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Chapter 546 Tears of the Wind Spirit, Nine Levels of Binding Wind Spirit (Part 1)

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    The spiritual connection between Chu Mu and the Wind-Binding Spirit has become weaker and weaker after a month. Now, at best, he only knows the direction of the Wind-Binding Spirit. Whether he can find it is another question.

    "Young man, then you can practice hard here, uncle, I'm leaving first," the uncle from the Soul Palace said very freely.

    Chu Mu nodded and said goodbye to this interesting Soul Palace uncle.

    Chu Mu closed his eyes and tried to find the wind-binding spirit through the weak spiritual connection remaining in his soul.

    What surprised Chu Mu was that the Wind-Binding Spirit seemed to be on the outskirts of the strong wind zone, and that position did not belong to the Wind-Binding Spirit tribe.

    "Forget it, let's walk in that direction." Chu Mu thought for a while, and finally decided to walk in the direction of the wind-binding spirit.


    The wind outside the strong wind zone caused a significant obstacle to Chu Mu's soul pet. The combat effectiveness of the soul pet here may be reduced a lot.

    Chu Mu released his soul and sensed the entire wind system around him. Through the movement of these wind systems, he could find the weak wind trajectory that he had learned from the Wind Binding Spirit.

    Following the path of the weak wind, Chu Mu moved towards the depths outside the strong wind zone with some difficulty.

    The outer range of the strong wind belt is actually quite wide. With the strength of the soul palace uncle, it took a full two months for it to pass through the entire strong wind belt. If it were Chu Mu, he would have to actually enter from the outer periphery of the strong wind belt.  It may take several months to reach the depths of the strong wind zone.

    Chu Mu could feel that he was far away from the wind-binding spirit. Chu Mu's main task was to improve the strength of his soul pet, so he kept summoning his soul pet to fight while walking, but subconsciously moved towards the wind-binding spirit.  The direction of the spirit is just close.

    In the following time, Chu Mu also focused on improving the Night Thunder Dream Beast, upgrading the Night Thunder Dream Beast to the eighth and ninth levels.

    This process is not that easy without the assistance of spiritual objects.


    For more than a month after that, Chu Mu stayed outside the strong wind zone.

    Fighting, moving forward in the biting wind, and continuing to fight, for more than fifty days, Chu Mu and Chu Mu's soul pets even gradually got used to this harsh environment. The soul pets were attacked by the wind for a long time.  , gradually the power suppressed by the strong wind was released a lot, and it was no longer as weakened as before.

    In the past fifty days, Chu Mu¡¯s Ice Sky Elf became the first soul pet to reach the eighth and ninth levels because Chu Mu often took ice-based spiritual objects.

    "Following this, Night Thunder Dream Beast and Mo Xie entered the eighth and ninth stages at almost the same time. Whether they can enter the ninth stage next depends on the effect of the spiritual objects.

    Zhan Ye¡¯s battle in the wind belt was very unfavorable. In eighty days, Zhan Ye¡¯s strength was only raised to the eighth level and seventh level.

    The Demon Tree Warrior was promoted to the eighth level and ninth level without any accident, and the Ghost Qiong King also reached the eighth level and sixth level.

    The White Nightmare can fly, and it appears very frequently in the wind belt. Moreover, this stubborn devil does not tolerate others being stronger than it. Its strength has also been upgraded to the eighth and eighth levels. As a mid-level monarch, its combat effectiveness is still the same.  He is the strongest among all Chu Mu's soul pets.

    "The wind crystals, soul pet crystals, and wind spiritual objects I got in my hand total about 600 million. If I can't capture soul pets, the money just comes slowly." Chu Mu sighed.

    Chu Mu's soul catching ring already contains a quasi-monarch pet, which is worth about 50 million. In total, Chu Mu's total assets now are 650 million, which is obviously worse than the previous target of 850 million.  200000000.

    Chu Mu's current potion has been almost consumed. It is very dangerous to continue to stay outside the strong wind zone without the potion. What's more, after continuous fighting, the soul pets are extremely tired and really need soul nourishment to nourish their bodies.  Body.

    "By the way, the Wind Binding Spirit should be around here. I don't know what it is doing here. It has strayed far away from the Wind Tribe." Chu Mu said to himself.

    In the past fifty days, Chu Mu had been roughly heading in the direction of the Wind-Binding Spirit. When he got here, he was very close to the Wind-Binding Spirit. However, after so long, the relationship between Chu Mu and the Wind-Binding Spirit  The weak connection had completely faded away, and Chu Mu now didn't know where the wind-binding spirit who had become a lonely prodigal was.


    A strange cry sounded sadly above Chu Mu¡¯s head. Chu Mu immediately raised his head and soon saw several soul pets with brown wind surrounding their bodies.It made noisy screams and didn't put up much resistance, letting Chu Mu pull it onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

    "After the white devil is cut off, Ye, leave here first." Chu Mu gave the order.

    There were a lot of ferocious wind demons, and there was also a ninth-level ferocious wind demon master. It was unwise to fight them. After Chu Mu grabbed the wind-binding spirit, he headed straight towards the safe place regardless of whether the stubborn guy wanted it or not.  Place to escape.

    The wind-binding spirit lay on the body of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, its eyes fixed on the ninth-level ferocious wind demon master, with the strongest murderous intent in its eyes. Presumably, after the injury was healed, the wind-binding spirit would definitely recover.  They will come to kill the ninth level ferocious wind demon master!  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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