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Chapter 800 The master of ghost hunting in the last century, half human and half beloved?

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    Chu Mu drove the Thunder Dream Beast of Night, which had been promoted to the peak monarch level, and walked along the spacious main street to the main palace of Seven Color City.

    After returning from two months of experience, the Seven Color City has a completely new look. Although it cannot be called prosperous, Chu Mu is also very satisfied that the Seven Color City in its embryonic stage can have such a situation.

    The size of a city depends to a large extent on whether there are large forces stationed there.

    Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Business Alliance, Hunting Club

    The commercial chain of the Merchant Alliance has already been deployed in prosperous areas of the city. People in the Merchant Alliance must have seen business opportunities and planned to make money here.

    And the ubiquitous Soul Pet Palace has occupied its place early and began to be officially open to all soul pet masters.

    The Soul Pet Palace has always had no threshold. Many eighth-level cities can see their palaces. Soul Pet Masters can go to the Soul Pet Palace to trade regardless of their level or status.

    Of course, being able to enter the Soul Pet Palace does not mean that you are qualified to join the Soul Pet Palace. The admission of Soul Pet Palace members is as strict as Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace.  In fact, many people know that soul pet palaces established in low-level cities can only be regarded as subsidiary soul pet palaces, and real soul pet palaces are generally only found in world-level cities.

    Similarly, the Nightmare Palace and the Soul Palace are both lacking in the Seven Color City. These two major forces generally only station their branches in boundary cities and special cities.

    A big city must have complete forces, so that more soul pet masters can stay in the city. If even the hunting guild and the spiritual sect are stationed here, it means that the city's level is a bit high.

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? If Seven Color City is to truly develop, these forces must be allowed to come and garrison, it depends on the development of Seven Color City, and whether Chu Mu can have the courage to give these forces some ideas.


    After returning to the Chu family's mansion, Chu Mu also went to his room, cleaned himself, changed into clean clothes, and then went to Chu Tianren's yard.

    Chu Tianren is the number one master of the Chu family, and is stronger than the third-level world leader. However, he knows nothing about the things that the city lord has to deal with, and he has no interest in managing it, so Chu Tianheng is still the city lord.

    When Chu Mu arrived in Chu Tianren¡¯s courtyard, he saw Chu Tianren holding a book and frowning at it.

    The book in Chu Tianren's hand is also a soul emperor level book. Regarding the training of soul pets and the matching of attributes, different soul pets with different attributes will definitely have a wonderful effect.  They are all very particular.

    "Third uncle, Chu He said you have something to discuss with me?" Chu Mu walked to Chu Tianren and asked.

    Chu Tianren did not look at Chu Mu, as if he was talking to himself: "The fifth-level ice attribute crystallizes into Earthly Immortal Ice, but will this Earthly Immortal Ice be repelled by the fifth-level Jueyan?"

    The attributes include repulsion and combination, just like the dark rock of Ghost Dome King, which is a combination of the dark effect of the ghost attribute and the rock attribute.  Chu Tianren should be a soul pet with ice and rock attributes, otherwise he would not be studying it here.

    "The Earthly Immortal Ice is harvested from under the glaciers and the earth. It is closely related to the rock. The two can be combined, but it will cost a lot of money for training." Chu Mu thought Chu Tianren was asking him  , replied immediately.

    When Chu Tianren heard Chu Mu¡¯s voice, he was stunned. He raised his head and glanced at Chu Mu and said, ¡°How do you know?¡±

    Chu Tianren had already met Chu Mu. After learning that Chu Mu was the Soul Emperor at such a young age and had killed the Realm Master and Sun Qiming, Chu Tianren had a very strange expression.

    Everyone knows that Chu Tianren and Chu Mu¡¯s father, Chu Tianmang, are at odds with each other. As a result, Chu Tianmang¡¯s son has become so perverted that Chu Tianren can only be speechless after practicing hard for so many years.

    Of course, as time passed and Chu Tianren got older, he also looked away. Chu Tianren still admired Chu Mu from the bottom of his heart. He was so strong at a young age that he was unreliable.

    "I read it in a book." Chu Mu did not say that Old Li told him, and continued to ask, "Is this why Third Uncle came to me?"

    "Oh, of course not! I have seen the spirit source you mentioned, and it is true that there are 3,000 spirits every year. For first and second level world masters, it is a great treasure." Chu Tianren said.

    "Yes." Chu Mu nodded.

    "If my soul pet doesn't fight, it will eat more than 200 souls every month. According to my normal practice, it usually consumes about 500 souls a month. This spiritual source can produce less than 300 souls every month, which is enough for you at most.  If the soul pet eats, my soul pet will definitely starve to death." Chu Tianren spoke directly and did not mince words.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUTI heard that some of them have been found in the western border, but I don¡¯t know if they are still there. Anyway, if I can find them, I can ask them to give me some suggestions, so that our efforts will not be in vain.  You must know that a person who understands the spiritual source is more important than having a strong support. Otherwise, if you go to a saturated tribe, there will be no profit no matter how many people you kill.  "Chu Tianren said.

    "Half-human, half-loved?" Hearing this, Chu Mu suddenly realized something.

    And Old Li, who was hiding in Chu Mu's ring, shivered all over, feeling an ominous premonition.

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