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Chapter 492 Abnormal young master

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    "There is no other way. You guard the west side. Qingqing, you can summon another battle pet to help it guard the west side. Don't summon soul pets casually. Keep everyone under dual control. If any special situation occurs, summon the third pet." Captain.  Guo Zhan said.

    "That's all, Chu Chen, be careful!" Shan Jing said.

    Chu Mu was used to being treated with this kind of attitude. He jumped down from Zhan Ye indifferently and asked Zhan Ye to squat next to the Demon Tree Warrior. The Demon Tree Warrior stood in the west, facing like a gray tide.  Countless desert scorpions came.

    Breathing in the fishy smell of scorpions, Chu Mu put on a smile. Counting carefully, not counting the ninth-level desert mad scorpions, there should be at least a hundred eighth-level desert mad scorpions in this wave.  , if you kill them all, you can collect a large amount of venom.

    Thinking of this, Chu Mu wanted to get more desert scorpions to come. Anyway, he only had to hold on to one side.


    ¡°Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!!!!¡±

    The sound of the scorpions was like the friction of fangs, which sounded very noisy. The four soul pet masters standing in the center of the soul pet protection all stared at this first wave of desert mad scorpions with solemn expressions.

    Guo Zhan¡¯s two battle pets are mainstream soul pets, a ninth-level terrifying wolf that Chu Mu saw a little while ago, and a barbed blood beast with hooks all over its body!

    It can be seen that Guo Zhan's ninth-level low-level dire wolf should be a peak commander, and its combat power level is stronger than those dire wolves Chu Mu encountered. According to Chu Mu's estimation, it should be able to compete with a ninth-level mid-level dire wolf.  Equivalent in strength.

    "The other barbed blood beast has reached the eighth level of high level, and its combat power level should have reached the quasi-monarch level. It is absolutely not a problem to kill the leader.


    The ninth-level peak terrifying wolf let out a roar of demonstration, its blood-red eyes staring at the desert scorpions at the front, its strong body sinking slightly, like a blue bowstring ready to go!

    "Kill!" Captain Guo Zhan gave the order.

    "Whoosh!!!!" The figure of the terrifying wolf flew away, splashing a large wave of sand.

    The sand wave was still in the air, and the ninth-level terrifying wolf had already appeared in front of the eight-level desert mad scorpions. The azure figure swiftly passed in front of the three desert mad scorpions!


    Behind the wolf, the gray armor of the three desert scorpions suddenly splashed with blood, and the place where the wolf's cold light passed was bright red!  !

    "Creak!!! Crack!!! Crack!!!"

    The bodies of the three desert mad scorpions have been divided into several parts!  !

    "What a strong attack power." Chu Mu quickly noticed Guo Zhan's situation, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

    It was very difficult for Mo Xie to kill three eight-stage mad scorpions in an instant. The combat power of Captain Guo Zhan¡¯s terrifying wolf must have been close to the level of a quasi-monarch. As long as he could cross this level, his strength would be greatly improved.  cut.

    "Don't be envious. The captain is a well-known strong man in the Soul Pet Palace. Focus on yourself. There are already ten eighth-level Crazy Scorpions rushing towards your west." Qingqing said.

    Chu Mu nodded, but his eyes did not move away, falling on Guo Zhan's barbed blood beast.

    The barbed blood beasts did not rush out impatiently. Many desert mad scorpions passed directly through the attack area of ??the terrifying wolves and rushed towards the position of the soul pets, while the barbed blood beasts just stood there.

    ¡°Ho ho ho ho!!!!!!!!¡±

    The barbed blood beast let out a manic roar, and its blood energy was released crazily. When the two desert mad scorpions pounced on its majestic body, it hit hard!  !


    The undercut collided with the metal-like edges of the Desert Crazy Scorpion. The Desert Crazy Scorpion's edges were like dirt and were easily knocked out and shattered. It was completely vulnerable!

    "Tear!!!!!!" As the body of the barbed blood beast was swept away, the thick armor of the two desert mad scorpions was violently torn open, and blood and flesh flew everywhere.

    "When the stages and levels are fluctuating, you still need to judge the opponent's strength through intuitive combat. The young master may still be unclear about the strength limits of the soul pet. When you rise to a certain level, you will understand the strength of the soul pet.  Planting things is actually very clear." Mr. Li said.

    Chu Mu nodded and no longer paid attention to the battle against Guo Zhan, focusing on his soul pet.?!

    "Switch guards, you come and guard the west side." Chu Mu saw everyone staring at him, and Chu Mu, who was used to such surprised looks, just said to Shan Jing calmly.

    "You are" Shan Jing was still in a daze.

    There are definitely perverted young people in the city of Tianxia, ??but if you count them carefully, there are not many who have achieved such an achievement at such a young age!

    It is difficult to meet such a person, so when Shan Jing found Chu Mu before, he completely estimated Chu Mu's strength based on a sixth-level title and age. How could he have expected that this young man had the kind of reputation that could sweep the world?  The young perverted master of the city!

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