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Chapter 766 Leveling the mountains, the totem of Lord Fox

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    "Run away quickly!! The Leopard Tribe is coming!!!"

    A homeless man walking far behind in the crowd shouted.

    Immediately afterwards, the group of neighbors living on the same street in front of the homeless man ran away, looking back with horrified faces as they ran.

    The screams suddenly became one, and the thousands of people behind who had not yet entered the valley were crying and screaming. There was no order at all, and they just wanted to run forward as hard as they could.

    As for several girls who looked like servants, they were originally gathered in a circle. When the Leopard Clan's torrential aura rushed toward them, they were so frightened that they squatted on the ground. They didn't even have the strength to escape. They were shaking violently and kept stopping.  screamed.

    Not only these girls, but also those with weak endurance were frightened to the ground by the aura coming from the Leopard Clan.

    "Get up! You will die if you stay here!!" Some low-level soul pet masters still had some sense, and they picked up those who could no longer move and squeezed them into the valley desperately.

    The closer the Leopard Clan gets, the stronger their aura becomes. People with weak endurance cannot even breathe. Chu Tianheng, who came to the rear, saw that many of the thousands of people had lost their ability to move, and his heart sank even more.

    The Leopard Clan is getting closer and closer, and the ramp is already crowded with people. Among these thousands of people, at most one thousand can get in. The remaining two thousand people, including those who don¡¯t even have the courage to take a step,  People are likely to face massacre by the Leopard Tribe!

    "Drag them in." Chu Tianheng hurriedly called the Chu family members from behind and asked them to use their soul pets to drag these people away.

    The number of members of the Chu family is limited, so dragging people like this is just to save as many as we can.

    The aura became stronger and stronger, and more people lost the ability to move. The chaotic screams of more than 2,000 people in the rear were gradually swallowed up by the rumbling sound in the distance.

    "Chu Mu, where is Chu Mu, who has seen Chu Mu!" Chu Tianheng searched everywhere, and now only Chu Mu could save more than two thousand people.

    "We were here just now" Chu Tianqi also scanned the crowd.

    "There! Hehe went in the direction of the Leopard Tribe!!" Chu Ying screamed, pointing to the rolling mountains in the distance!

    Chu Tianheng and Chu Tian immediately looked over and suddenly discovered that between the two mountains outside the valley, Chu Mu, dressed in black, appeared there at some point!

    What was even more astonishing was that beside Chu Mu, an arrogant creature with a perfect silver body and nine flying evil tails stood there calmly. Facing the Leopard Tribe that had swallowed up the mountains like a black tsunami, not only  There is no timidity, but instead a certain aura that cannot be seen by the naked eye is formed, covering this large mountain range, which makes the Leopard Tribe's overflowing tide army slow down a bit!

    It¡¯s just the momentum that actually overwhelms countless Leopard Clan legions!  !

    Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianqi, Chu Ying and many other members of the Chu family were shocked by this scene. The Leopard Clan Legion was like an irresistible disaster. This kind of disaster that human beings can only despair of is now because of a sudden disaster.  Only the nine-tailed soul pet has stagnated. This raging power allows everyone to see its true power. It is so shocking that it dominates everything like a god!

    Between the two mountains, Chu Mu breathed in the air full of the leopard clan's stench.

    Chu Mu¡¯s field of vision was very wide, and he could see many mountains in front of him.  However, even so, Chu Mu could not bring all the Leopard Tribe legions into his eyes. The number of the entire tribe was too huge. Even Chu Mu himself had never faced hundreds of thousands of legions in the past.

    "Mo Xie, level those mountains." Chu Mu said slowly.

    The mountains that Chu Mu pointed to were about five hundred meters high, and the area at the bottom of the mountains was several thousand meters in diameter. It would take a long time for ordinary people to climb over them.

    Those mountains are continuous for nearly ten kilometers. Within these ten kilometers, it is the area where the Leopard tribe¡¯s army is densest.

    Their legion moves very fast, just like the shadows of clouds that can often be seen floating and moving in the mountains, quickly covering the mountains that are closer.


    Mo Xie raised his head and let out an imperial cry!

    The nine tails were fully stretched out, and the sin flames burned violently, instantly printing a large area of ??the surrounding mountains red!

    The flames rose, and various looming totems of sinful curses quickly appeared under Mo Xie's feet. The totems became more and more colorful, and slowly began to rise

    The Sin Flame Totem slowly disappeared as it rose, but at the same time, it slowly appeared on one of the mountains that Chu Mu pointed to where the Leopard Clan was attacking.

    &n??For anyone, surpassing the monarch is simply a god-like existence!  !

    The few people who were the first to see the situation clearly were in the process of being shocked. The more than two thousand people were gradually able to see the flames clearly. When they discovered that the disaster-stricken Leopard clan had disappeared in the dazzling light of the fire, what followed?  Dare to believe their own eyes.

    In the end, these people even knelt down, thinking that the protector of Qise City had come and eliminated the disaster for them!

    Every city will enshrine their own patron saint. This patron saint is often the powerful soul pet that made the entire city move from darkness to light in the past!

    In fact, everyone knows that these protective gods are the soul pets of extremely powerful people, because only human soul pets can protect humans.

    At this time, in everyone¡¯s mind, those nine creatures with exaggerated fox tails are the new protectors of Seven Color City!  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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