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Chapter 196 Promotion, Eight Thought Soul Master

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    Dawn breaks, breaking away from the darkest hour.

    The first ray of morning light shines, and what shines is not the crystal dew of the potted plants in the Yang family¡¯s courtyard in the past, but patches of eye-catching blood red

    This ray of dawn was also the moment that witnessed decades of changes in the entire Gangluo City. The Yang family, the most powerful force in the entire Gangluo City, was littered with corpses and rivers of blood overnight. Only less than a hundred old, weak, women and children were left.  Trembling in the pool of blood, running away, running away, the former city lord's mansion suddenly turned into a bloody place.

    But the Chu family, one of the four major families in Gangluo City, also disappeared overnight. No one noticed when this family left. It was as if they suddenly evaporated, leaving behind only the mess in the east of the city.  Horse hoof prints gradually walked towards the east

    There are two roads to the east of Gangluo City. One leads to Jiayu in the northeast, and the other passes through Gray Rock City. It is also the road where Chu Mu "robbed" the Yang family's property.

    On the road leading to Jiayu, Chu Mu was pacing while driving the Night Thunder Dream Beast, constantly making all kinds of messy horse hoof prints

    "Is it almost done?" Chu Mu turned around and looked at the traces on the road, then raised his head to look at the dense dark clouds.

    Chu Mu originally just wanted to see when it would rain, but unexpectedly found a fiery red creature flying from Gangluo City.

    The fiery red creature slowly approached Chu Mu and landed in front of Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu recognized this creature, it was naturally Qin Meng'er's flaming bird, and the person who controlled this flaming bird was none other than the graceful and charming Qin Meng'er.

    Chu Mu looked at Qin Meng'er, grinned, and asked, "What's wrong?"

    "Are you leaving here?" Qin Meng'er's eyes flickered. Qin Meng'er had learned from Chu Mu before that he would leave after solving the Yang family's matter.  So after the bloody storm ended, Qin Meng'er immediately went to the Chu family, only to find that the Chu family had left the building empty, so she followed the horse's hoof prints to the east.

    "Well, there is still a lot to do." Chu Mu said.

    Chu Mu had already received some information about his father from Chu Tianheng and Chu Ming. However, Chu Mu could not look for his father for the time being because the Nightmare Palace had sent someone to send him a message to go to Jiayu to meet Jinrou.  Meet Princess Jinrou who is traveling.

    In order to buy enough time for the Chu family to migrate, Chu Mu cannot openly violate the wishes of the Nightmare Palace yet, so Chu Mu must also go to Jiayu to find Princess Jinrou of the Nightmare Palace.

    "Thenthen wehow can I find you" As she spoke, Qin Meng'er's eyes were watery. As long as she didn't control her emotions for a moment, tears would fall down.

    "It's not necessary. You should practice well in Luoyu Gate. Gangluo City will also be your Qin family's city" Chu Mu looked at the pitiful Qin Meng'er.  In fact, Chu Mu's feelings for Qin Meng'er are largely out of love for his sister, and are not mixed with too many other emotions. As for the engagement, it seems that it has been abolished long ago, but Qin Meng'er still cares about it.  with

    In Chu Mu's opinion, after the family migrates, there will probably be no interaction with Qin Meng'er, unless she is now willing to follow her family to migrate to the Southern Territory.  Qin Meng'er already has a certain status in Luoyu Sect, and it is a good time to improve her strength. Presumably even if Qin Meng'er is willing to leave with the Chu family, her family will not agree.

    "Why is it not necessary" Qin Meng'er felt that Chu Mu didn't seem to care about her, and her tears immediately fell down, looking extremely aggrieved.

    "I won't stay here. If there is a chance in the future let's talk about it later." Chu Mu stretched out his hand to help this pitiful girl wipe away her tears.

    Qin Meng'er looked at Chu Mu with tearful eyes and murmured: "I have something to tell you"

    "Let's talk about it next time. It doesn't make much sense to say it now." Chu Mu shook his head and glanced at the surrounding woods with flickering black shadows.

    Chu Mu had already dismissed the Nightmare Palace killers before. Those Nightmare Palace killers were all Xia Guanghan¡¯s people, and Chu Mu didn¡¯t want them to notice the Chu family¡¯s migration.  And if Qin Meng'er continues to be entangled with him, once he gets rid of Xia Guanghan, Qin Meng'er will probably become Xia Guanghan's target

    Qin Meng'er looked at Chu Mu in confusion. Four years later, Chu Mu suddenly felt unfamiliar to her like never before. This strangeness made it difficult for her to stop crying.

    "That's what I wanted to tell you last time" Qin Meng'er seemed to muster up the courage, but then thought that these words were too hard to say, so she didn't dare to look into Chu Mu's eyes and lowered her head

    &nbThe combat power of the ?? level White Nightmare was still higher than that of Mo Xie who had not mutated, and the White Nightmare had probably reached the seventh stage at that time.

    If the seventh-level terrifying monarch is summoned, Chu Mu¡¯s strength may not be limited to the younger generation. Many soul pet masters will no longer be Chu Mu¡¯s opponents.

    In addition, there is a hidden dragon egg hidden in Chu Mu¡¯s space ring. If Chu Mu¡¯s estimation is correct, it should be at the monarch level. If it reaches the soul master level, Chu Mu can properly cultivate this powerful heavenly creature.  Descendants of Cangqing Hidden Dragon.

    Reaching the Eight Thoughts, Chu Mu¡¯s perception ability will become stronger as the Soul Thoughts increase. At that moment, Chu Mu also releases his Soul Thoughts to Chu Mu to see how wide the area around him can be perceived

    Chu Mu was trying out his stronger soul thought, but suddenly he caught a slight energy fluctuation. This fluctuation came from the house and seemed to be secretly approaching his room!  !

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