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Chapter 475: Evil eyes and demonic eyes, using the power to clear the way

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    The strong wind was howling in his ears, and Chu Mu could already clearly feel the feeling of a cold blade slashing across his face.

    Because of the turbid airflow around him, he could gradually only see objects within a range of two hundred meters. Chu Mu's perception ability was also obviously hindered by the chaotic wind that was constantly whipping him. He could only detect a limited area.

    "The tenth-level wind spirit!"

    Suddenly, a ball of black chaotic gas appeared in front of Chu Mu. The gas was spiral-shaped, with a pair of eyes shining with strange light at the top!

    The wind elf is a slave-level soul pet, and this slave-level creature has existed in this ancient wasteland for who knows how many years, and it has grown and transformed into the most perfect ten-stage form!

    A slave-level soul pet that has reached the tenth level should not be underestimated, especially since this guy has controlled the third-level wind power crystal - Chaos Wind, so his aggressiveness must be very strong.

    "The combat effectiveness of these tenth-level slaves is not inferior to that of the eighth-level monarchs. Young Master, please be careful." Old Li said.

    Chu Mu naturally knew how powerful these ten wind elves were, so he also summoned the Demonic Tree Warriors.

    The sweeping power of wind-type soul pets is very terrifying. If you are not careful, the soul pets may be swept very high and far away. If there are demon tree warriors around, at least the soul pets can still stand on the ground


    The tenth-level wind elves also discovered Chu Mu, the uninvited guest. Their eyes suddenly flashed with light, and a flurry of elven spells came out like a whistling wind.

    When the power of the wind takes shape, the destructive power is absolutely astonishing. Chu Mu had learned this when he fought against Luopeng's Hurricane Season Elf in Dun City.

    Therefore, Chu Mu must not let this wind elf display its powerful wind skills.

    "Night, sleepy!"


    The Night Thunder Dream Beast was so fast that it approached the Wind Elf in just one second. The Dream Horn created a layer of Night Dream spiritual ripples in the dark night, directly entering the spiritual world of the tenth level Wind Elf!

    When the elf¡¯s spell was chanted in the second half, Mengjuan¡¯s skill successfully blocked the release of its skill!  !


    The tenth-level wind elf let out an angry cry. He seemed to realize that the elf in front of him had very strong mental abilities. Instead of reciting such a long spell, he directly rolled up a burst of eight-level wind dragons, covering the night.  The thunder dream beast was thrown away directly.

    The Night Thunder Dream Beast¡¯s dodge ability is very strong, but its wind skill is special because of its wide range. Once it is released, it will be difficult to dodge!

    "Demon Tree Warrior, catch Ye." Chu Mu hurriedly gave the order to the Demon Tree Warrior.

    The Demonic Tree Warrior's branch quickly flew out, and just when Night Thunder Dream Beast was about to be thrown to a height of fifty meters, the branch wrapped around Night Thunder Dream Beast's body very well, keeping it in the air.  Balance is restored.

    "Night dance!"

    As long as it can maintain its balance, the Night Thunder Dream Beast can fly freely in the darkness.

    Soon, the Night Thunder Dream Beast returned to the tenth-level wind elf, and its spiritual skills were continuously released, tightly restricting the wind skills of the tenth-level wind elf.

    "Demon tree warrior, wooden finger prisoner!"


    The Demonic Tree Warrior slapped his palms hard on the ground, and in an instant, a prison woven with ten tough wooden fingers enveloped the wind elf, and strangled the wind elf to the ground.

    As long as the skills of the wind elves can be controlled, it will be difficult for these ten levels of wind elves to pose a threat to Chu Mu. With the cooperation of the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Demonic Tree Warrior, Chu Mu also used tactics very skillfully in this battle. With the help of two  Only the soul pet of the seventh-level and ninth-level monarch defeated the tenth-level wind elf whose strength was comparable to that of the eighth-level primary monarch.


    Putting away the wind-attributed soul core, Chu Mu continued to walk forward.

    Soon, Chu Mu discovered that there were many wind elves living in this windy area!

    The strength of each tenth-level wind elf is comparable to that of an eighth-level first-level monarch-level soul pet, and Chu Mu must at least have two seventh-level and ninth-level monarch-level soul pets cooperate with each other to defeat a tenth-level wind elf.  If two of them appeared at the same time, Chu Mu would have to let the White Nightmare or Mo Xie fight to be able to deal with it

    The problem is that three tenth-level wind elves appeared in front of Chu Mu. These three wind elemental soul pets seemed to be guarding something, preventing any living thing from moving forward.

    "You can't fight hard, otherwise your combat effectiveness will be too much." Chu Mu looked at the four palms in front of him from a distance.On the wall, Moye's pair of silver demon eyes flashed with a soul-stirring light!

    The eyes of the controlled nine-stage wind elves also shone with this kind of light. They chanted the spell again and released three hurricanes directly towards the three ten-stage wind elves who were absorbing the wind power!


    Three hurricanes rolled through the wasteland whipped by the strong wind. The three ten-level wind elves were cultivating themselves in the messy airflow. They were suddenly attacked by the hurricane. Suddenly their clear eyes turned red, and they chanted a spell angrily.  They launched an attack on the nine-stage wind elf who dared to challenge their majesty.

    Ten levels of wind elves are enough to display eight-level wind skills!

    Three tenth-level wind elves used level eight wind skills at the same time. This covered a very wide area. At least the two soul pet masters behind the ninth-level wind elves would never be spared!

    "Eighth level wind skill! Master Lu, there is a powerful wind soul pet here!" The soul pet master with a birthmark on his face hurriedly informed Lu Shanli of the situation here with his soul thought.

    However, after the soul thought was sent out, three level eight wind skills came overwhelmingly!  !

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