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Chapter 417 Strange Eyes, Demon Lord, Chu Mu

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    Mo Xie¡¯s cry was still ringing in his ears. This sound of seeking protection made Chu Mu¡¯s heart burn!  !


    No matter how strong the demonic flames on Chu Mu's body were burning, they would not show the slightest hint of arrogance. The only thing that startled him was the sound of gusts of wind.

    White demonic flames began to burst out from various gaps in the ruins. From the white flames at first, they gradually transformed into huge fire beams, and finally ignited the entire ruins, which were like hills.

    "Hahaha, anyone who angers me, Duan Xinhe, will have the worst end, especially you. Hehe, with such a seductive look, you were born to be ravaged by me, Duan Xinhe. Don't worry.  , I will definitely not kill someone as good as you" Duan Xinhe laughed, his yellow eyes full of arrogance.

    Ye Qingzi retreated with a pale face. The Zhan Ting Wu Beast was flanked by Bai Mu and the blood-hungry insect monster. Its body had been severely traumatized and it had no ability to fight anymore

    Duan Xinhe was carrying the ruins on his back. The pale magic flame burned very quietly, and even the cold breath was restrained in the ruins, so Duan Xinhe hadn't noticed it until now.  There is already a horrifying demonic flame burning behind him!


    Feeling Chu Mu's aura, Mo Xie, who was bruised and bruised from fighting with the greedy insect monster, also let out an excited cry.

    "Call, call, the meat of the nine-tailed flame fox should taste very good." Duan Xinhe laughed ferociously, thinking that Mo Xie was making a pitiful cry for help.

    The ruins that buried Chu Mu were composed of broken rocks and residual wood from the collapse of two buildings. As the white demonic flames burst out, these ruins seemed to be subject to some strange buoyancy, and with the upwards of the demonic flames,  Flame slowly floated up.

    Pieces of broken stones, broken pillars, broken beams, countless tiny fragments of bricks and tiles, the entire ruins floated quietly

    All these objects are in the magic flame, but the magic flame does not burn them at all, it just holds them up like water.

    And through the gaps between these floating debris, you can see a demon whose whole body is cast in white lava, standing quietly on the ground!

    The feet seemed to be touching the ground, but they were suspended between the blooming magic flames. The cold, arrogant and emotionless eyes were locked on the grinning villain in front of him.


    After Chu Mu¡¯s figure appeared in the demonic flames, Mo Xie¡¯s cry became even more urgent and excited!

    Ye Qingzi also saw Chu Mu, with a look of surprise on her face.  But her surprise also contained a lot of surprise and astonishment.

    Because the current Chu Mu brings to Ye Qingzi a completely different temperament from the semi-demon Chu Mu before. This temperament has a strange and alienating feeling that is close at hand but thousands of miles away

    Ye Qingzi had this illusion because she knew Chu Mu in the past, even though he was cold and unsmiling, he was always enthusiastic and hot-tempered. Ye Qingzi could at least understand his mood and thoughts from his words and deeds.

    And now with Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi felt nothing but a majestic power that was on the verge of exploding from him!

    "You can still laugh. Could it be that you and I, Duan Xinhe, are the same thing? Ah, this would be meaningless. I still like to ravage dignified women. When I see the lustful look in their prayers, I will be even more  There is desire" Duan Xinhe said.

    Until now, Duan Xinhe and Duan Xinhe's soul pet have not discovered Chu Mu's existence, but at this time, Chu Mu's ghostly figure has floated in front of Duan Xinhe, and his pair of eyes filled with silver lava have  Staring at Duan Xinhe coldly

    "Kill his soul pet first. Don't hurt such a tender woman." Duan Xinhe gave an order to his soul pet.

    The ugly Baimu and the Blood-Greedy Insect Monster burst out in speed at the same time. They were one hundred meters away from the injured Zhan Tingwu Beast. For them, this hundred meters was only a second, in the blink of an eye.  In a short time, these two soul pets had appeared in front of the Zhan Ting Wu Beast

    "Chu Mu!" Ye Qingzi was startled and shouted towards Chu Mu.

    If Chu Mu doesn¡¯t take action, her Zhan Ting Wu Beast will be killed!

    Chu Mu raised his head, and his eyes locked on Bai Mu and the greedy insect monster

    Ye Qingzi recited a spell. The speed of Bai Mu and the blood-greedy insect monster was too fast. Even if Chu Mu used the dislocation magic??

    ¡°Hissing tear~~~~~~~hissing tearing~~~~~~~~~~¡±

    The death screams of the two soul pets were not as protracted as Chu Mu imagined, and they slowly fell to the ground, being burned from the inside of the body to the outside by the demonic flames.

    Facing the death of his two soul pets, Chu Mu, whose thinking became weird, was still so indifferent. He looked at his hands blankly, like a devil, a devil who had no idea that he was killing!

    The two soul pets died instantly, and their corpses were directly burned by white demonic flames under their noses. This nightmarish scene made Duan Xinhe freeze up!

    Duan Xinhe¡¯s lustful smile towards Ye Qingzi was still on his face just a second ago. At this moment, there are no words to describe his face, which was distorted by the sudden shock.

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