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Chapter 836 Chu Mu has a guilty conscience

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    After experiencing several large-scale Hibernian battles and watching cities being swallowed up by demonic insects, Chu Mu gradually realized that human beings were not as powerful as imagined. If the huge demonic insect emperors came out in full force,  Then a quarter of the entire human territory will be completely lost.

    Moreover, Chu Mu learned from Liu Binglan that there was far more than just one empire in the Forbidden Territory: Demonic Insects. Those soul pet empires were distributed in deeper Forbidden Territories, forming a Heavenly Insect that humans could not cross at all. So so far,  There is no written record of the other side of the forbidden area.

    During the outbreak of the Hidden Desolation, Chu Mu stayed in the Great Chu Family and devoted himself wholeheartedly to fighting to continuously improve his strength.

    Chu Mu did not lead the army or become a commander in chief, nor did he become the leader of the youth army. He only collected battle reports. Once there was an emergency crisis somewhere, Chu Mu would go there.

    Chu Mu is different from most soul emperors. They need to guard and preserve their combat power to prevent the emergence of emperor-level demon insects. Because of their limited resources, they need to control the number of battles to a certain extent.

    And Chu Mu was just like those soul masters and soul masters, fighting endlessly. During this period, the consumption of souls after fighting alone was thousands.

    Fortunately, after such a long period of fighting, Chu Mu¡¯s little Moxie has reached the ninth stage of the ninth stage and will soon be able to enter the tenth stage.

    At the ninth stage of the ninth stage, Mo Xie can barely fight against a low-level emperor. After reaching the tenth stage, it will not be a problem to defeat a low-level emperor-level demon insect.

    The number of Demonic Insect Emperors that Chu Mu personally committed suicide reached 10, and the internal organ crystals Chu Mu obtained were all sold for 2,000.

    In this way, Chu Mu harvested a total of 20,000 spirits.  Chu Mu had reserved these 20,000 spirits for Zhan. Zhan also required four times the resources. After strengthening to the emperor level, it would be 40,000 spirits.

    The little Hidden Dragon only needs 5 times the resources due to the differentiation of the ghost dragon. Chu Mu plans to put the remaining 1 times the spirit with Zhan Ye. As long as he obtains 10,000 spirits, Chu Mu will solve Zhan Ye's emperor resource problem.

    Of course, Chu Mu knew very well that the little Hidden Dragon¡¯s resources up to the eighth level had been solved, but the resources from the ninth to the tenth level required five times the lower emperor¡¯s resources.

    ?????????? Double the low-level emperor¡¯s resources is 50,000 spirits, 5 times it is 250,000 spirits.

    This is a very huge amount. I originally thought that my mother would be here to help me solve the funding problem, but I found out with a wry smile that Liu Binglan had zero deposits. In addition to bringing potions and food for her soul pet, she also  Don't bring much at all.

    Liu Binglan went directly to the Soul Palace to get all her needs. All her earnings were donated to the Soul Palace free of charge.

    The resources of the Soul Palace are provided based on status. Liu Binglan has the right to squander it at will, but she does not have the right to open the treasury of the Soul Palace and give it to Chu Mu to squander it.

    Of course, Liu Binglan didn¡¯t give Chu Mu any benefits. In order to ensure Chu Mu¡¯s safety, Liu Binglan gave Chu Mu a Level 2 Emperor Soul Armor.

    Chu Mu is the Yi Nian Soul Emperor, and the limit of the soul armor he can wear is the Emperor's Level 2 Soul Armor. If Chu Mu were at a higher level, Liu Binglan would give Chu Mu his Level 9 Emperor Soul Armor without hesitation.

    In addition, Liu Binglan also reviewed a very important thing, that is, she, a powerful female figure like Mount Taishan and Beidou, is very bad at fighting in the wild.

    Liu Binglan herself is very strong, has a high-level soul pet, and is fully armed. She has few opponents in the human realm.

    But once she goes deep into the forbidden area, she will always encounter all kinds of troubles, among which getting lost is a very serious problem. Getting lost will lead to a series of problems, and she will consume a lot of combat power for no reason.  In this domain, the enemies cannot be completely eliminated

    Just like the high-level emperor-level Demonic Insects will be restrained when they enter the human world, human masters will also not dare to be so public when entering the forbidden area, otherwise the threatened forbidden area forces will not hesitate to send powerful creatures to attack humans.  siege.

    The problem of high soul temperature must be solved as soon as possible, so Chu Mu decided to go to the Deep Forbidden Territory with Liu Binglan this time, and use that piece of information to obtain the Immortal Ice in the Forbidden Territory!

    The Wu Forbidden Territory is a large forbidden area that even the most powerful humans dare not step into. The soul pet in it is extremely powerful. Liu Binglan was unwilling to let Chu Mu follow her to such a dangerous place.

    Unfortunately, Liu Binglan is indeed a bit of a wanderlust in the forbidden area, and her ability to adapt to the wild environment is not as good as Chu Mu.

    Liu Binglan didn¡¯t want the matter of Chu Mu¡¯s soul to be too hot to be delayed, so she finally agreed to Chu Mu¡¯s request. Anyway, she would do her best to protect Chu Mu¡¯s safety during the journey and not let those things touch her.p; "I will be careful." Chu Mu said.

    However, Chu Mu still remembered that the defected girl's target was the Immortal City. Something was abnormal in the Immortal City. Chu Mu thought that it might be the defected girl who had sent another master to infiltrate. Chu Mu wanted to know what the purpose of the defected girl's deliberate attempt to enter the Immortal City was.  This time, Chu Mu could also use the pretext of inspection to figure out the matter.

    After several negotiations, Liu Binglan also agreed to Chu Mu¡¯s request and handed over the inspection power of the Immortal City to Chu Mu.

    "By the way, the Immortal Spring was stolen during the last World War. The culprit has not been found yet. You were also in the Immortal City at the time. Who do you think is more suspicious?" Liu Binglan thought of the Immortal Spring.  He also said to Chu Mu.

    "No." Chu Mu said without changing his expression, then he lowered his head and ate the food calmly.

    "You even dare to steal the immortal spring water. Mom has not been around the world these years, and some people with evil intentions have become more and more rampant." Ice formed on Liu Binglan's face.

    "Immortal spring water is an extremely valuable treasure. As the female queen of the Soul Palace, Liu Binglan is also one of the sixteen souls of the Soul Alliance who authoritatively judges. Liu Binglan will never tolerate someone committing such a heinous crime!"  !

    At this time, Chu Mu was still eating diligently without making any remarks.

    Chu Mu knew that this "cold beauty" was famous for being selfless, so to be on the safe side, it was better not to say anything about it.  Although Chu Mu believed what he said and Liu Binglan would not do anything to her, there was no need to deliberately conflict with her responsibilities

    Liu Binglan herself was too serious just now. She had finally made Chu Mu change his opinion of her, but she could no longer show her cold look to her children.

    "Eat more, these foods have some ice properties, which are good for your body."  Leng Meiren soon showed a loving smile again, and looked at Chu Mu, who had a guilty conscience, with soft eyes.

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