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Chapter 617: War, war!  (Down)

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    The only remaining threats to the battle at the edge of the abyss were these ten thousand-legged centipedes. The blood-red pupils of this thousand-legged centipede already showed a bit of fear. It began to swing its body, trying to escape behind the rock barrier.

    ¡°Tear off!!!!!!¡±

    The Sky Claw strangely cut through the abdomen of the last ten-segment thousand-legged centipede. The thick horny armor of the thousand-legged centipede was easily torn open by Zhan Ye's claws, and the incision on the abdomen was stretched by nearly ten meters!  !

    Suddenly, a large ball of slurry overflowed after the thousand-legged centipede was torn open. The ten-segment thousand-legged centipede twitched and gradually lost signs of life!

    Instant kill!  !

    After reaching the ninth level and seventh level, Zhan Ye's aggressiveness became so terrifying that even the tenth level thousand-legged centipede could not resist it.

    After the tenth-level Thousand-legged Centipede was killed, it became more difficult for the Thousand-legged Centipede of the ninth-level and below to pose any threat to the battle. Soon, the battle with the rising strength of the Thousand-legged Centipede killed all the Thousand-legged Centipede behind the entire rock barrier.

    Zhan Ye is still in the state of rebirth after having lost his limbs for the second time. Its body is covered with staggered wounds, and blood is dripping on the ground.

    It panted heavily, and after killing all 13 thousand-legged centipedes, Zhan Ye also lost a lot of life. Now that there is no fighting, Zhan Ye's body also got time to heal itself.

    "Hissing tear!!! Hissing tearing!!!!!!!!!"

    When Zhan Ye's vitality recovered from 40% to 50%, the sharp and sharp sound of a centipede came from behind the rock barrier.

    The long black body was squirming, and there was a five-meter gap between the rock barrier and the stone wall. At this time, the gap was filled with thousands of centipedes more than ten meters long, and thousands of sickle tentacles were swinging

    On the fifty-meter-high rock barrier, a thousand-legged centipede nearly twenty meters in length slowly supported its body, its blood-red eyes staring at Zhan Ye who was hiding on the edge of their lair

    The size of the Thousand-legged Centipede is enough to illustrate the strength of the Thousand-legged Centipede. This Thousand-legged Centipede has obviously reached the peak leadership level, and its strength is one level stronger than the other ten-stage Thousand-legged Centipede.

    ¡°Hissing tear!!!!!!!!!¡±

    This thousand-legged centipede has wisdom. It glanced at the corpses of its 13 companions and realized that the creature hiding in the corner was very powerful. It directly drank away all the centipedes that did not reach the tenth stage!

    Soon, 10 ten-segment thousand-legged centipedes crawled into the limited space behind the rock barrier!

    Zhan Ye is still in a state of bloodthirsty madness. Facing these 10 ten-segment thousand-legged centipedes, it even attacks them. The ink armor thorns pierce the front thousand-legged centipede heavily, stabbing it into pieces.  seriously injured.


    After Zhan Ye launched the attack, the other nine thousand-legged centipedes also swung their bodies wildly and launched a series of attacks on Zhan Ye's three-meter body.

    Zhan Ye¡¯s vitality had just recovered a little, but it soon dropped sharply. He was almost cut into pieces by these 10 thousand-legged centipedes many times!


    In a critical situation, Zhan Ye relied on his strong vitality to kill two ten-segment thousand-legged centipedes.

    When the injuries on his body were life-threatening, Zhan did not dare to hesitate at all, and quickly rolled into the abyss gap where the Thousand-legged Centipede's huge body could not enter

    The insect fluid on his body secreted from the numerous scars and transformed into bones, bones, flesh and blood, restoring Zhan Ye's bloody body.

    The new black armor covered Zhan Ye¡¯s body. When Zhan Ye¡¯s severed limbs regenerated, he let out a low roar in his throat, and the muscles in his limbs grew a bit more!  !

    Nine sections and nine levels!  !  !

    When he was entangled with 10 tenth-stage thousand-footed centipedes before, Zhan Ye's strength increased to the ninth stage and eighth level. After the severed limb was reborn, Zhan Ye's strength improved again, reaching the ninth stage and ninth level!  !

    From the eighth-level ninth level to the ninth-level ninth level, Zhan Ye¡¯s strength has improved by a whole level after being reborn after three severed limbs!

    The fighting power returned to its fullest state again. Zhan Ye's eyes locked on the Thousand-legged Centipede that was crashing towards the gap. When it opened its bloody mouth to bite him into pieces, Zhan Ye speeded up sharply, and his body  It turned into a black sharp sword and penetrated directly from the throat of this thousand-legged centipede!  !  !

    ¡°Gulu gulu gulu!!!!!¡±

    The body of the thousand-legged centipede stiffened, and then its more than ten-meter-long body swelled, as if it was about to burst its entire centipede body!  !


    Finally, the Thousand-legged Centipede¡¯s body exploded.It's been two days, and according to Lao Li's estimation, he will wake up soon based on his mental resistance.

    The forest environment is also complex and changeable. If Chu Mu can wake up, Chu Mu, who is familiar with the wild environment, can easily take her to Chen Lake.  And almost all of the heroine's subordinates have been damaged. It will definitely be difficult for her to find them with her own strength.


    Mo Xie lay beside Chu Mu, and seemed to feel some kind of resonance in his soul. He immediately opened his eyes, raised his head slightly and stared at Chu Mu.

    Soon, Mo Xie discovered that Chu Mu's eyes were half open, and he even subconsciously used his hands to block the dazzling sunlight.


    When he found out that Chu Mu was awake, Mo Xie immediately let out an excited cry and kept licking Chu Mu's cheek with his slippery tongue.

    Chu Mu was used to having wet and sticky liquid rubbing against his face every day when he woke up. He subconsciously reached out to touch Moye's little head.

    The mental poison bite has disappeared. Chu Mu¡¯s current mental state cannot be said to be full, but he has recovered to some extent. After waking up, the previous memories quickly poured in, making Chu Mu quickly realize something!

    The soul connection made Chu Mu feel that Zhan Ye was far away from him.

    He even felt that the life breath of one of his soul pets was very weak!  !  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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