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Chapter 659: On the verge of breaking out, Li Hen comes to the rescue

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    Xia Guanghan drove the Xiyang Peng and slowly approached, his face already wrapped in a golden helmet.

    Someone just opened the potion bottle, and Xia Guanghan took this opportunity to approach Chu Mu and the others, waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack when Chu Mu was unprepared, and capture Chu Mu in one fell swoop.

    However, Xia Guanghan didn't expect that Chu Mu's Mo Xie would firmly remember his scent during the battle at the Demon Spirit House. Now that he was close to Chu Mu, he had directly exposed himself.

    Chu Mu stared closely at this man who was wearing golden armor. Once, Chu Mu was as small as an ant in front of this man. As long as he raised his foot, he could trample him to death.

    At that time, Chu Mu was only fifteen years old. At that age, Xia Guanghan's strength made Chu Mu feel afraid and somewhat unattainable.

    And after so many years, Xia Guanghan appeared in front of him again. The strength gap between Chu Mu and him was no longer so great. Even Chu Mu, who had always regarded him as his archenemy, felt the blood in his blood when he saw him appear.  It's all about the coming crisis, and the madness to crush this guy who was difficult to surpass in the past!


    Mo Xie¡¯s resentment towards Xia Guanghan has obviously reached a certain level. Although Chu Mu kept him calm, Mo Xie¡¯s eyes still revealed hostility that was difficult to hide!

    Mo Xie spent the longest time with Chu Mu and had the deepest relationship. Xia Guanghan's pressure almost completely severed his relationship with Chu Mu.  The soul pain of the broken soul contract was felt by both parties. While Chu Mu would feel convulsions all over his body, Mo Xie's soul would also feel trembling due to the cancellation of the soul contract.

    In that experience, Mo Xie was weak and could only let the executioner slaughter him.  Now, Mo Xie's strength has improved a lot, reaching ninth level.  It couldn't wait to hit it now, first tear the sunset roc into pieces, and then tear off Xia Guanghan's flesh piece by piece!

    "Did you kill this person?" Xia Guanghan deliberately lowered his voice and pointed at Duan Xinze's head at his feet.

    Xia Guanghan recognized this head as the ninth-level prisoner Duan Xinze who had been awarded the highest honor by the members of the competition.  Even if Duan Xinze's strength was severely limited, it would be difficult for most players to fight against him. Xia Guanghan was a little surprised that these four people could kill him!

    "Yes, those who were killed by our Soul Palace Chu Chen actually did not do anything on our part." Shang Heng deliberately praised Chu Mu.

    "Oh? Amazing?" Xia Guanghan's face showed a bit of surprise.

    According to the information that Xia Guanghan had obtained before, Chu Mu's strength was hardly ranked among the top ten major forces. Xia Guanghan himself was unable to compete, and Chu Mu had been hiding in the Soul Palace, so Xia Guanghan asked Zuo Xiao to take charge of dealing with him.  Chu Mu.

    What surprised him was that Chu Mu was actually able to kill the ninth-level prisoner Duan Xinze. In this way, he must have hidden some strength.

    However, Xia Guanghan was surprised. He had nothing to worry about. Duan Xinze, whose strength was severely restricted, was not at the same level as Xia Guanghan's current strength. As long as he was given a chance to take action, many Chu Mu would die.  !

    Chu Mu didn¡¯t speak, he just stood next to Ye Qingzi, calmly thinking about countermeasures.

    " It is definitely not possible to directly trigger a battle. With Xia Guanghan's strength, even if he can defeat him, his soul pet will definitely be damaged. As long as one soul pet is injured, it will be difficult for Chu Mu to continue to enter the realm.

    Ye Qingzi on the side seemed to notice a change in Chu Mu's mood, although the change was very subtle.

    She specifically looked at the Sai Fang guard wearing golden armor, then looked at Chu Mu, and found that Chu Mu always seemed to keep a certain distance from this guy, and this distance was exactly the distance needed for combat!

    Ye Qingzi didn¡¯t understand why Chu Mu was so wary of a Sai Fang guard.  The competition team's guards are selected from all the major forces by the competition teams all over the world. These people must strictly abide by the competition team's rules. The duty of the competition team's guards this time is to protect the players and prevent prisoners from persecuting the players. There should be no need to hold any suspicion against them.  That's why you should be so wary.

    "Chu Mu, what's wrong?" Ye Qingzi asked Chu Mu using her soul thoughts.

    "He is the enemy I said." Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi with his soul thought.

    Ye Qingzi's face immediately showed a look of surprise. She did not expect that Chu Mu's enemy would appear as a guard from Sai Fang. In this way, Chu Mu's enemy was not a member of the younger generation at all!

    Ye Qingzi was not a stupid woman. She quickly hid it so that Xia Guanghan wouldn't notice it.

    Since the battle did not ignite, it meansGiven his identity, Li Hen would definitely attack him directly.

    If his soul had not been severely damaged in the Demon Spirit House a few years ago, Xia Guanghan would not be afraid of Li Hen, but now he is no match for Li Hen.

    Seeing that Xia Guanghan backed away very smartly, Chu Mu also knew that it would be difficult for Li Hen to kill him.

    At that moment, Chu Mu also used his soul thought to say to Li Hen: "Brother Li Hen, I have something to ask for. The person wearing the golden armor like you is Xia Guanghan from the Nightmare Palace. He has a big grudge against me. Just now.  He planned to attack me, but luckily you arrived in time."

    "Oh? If this happens, I'll kill him for you!" Li Hen turned his back to Xia Guanghan and smiled coldly.

    "He escaped on purpose. I'm afraid he will escape if you take action, and it will be difficult to keep him. When you take Tinglan and Shang Heng down the mountain later, let him leave with you. It is best to keep a close eye on him and don't let him  He is interfering with me now." Chu Mu said.

    Chu Mu must continue to enter the realm. If he is eliminated in this eighth realm, Chu Mu will not be able to get Ye Qingzi the will she wants, nor will he be able to find the defected girl puppet, nor will he be able to get more clues about the defected girl.

    (Today I will start with two chapters. Tomorrow I will make up for what I missed today. There will be four chapters tomorrow~~~

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