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Chapter 185 A showdown between gorgeousness and fierceness

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    Yang Luosen, the Nightmare Master of the Luo Domain, also belongs to the kind of person who won't say a word of nonsense once he is in a fighting state. Chu Mu can feel the murderous light blooming in this guy's eyes. This kind of look is definitely not what those pampered trash can do.  Only the strong ones who have truly experienced all kinds of life and death battles can be shown!

    The way Nightmare Palace trains its members is very cruel. Those who can truly step into the ranks of top masters must be trained many times, drink blood, eat meat, and grow up in the midst of killing!  Young Master Luoyu is so famous that he is definitely not an ordinary person!


    The terrifying ice flying all over the sky, like white ice blades, shattered all the remaining towering pillars on the square battlefield. The ice control of the two ice soul pets was extremely tyrannical!

    People with little combat experience can only see two ice-type soul pets releasing dazzling ice-type skills that often reach level seven.

    But those who have a deeper understanding of combat are already frightened, because there are multiple murderous intentions hidden in this ice skill!  Ordinary people and soul pets have already been reduced to pieces by this attack!  !

    The superposition of ice skills waxes and wanes, making it impossible to grasp the power of the skills!

    The giant frozen sword flying messily in the sky, under the slight control of two ice soul pets, turned into shattered ice crystals in front of Chu Mu and Yang Luosen!

    From time to time, the weird and creepy piercing ice spikes and the sharp swords hidden in the flying ice and snow always appear suddenly in the eyes of people looking at the battlefield, and are cleverly resolved by the opponent when everyone is worried!  !

    The ice crystals turned into fragments, and soon the ice and snow condensed again. Such repeated changes constantly confused everyone's eyes, but what everyone felt was by no means the empty magnificence and chaos, but bursts of fear.  The fierce murderous intention is chilling!  !

    This is the purest ice duel between two soul pets, with murderous intent like the icy wind and snow flying freely.  This is the true strength of the two top young masters. It surpasses all the peers present in the ability to control soul pets, and even makes many elders feel inferior!

    "Xuan Jing!"

    A ray of ice light rose up from the hand of Luo Yu's Nightmare Master, which shattered the ice sword controlled by Chu Mu's Ice Sky Elf. However, he directly commanded his soul pet verbally!

    Xuan Jing!  Colder, more terrifying ice!

    Xuan Jing is like the evil fire on Mo Xie¡¯s body, which can directly increase the power of the soul pet¡¯s ice skills!

    Although the effect of Xuan Jing does not directly double the fire damage without the evil fire, it has become the key to locking the outcome of the battle when the power of this skill, control skills, and micro control do not determine the outcome.  !  !

    The white ice crystals surrounding the Xuanjing Ice Elf slowly faded away, bringing with it a faint coldness, showing a bit of indigo cold light.

    The Xuanjing slowly circled around the body of the Xuanjing Ice Elf, and suddenly a more awe-inspiring cold air swept towards Chu Mu and the Ice Sky Elf, and the battlefield ground in the center of the square froze instantly!  !

    Yang Luosen recited the spell again, and when the Xuanjing Ice Elf had already released the more powerful Xuanjing, he added ice possession to the Xuanjing Ice Elf!

    After Yang Luosen¡¯s ice possession is used, the density of the black crystals around the Xuanjing Ice Elf is higher. Under this effect, the power of the ice skills released by the Xuanjing Ice Elf will definitely more than double!  !

    "Xuanjing Falling Peak!!!"

    The Xuanjing Ice Elf immediately chanted a spell!

    A group of hollow Xuanjing vortex suddenly formed above the battlefield in the square. As the Xuanjing Ice Spirit let out a long groan, a strange force suddenly pressed down, turning the ice crystal fragments on the ground into powder!  !


    A belated sound suddenly exploded in the center of the battlefield!

    The next moment, people were horrified to find that an icicle hanging upside down like a mountain suddenly stuck in the center of the entire battlefield, towering in everyone's field of vision, and the top could not be seen at a glance!  !  !  !


    There was another loud noise, and the icicles, like falling mountains, exploded horribly, turning into millions of sharp fragments, flying everywhere!  !

    ¡°Ding ding!!! Ding ding ding!!!!!!!!!¡±

    The battlefield with a length of 300 meters and a width of 150 meters was surrounded by a dense protective net. However, the terrifying Xuan Jing with ice-based skills unexpectedly hit the protective net crazily, piercing through hundreds of times.  Holes, all holes!

    At this moment, everyone took a breath and could clearly see that the crowd forming a large circle retreated when this skill was released, and a large circle of light appeared around the entire square near the protective net.The elf was dragged from mid-air to the ground!


    Completely bound by four demon wood chains, the Xuanjing Ice Elf was smashed deep into the ground, and was even dragged away from the ground. Layers of tumbling waves of earth exploded!  !

    Yang Luosen was slightly distracted, not expecting Chu Mu¡¯s Demonic Tree Warrior to have reached the stage of releasing three skills at the same time!

    "How could the King of Prison Island survive on that extremely dangerous Prison Island if he didn't have extraordinary strength!"

    When entering the terrifying jungle deep in the prison island, the demon tree warrior who continuously fought against the soul pets of the plant world had already mastered the dual release, and the attributes of the heart of the demon tree and the sixth-level soul crystal were strengthened, plus the demon tree  The tree warrior has transformed to the sixth stage, and can even reach the level where three skills can be released at the same time!  !

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