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Chapter 170 Cleaning up the Chu family

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    "Go to the side and talk." Chu Mu said to Qin Meng'er.

    Qin Meng'er nodded, summoned Yanniao back and ignored the unreasonable Chu Ying, and followed Chu Mu.

    "Chu Mu, where are you going to run if you don't train!!" Chu Ying's cheeks turned red with anger.  In the past, when the eldest lady caused trouble for Chu Mu, Chu Mu had an indifferent attitude. But now, Chu Mu completely treats Chu Ying, his cousin, as nothing!

    "Sister Meng'er has been running to us recently, and she still follows this guy like before" Chu He glanced at Chu Mu and Qin Meng'er who were walking aside, and said slowly.

    Chu Xing nodded and said: "It's good that they have a small relationship. At first, the two families planned to"

    When Chu Xing said this, he suddenly stopped and realized that there was no need to mention these things now, so he just raised his eyebrows.

    "Huh, isn't it just a marriage? What's the big deal? If I had known that my fianc¨¦ had lost his soul and had been missing for four years, I would have severed all ties with him long ago!" Chu Ying said.

    "Little sister, you can't be so powerful. I can tell that sister Meng'er has always cared about Chu Mu. After the news about Chu Mu losing his soul spread, she was still very good to Chu Mu. If Chu Mu can really marry  Such a good wife" Chu Xing said with a hint of envy.

    Qin Meng'er is naturally beautiful and always gives people a sense of elegance and refinement. Many people like her very much, including Chu Xing himself, but Chu Xing knows that Qin Meng'er has always liked to be by Chu Mu's side, so she should be  Chu Xing, who prefers Chu Mu, doesn't have too many thoughts.

    "What's so good about her? Huh, brother knows how to praise others!" Chu Ying walked away angrily, put away his red bird, and didn't want to train anymore.


    Chu Mu and Qin Meng'er did not go far and went to the side to talk. Chu Mu's hearing was very good and he could hear several people's conversations.

    In fact, Chu Mu also knew that if there were not so many accidents, Qin Meng'er would marry him at the age of twenty.  But later Qin Meng'er was selected by the Luoyu Sect, and Chu Mu himself was reduced to the Blue Nightmare Island. In four years, both of them had undergone some changes, and there were many gaps. Chu Mu himself would not change the past.  The marriage contract entered into by that family is taken seriously, not to mention that the marriage contract should have been terminated long ago.

    "Is there any news?" Chu Mu glanced at Qin Meng'er and asked.

    "Yes, I should be very sure. I really didn't expect that the Chu family's regression over the years would be because of them" Qin Meng'er said in a low voice.

    "I felt something was wrong before, and it turned out to be them." Chu Mu gave an indifferent smile.

    The decline of a family is often not due to being breached by others, but due to the encroachment of internal moths. Chu Mu still understands this simple truth, and the route of the Chu family's caravan was known to the Yang family, and the territory was attempted when it was at its weakest.  Destroyed, Chu Yi was traumatized when the recommendation came, these all seemed to happen inadvertently, but if the word "ghost" is associated with it, these do not seem strange.

    Before, Chu Mu got some information from He Lang about the situation of the Chu family in recent years. Many things that should not have happened happened inexplicably. It even felt that the Yang family and the Zhou family knew everything about the Chu family

    Chu Mu has never shown his full strength in the family. It is precisely because Chu Mu guessed this possibility. If the Yang family and Zhou family knew his strength early, they would definitely take corresponding measures and play tricks.  All kinds of conspiracies and intrigues.

    What the Nightmare Palace can understand is limited, so Chu Mu also specifically asked Qin Meng'er to use the Qin family's information resources to understand the matter in depth.

    The Qin family has been standing in Gangluo City for decades, and has deep connections with the Chu family in various trade transactions and human resources. If you investigate carefully, you will definitely be able to find out some strange and strange trends among the four major families in Gangluo City.  , Sure enough, Qin Meng'er brought back to Chu Mu the news that made him very sure that there was a mole, and who the mole was.

    "What are you going to do?" Qin Meng'er asked in a low voice.  If there is a mole in the family, it is one thing that is difficult to detect, but it is even more difficult to clean it up. If the mole still has a lot of power, it will also involve the interests of the entire family. In many cases, it can be 70-80% certain.  But you can only pretend.

    "There are some things that should be resolved," Chu Mu said calmly.

    "You have to get rid of them they belong to you anyway" Qin Meng'er looked at Chu Mu and suddenly felt that Chu Mu had really changed a lot. If it was the previous Chu Mu, it would be absolutely impossible for him to do this.  Things happen.


    "The big problems of the Chu family have basically been solved. There are still some stains left, which will be removed bit by bit. However, such a drastic solution to the problem will also bring huge problems. If this recommendation does not create the momentum of our Chu family,  , our family will have another major crisis on the verge of collapse!"

    "So, the fate of the entire family lies in the hands of the five of you. We must not let the family down!!"

    The voice of Chu Tianheng, who lives in the new home, echoed deeply in the ears of the five young disciples of the Chu family who participated in the recommendation!

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