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Chapter 202 The Decision of the World

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    ¡°Damn it, kill this bastard!¡± Jia Luoming¡¯s angry roar immediately sounded outside the hall.

    Immediately afterwards, one could clearly feel the summoning light flashing in the hall, and the chaotic roars of several soul pets came from the hall.

    Chu Mu didn¡¯t pay any attention to what was behind him. He stepped forward calmly, met Princess Jinrou¡¯s gaze, and walked slowly towards her carriage.

    Seeing Chu Mu approaching, the eight guards immediately locked their cold gazes on Chu Mu. As long as Chu Mu dared to take a few steps forward, they would not ask for any reason at all and launch an attack directly!

    "Step back." Princess Jinrou naturally recognized Chu Mu, and the corners of her mouth slightly raised, forming a shallow smile.

    Princess Jinrou can laugh naturally because of Chu Mu¡¯s unruly character.

    If it were someone else, after entering Jiacheng, he would definitely report to himself at the city lord's mansion as soon as possible, fearing that he would be blamed for being a little late.

    ¡°But Chu Mu, when he arrived in Jiacheng, he didn¡¯t go to the city lord¡¯s mansion immediately. Instead, he went to the Jiacheng auction house to compete in the auction leisurely.  What's interesting is that he happened to meet him again and bought Jia Qing's level six full-state offensive soul equipment at a low price for 2 million gold coins, which was a big advantage for Jia Qing.

    Princess Jinrou chuckled, but Jia Qing's face darkened, and her faintly angry eyes stared at Jia Luoming and the two retainers who looked a little embarrassed

    "Alarming the princess, hum, damn it!" Jia Qing didn't notice Princess Jinrou's words of "step back" and had already recited the soul covenant spell, intending to summon the soul pet

    "City Lord Jia Qing, please be patient. This is the princess's personal guard, Young Master Chu Mu and Chu Xiang. He came from here" The princess's maid, Jin Kui, immediately persuaded Deputy City Lord Jia Qing.

    Jia Qing's spell was about to be completed, but after hearing the words of the princess's maid, Mallow, she stopped abruptly and stared at the young man in black with a bit of surprise.

    "This person is the princess's personal guard, Chu Mu?" Jia Qing asked.

    "Yes." Princess Jinrou just responded softly, lowered the curtain, and sat back in the carriage nobly without saying anything more.

    "Chu Mu, the King of Prison Island, is that Chu Mu who defeated Yang Luosen, the Nightmare Master of the Luo Domain not long ago?" The voice of the maid Jin Kui was not loud, but the people around her heard it, and all their eyes fell on it.  On Chu Mu¡¯s body.

    It has been almost a month since the battle of Gangluo City, and the neighboring Jiayu area was naturally affected by this battle. Most people knew Chu Mu, the king of Prison Island, so when they heard this name  , many people showed surprise, wanting to see what was so special about this young man who had become famous recently by a top master.

    "Chu Muis this kid really Chu Mu?" Jia Luo chased out of the hall with a very stiff expression, accompanied by two disgraced retainers. Just now he shouted that he wanted to kill Chu Mu, but now he didn't dare to get even close.  .

    I have to say that Chu Mu's reputation has been very loud in these areas recently. Although Jia Luoming is considered a first-class master, he is still far away from these famous top masters. In addition, rumors often mention that  Chu Mu, the king of Prison Island, was an out-and-out murderer, and Jia Luoming did not dare to attack such a person casually.

    "Guard Chu, why are you not polite when you see the princess?" The maid Jin Kui glanced at Chu Mu and was secretly angry. This Chu Mu really didn't understand the rules. He didn't report to the princess when he arrived in Jiacheng, and he didn't tell the princess when he saw her.  Salute consciously

    Chu Mu no longer needs to kneel half-kneeling to salute. It is enough to casually lower his head, put his hand on his chest and say "Meet the princess".

    "Go back home." Princess Jinrou said.

    Chu Mu directly summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast, jumped on it, and followed the princess' golden painted carriage, completely ignoring Jia Luoming who was causing trouble for him.

    Jia Qing, Jia Luoming and other retainers were also stunned for a long time, and then they followed the princess's guard of honor, confused, but still frightened

    On the way back to the city lord's palace, Jia Qing and Jia Luoming figured out this oolong incident. Of course, Jia Qing must secretly hate it. This full-state offensive soul outfit was obviously what the princess wanted, but the result was  It was an advantage for Chu Mu, but it was impossible for Chu Mu to spit it out.


    The appearance of Chu Mu, the king of Prison Island, in Jiacheng caused quite a stir, especially since Chu Mu was actually the close guard of Princess Jinrou of the Nightmare Palace.

    Princess Jinrou has a noble status. Although many people only see her with a veil, everyone can be sure that Princess Jinrou is a stunning beauty, which has attracted many young people.Princess Rou asked.

    "Looking for someone." Chu Mu replied.

    "If you are confident that you can defeat the masters of the great Chu family in the Wogu Region, it might not be a bad idea to stay in the Wogu Region." Princess Jinrou said.

    Chu Mu nodded.  The Chu family in Gangluo City is a small branch of the great Chu family in the Wogu region. When Chu Mu was in the family, he often heard people from the Chu family talking about how powerful the great Chu family was.  Of course, what Chu Mu cared about the most was his father's oath that he would never step foot further into the Wogu Territory since he came from a great Chu family.

    To understand the reason, you can only understand it by going to the Dachu Family.

    (The second chapter is delivered todaythere are still two chaptersand I have been pushed to the tenth place againand can easily be surpassed by the eleventh place. Be sure to keep up with your monthly tickets!! Don't be blown away at the last moment.  ~~~~That¡¯s really such a tragedy!) (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.  )(Remember the website address:
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