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Chapter 354 Killing streak, bloody demon tree warrior

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    The demon tree warrior howled angrily, and the roots and branches of the demonic tree sucked the lives of the three elemental soul pets at the same time. The vitality of the three elemental soul pets was rapidly depleting!

    The decline of life is the decline of combat power. The speed of the three elemental soul pets chanting spells is getting slower and slower, and the power of the skills they cast is getting weaker and weaker.

    The Demonic Tree Warrior¡¯s body was still sucking. As the attacks of the three elemental soul pets weakened, the Demonic Tree Warrior¡¯s body slowly recovered!

    ¡°How is this possible!!¡± Dark-skinned Brother Jiang stared, watching helplessly as the dying demon tree warrior gradually recovered from the wounds all over his body.

    The other two people were also a little dumbfounded. They had no idea that this demon tree warrior could actually suck the life of their soul pets from the elemental world.

    "Youdidn't you say that the soul pet in the elemental world has no blood to suck" The soul pet master without the vampire wood demon looked at Lao Zheng and said.

    Lao Zheng¡¯s expression now is also extremely weird.  The blood-sucking wood demon can only suck soul pets from the plant world and the demon beast world because only soul pets from these two worlds have blood vessels and life-sustaining blood.

    Soul pets in the elemental world are completely conceived from this elemental material. They have no internal organs, no blood vessels, and no body. In this case, it is impossible to suck the blood away.

    However, what they find difficult to explain is that this Demonic Tree Warrior can even suck their soul pets from the elemental world and turn it into its own life. It is recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

    On the tree crown, Chu Mu stood there and watched the Demonic Tree Warrior quickly turn the lives of the three elemental soul pets into his own life force. He swallowed the spell he recited alive, and looked at the Demonic Tree Warrior in surprise.  .

    "Ah, I remembered! Young Master, I remembered, I know what this skill is!!" Suddenly, Old Li's voice echoed in Chu Mu's mind.

    "What skill?" Chu Mu himself was also very surprised, because the blood sucking he knew could only suck soul pets from the world of monsters and plants, and when the Demonic Tree Warrior penetrated the branches into ordinary trees, it seemed that  Take away their lives.

    "Life sucking! This is one of the most powerful sucking skills. As long as it is a living body, even if it is not a soul pet, you can suck the life force out of its body and turn it into your own life force." Old Li said.

    "Life sucking?" Chu Mu also heard the name of this skill for the first time. When his eyes fell on the Demonic Tree Warrior, he was surprised to find that the Demonic Tree Warrior had recovered half of his combat power, and the three elemental world souls  Chong's vitality had already been exhausted, and the storm elf with the weakest vitality was sucked until even his body was gone!

    "Young Master, the speed of life sucking is much faster than blood sucking. It is generally determined by the life strength of the creature to be sucked. The vitality of your magic tree warrior is about twice that of ordinary soul pets, so when it sucks  It takes about one second to absorb 10% of twice the vitality. This 10% is equivalent to 20% of the vitality of an ordinary soul pet. And if the magic tree warrior's vitality is like your cockroach  The same goes for Mo, it has six times the vitality of an ordinary soul pet, so it can absorb nearly 60% of an ordinary soul pet in one second!" said Mr. Li.

    Old Li said such a big move, Chu Mu heard it a little vaguely, and still didn't quite understand the speed of this sucking life.

    Mr. Li rolled his eyes and said: "In short, the sucking speed is 1 second, which is the maximum life limit of the Demonic Tree Warrior. This means that the higher the Demonic Tree Warrior's vitality, the higher the sucking damage it will do!"

    "Your Demonic Tree Warrior is sucking the life of three elemental soul pets at the same time. This means that the Demonic Tree Warrior recovers 30% of its life every second, while the opponent's elemental world soul pet reduces the Demonic Tree Warrior's life by 1 plus or minus 1 per second.  In this case, how could they kill this old demon tree!" Old Li grinned.

    After Mr. Li's messy explanation, Chu Mu finally understood how powerful this life-sucking thing is, and as long as the vitality of the Demonic Tree Warrior is stronger, it means that the life-sucking speed is faster, even if it is always 1 second per second.  Yes, but the 10% of the vitality absorbed when the vitality is huge is probably half of the life of an ordinary soul pet!

    Finally, the Demonic Tree Warrior's combat power returned to two-thirds. At this time, the three elemental world soul pets had almost exhausted their lives. The Demonic Tree Warrior suddenly let out an angry cry and used the penetrating branch to directly attack the storm elves and dark elves.  He was thrown out hard.

    "The storm elves and dark elves have already exhausted their lives, and such a swing will directly kill them!"

    Soon the feedback of the broken soul contract was transmitted back to that place.Slashed across its abdomen, the soul pet had no time to even cry out. After the body was severed, all the flesh turned into black gas, and finally only the white bones were left falling to the ground.

    "Ho ho ho!!!!" Zhan, whose strength had been upgraded to the sixth level and third level, also let out a very shocking roar, and the Sky Splitting Claw ruthlessly tore the last wild beast into pieces.

    Although he was covered with wounds, he relied on six times his vitality and powerful self-healing ability in this battle to defeat three wild beasts without using a single severed limb to regenerate!

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