hole, terrifying and suffocating!  !

    Chu Mu was so shocked that he couldn't speak. The shock of this scene was like the whole world disappeared in front of his eyes, and then was occupied by a black hole in the esophagus that could swallow the world together. Even though they were very far apart, Chu Mu couldn't help but  A shiver!  How much power does it take to create such a world-shattering scene?

    Mr. Li also stared at the area with a blank expression, and after a long time he said: "This is the power of the dark system. The only one in the entire world who can achieve this level is the one who is called the ruler of the dark night."  The Emperor of the Night'!"

    "Emperor Si Ye, what is this!" Chu Mu was so shocked that he couldn't calm down!

    "The trouble is big, the trouble is big!" Old Li's voice became a little shrill. It was obvious that Old Li was deeply afraid of the Emperor of the Night!

    "What is it, tell me quickly!"

    "This is the dark-type emperor who swept the entire soul pet realm about 150 years ago. Not only in the World Realm, but even in the Wanxiang Realm, this dark-type emperor has few opponents. It has weird movements and changeable skills.  , in battles of the same level, they often win with a huge advantage. My master once fought with its master, and it was this King of Night that almost defeated my master. You must know that my master at that time  The soul pet he is fighting against is a peak emperor with dual secondary attributes!" Old Li said in one breath.

    The peak emperor with dual secondary attributes!  This is two levels stronger than the strength of an ordinary peak emperor!  !

    The Holy Pet Fairy Bird, the Holy Pet Wind-Binding Spirit, the Giant Disaster Spider Emperor, and the Giant Blood Trial Wolf Emperor, these four peak emperor-level creatures all have single attributes, regardless of the fact that the two Holy Pets have a slightly special Holy Light.  Unexpectedly, these four creatures are all ordinary peak emperors!

    Li Laoer¡¯s description stated that the Emperor of Siye almost defeated the peak emperor with dual secondary attributes, which means that even if this dark giant cannot defeat one against three, it can at least defeat one against two!  !

    "Just for this Emperor of Night, the two sacred pets Ming Fairy Bird and Wind-Binding Spirit are likely to be taken down, not to mention that there are two giants in front of this Emperor of Night, the Disaster Spider Emperor and the Ghost Emperor!

    "This guy is the real giant leader of the Immortal City!" Chu Mu was shocked. This King of Night was so domineering, so the strength of the giant camp can be said to be far beyond Chu Mu's imagination!

    "Absolutely! That woman is so cruel??How terrible!

    The Blood Trial Wolf Emperor has forcibly broken the wing restraint, but it is too close to the wind cave. Even though it is running hard towards the distance, its body is still slowly swallowed.  Ten meters of wind**!

    Within the Wind Cave, there is an endless death storm. Even if the invincible emperor is sucked into it, he will definitely die!


    The Blood Trial Wolf Emperor continued to howl for help. Its lower body had already submerged into the wind cave. It was suffering the ravages of the storm and was already dripping with blood.

    However, this giant who climbed to the top of his soul pet is still unwilling to die like this, and his upper body is still struggling outside the wind cave!

    However, no matter how angry and resentful this generation of Wolf Emperor is, it cannot escape its bad luck this time!  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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