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Chapter 644 Bloody nature, killing prisoners in anger (Part 2)

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    "Li Zhan!" Ting Lan was stunned, her red eyes looking down at Li Zhan below!

    The light of Zhuoyan is fading, and Li Zhan's figure is gradually exposed among the prisoners' soul pets. With Li Zhan's skill, all the prisoners' soul pets are enraged, trapping Li Zhan!  !

    With the light of various skills shining, more than twenty prisoner soul pets launched fatal attacks on Li Zhan¡¯s soul pet one after another!  !

    Many skills have reached the ninth level of power. No matter how strong Li Zhan is, he can't withstand the attacks of so many soul pets at the same time!  !

    ¡°Rumble, rumble, rumble!!!!!!!¡±

    The entire fault line was shaking violently, and numerous skills were thrown down. Li Zhan and Li Zhan's three soul pets were completely swallowed up by these devastating attacks!

    The bottom of the fault suddenly exploded, creating a strong energy impact that swept away in all directions!  !

    Such a terrifying attack, unless the defense reaches late level nine, there is no way to survive!

    The violent roar almost shattered Ting Lan¡¯s eardrums, to the point where she could no longer hear any sound. Ting Lan¡¯s expression was completely dull, and her whole person turned into a statue

    Tinglan never thought that Li Zhan would deceive her, and the result of deceiving her would be that the man would bear the devastation of death alone. What a cruel and heartbreaking lie!

    "Hahahaha~~~~~~~" After the deafening noise gradually calmed down, the prisoners' wild laughter rang out.

    "What a fool. If you just give up and surrender, you won't die!!"

    "Yeah, haha, isn't she just a little girl? There will never be such a thing as a woman. You have to be ruthless when you need to be ruthless. These young people just have brain problems and don't know what unscrupulous means mean!"

    Looking at Li Zhan¡¯s body buried under the pile of rocks under the broken wall, all the prisoners burst into laughter.

    Li Zhan is a second-tier member, ranking third in strength in a huge soul palace, and his future prospects are limitless. Even these prisoners know that as long as he is given a few more years to grow, this player can easily ravage them.  And they are in a state of complete victory!

    "It's a pity that obsession is the most undesirable thing, and it is equivalent to giving your life to others.

    The prisoners have long lost their morals and no longer know what other people's lives mean to them. Therefore, in their view, Li Zhan's behavior of sacrificing his life to save others is simply the most childish and stupid behavior.

    The prisoners¡¯ sharp laughter made Ting Lan¡¯s eyes burst into flames. This anger completely burned her reason!

    ¡°You villains, I will kill you!!¡± Ting Lan shouted angrily with her throat torn.

    After reciting the incantation, Ting Lan just wanted to kill these inhuman prisoners and avenge Li Zhan for his sacrifice!

    The leader, the disheveled prisoner, saw Ting Lan reciting a spell in the air, and a smile of success flashed in his eyes.

    He was the one who took the lead in mocking Li Zhan. His purpose was to stimulate Ting Lan in the air and make her lose her mind and fly down to fight.

    Sure enough, this woman lost her mind. She simply forgot that her weak strength could not compete with so many prisoners!

    ¡°Da da da~~~~~~ta da da~~~~~~~~~~¡±

    Suddenly, a supernatural running sound came in the air!

    The evil black figure passed over the heads of the prisoners' soul pets at high speed, carrying a special layer of dark shadow.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Only saw a white tail feather floating by this dark and handsome figure, and the evil creature was completely hidden in the shadow of the high cliff, its whereabouts were elusive!

    Seeing that Tinglan was so enraged, the prisoners wanted to continue fighting, but the black figure stepped in front of her and stopped her.

    Tinglan¡¯s movements stopped abruptly, and she stared blankly at the man in front of her who was driving a black handsome pet and dressed in black!

    His eyes were cold and indifferent but piercing and bright. They were the calmness and coolness that had been tempered for thousands of times!

    "Chu Chen" Ting Lan looked at Chu Mu with her red eyes. Her emotions were fluctuating violently and she didn't know what to say.

    "They are not laughing at Li Zhan's stupidity, they are laughing at you!" Chu Mu's tone became very sharp.

    Ting Lan was stunned. These words were like a cold sword piercing her burning brain, causing her brain to cool down instantly.

    She understood the meaning of Chu Mu's words, but Li Zhan's death still made her shed tears uncontrollably.

    PavilionReached the ninth level and sixth level!  !

    The nine tails stretched freely in the air, and the silver light and shadow danced under the dark night, making them domineering!

    Moye¡¯s four hooves were burning with crown flames and stood still in the air. Its eyes showed the same emotions as Chu Mu¡¯s, looking down at all the enemies like a high-ranking nine-tailed king!

    "It's a nine-tailed flame fox that is a ninth-level intermediate-middle monarch!!" The prisoners had a look of surprise on their faces, and their eyes turned red from Mo Xie's flame print.

    "You haven't even reached the tenth level, so there's nothing to be afraid of. My soul pet can handle it!!" The disheveled prisoner leader said disdainfully.

    "But, it also has demon fire, evil flames and blood flames, which are the secondary attributes of Crown Flame. Its combat power has been at least improved by another level. This is a mid-level monarch with a strength equivalent to the ninth level of ninth level!" These middle-aged prisoners  His judgment ability is very strong, and he judged Mo Xie's strength immediately!

    ¡°Every young person in the eighth realm is a freak, how come they all have soul pets of this level!¡± Several prisoners screamed strangely.

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