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Chapter 292 Entering the Demonic Insect Lair (Part 2)

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    "There are some eight-stage four-winged demon insects flying towards this location. Let's take action." Zhang Qian pointed to a spacious building in front of him.

    The building originally seemed to be a gathering place for high-level people. From the outline, it looked a bit luxurious. However, this should have been a magnificent gathering place, but now it is shrouded in a thick shadow, and the outer layer is covered with adhesive.  The thick black insect liquid exudes a stinking smell.

    "We have to go through this gathering place, which will save us a lot of distance." Zhang Qian added. After finishing speaking, his eyes immediately stared at the four-winged demon insect flying out of the building.

    The four-winged demon insects of the eighth stage are more ferocious, and it will be obviously much more difficult to deal with the soul pets of the guards. After some discussion, Ye Qingzi's ice and fire fairies will take care of it.

    The eighth-level warrior level and the seventh-level commander level should be equivalent in terms of levels. However, Ye Qingzi's ice and fire elf is stronger than Chu Mu's ice sky elf. With the help of other people's soul pets, it is necessary to deal with these eight levels.  Duan's unstrengthened soul pet is more than enough.

    Ice sword formation!

    The elf chanted a long spell, and huge ice swords gradually floated around the body of the ice and fire elf. The length of these ice swords is only about five meters. They are not as huge as the ice swords of the ice sky elf, but their offensive power is still high.  It is obviously much stronger than the Ice Sky Elf!

    One after another, the Xuanjing Ice Sword slowly emerged and shot towards the flying eight-stage four-winged demon insect with incomparable accuracy. The cold air suddenly filled the area.

    "This ice sword can't kill that guy." Zhang Qian glanced at Ye Qingzi's ice and fire fairy and said.

    The defense of the eight-stage four-winged demonic insect is relatively strong, and it is impossible for a few black crystal ice swords to cause real damage to the four-winged demonic insect.

    "Superposition!" Ye Qingzi didn't care, still focused on controlling his ice and fire fairy!

    The spell was chanted almost instantly, and the Ice and Fire Fairy immediately displayed its superimposed skills.  The Ice Fire Fairy's Ice Sword Formation already has thirty swords, but if you add them on, it suddenly reaches sixty swords!

    These sixty ice swords were suspended in the air, filled with cold air and majestic momentum. Zhang Qian next to him originally wanted Ye Qingzi's ice and fire fairy to release stronger skills, but after seeing this posture, he decisively shut up. Be careful.  He glanced at this fiercely attacking beauty.

    Sixty black crystal ice swords, what a momentum this is, after the first few ice swords flew out, all the ice swords behind immediately flew out, and under the micro control of the ice and fire fairy, they accurately pierced those that were constantly changing in the air.  The four-winged demon insect in the position!

    ¡°Boom boom boom boom!!!!!¡±

    The ice sword passed by, and the cold air swept across. No matter how powerful the flying ability of the four eight-stage four-winged demon insects was, they still could not dodge this micro-controllable ice sword ability!

    When the ice sword struck the Heavenly Demon Insect, it continued to turn into crushed ice slag, which scattered chaotically on the ground from the sky. One of the four-winged Heavenly Demon Insect even withstood the bombardment of ten ice swords in a row and was severely bombarded.  Entering a dark window of the gathering

    "The control ability is good." Meng Huazhong showed some approval when he saw that Ye Qingzi's ice and fire elf had almost eliminated these four eight-stage four-winged demon insects with just one skill.

    ¡°There may be a lot of demonic insects in this house, so please be careful,¡± Zhang Qian said.

    After finishing speaking, Zhang Qian glanced at Feng Qi and said, "You take the lead and open the door."

    Feng Qi nodded and immediately summoned his own sixth-level and seventh-level violent blood beast!

    The violent blood abyss beast: Monster world-beast system-abyss beast tribe-violent blood abyss beast-commander level

    The Bloody Abyssal Beast has a body full of power, like a bear and an ape, and is an absolutely powerful soul pet among the beasts!

    "Roar!!!!" The Bloody Abyss Beast roared, and its steel-like arms slapped the ground hard, tearing the ground apart!

    A long crack in the ground quickly spread to the door of the gathering house along the location where the violent blood abyss beast smashed it. The door that was coated with countless black insect fluids was immediately shattered!


    When the door shattered, a disgusting black insect aura swept out and hit everyone, causing a scream.

    "It's insect poison, everyone, please be careful." Ye Qingzi frowned slightly and used her soul thoughts to condense into a voice to remind the guards who had soul pets leading the way.

    Plant soul pets have strong immunity to poison. Some special wood soul pets can even absorb poison gas into their bodies and turn it into their own vitality.

    The guards were obviously well-trained. After realizing that the insect poison was coming, they immediately"Uuuuuuu~~~~~~" Mo Xie made a little nasal sound with a cute look, indicating that he had forgotten that Chu Mu wanted to collect the blood of the demon insects.

    The blood of the eight-stage four-winged demon insect is equivalent to 5 parts of blood. Mo Xie habitually burned the corpse, but a lot of blood materials were lost.

    "The crypt can only be dug up to this point. We still have to walk from the ground. Some demon insects have very strong perception. If they detect it, it will be difficult for us to use our abilities underground." Feng Qi said.

    "Yes." Everyone nodded, everyone still understood this common sense.

    "The hall above should be the gathering hall. There may be many eggs in this hall, and there are also many female demon insects guarding it. After entering, if everyone has a fire-type soul pet, they can summon it. We use fire to break out and enter this gathering place.  In the center of the gathering place behind the nest, the nest owner probably occupies the most spacious hall in the center of the gathering place." Zhang Qian said.

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