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Chapter 85 Racial Mutation, Arrogant Moye

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    The strong wind is blowing, constantly whipping everything around!

    Suddenly, a faint demonic flame suddenly rose in the terrifying whirlpool of demonic energy. Moye's two tails that were split into two suddenly split again, and suddenly turned into three tails filled with one.  There was a long tail of enchanting aura, and at the same time, the demonic fire dispersed into a triangular position, burning and suspended around Mo Xie's body!

    "This this is" Yang Zhide looked at this scene with some dullness. An extremely weak moonlight fox was able to release powerful demonic energy. This kind of demonic energy was comparable to many warrior-level monsters, and even more powerful.  powerful!

    Mo Xie's tails continued to increase, and with each additional tail, Mo Xie's monster aura increased a bit. When Mo Xie reached five tails, Yang Zhide's fourth-level bloodthirsty beast also showed a look of panic!  !

    Five faint demonic fires burned quietly, and the gloomy demonic light slowly bloomed, making Mo Xie, who was covered in silver hair, even more evil!  !

    Yang Zhide¡¯s bloodthirsty beast is already in a bloodthirsty state. In this case, general mental skills and some momentum will have a weaker effect on it.

    However, when Mo Xie's tails increased to six, the bloodthirsty beast did not dare to take another step closer to Mo Xie. The powerful demonic energy made the strong bloodthirsty beast start to slowly retreat!

    Seeing the changes in Mo Xie at this moment, Chu Mu was even more shocked.

    Chu Mu's training for Mo Xie was to hope that Mo Xie would mutate towards the nine-tails, but Chu Mu knew that it was almost impossible for Mo Xie to mutate into the nine-tailed demon fox at once, because under the nine-tails, there were three-tailed demon foxes and six-tailed demon foxes.  The tailed demon fox's continuous racial mutation also requires a process of gradual improvement.

    However, at this time, Mo Xie's tail has reached the six-tailed level, which means that Mo Xie completely skipped the three-tailed demon fox and directly entered the stronger six-tailed demon fox!

    The six arrogant long tails full of wild aura make Mo Xie, who is gradually getting bigger, look more cold, arrogant and noble, and at the same time add to the evil spirit of the demon spirit and the awe-inspiring aura of the strong man!


    With a high-pitched chant, the six demonic fires began to rotate and slowly descended. The weird and terrifying flames quickly rotated under Mo Xie's limbs, and turned into hoof flames, burning at the position of Mo Xie's limbs!

    Moye¡¯s body is growing. It is still slender and has special curves, but it looks more wild and powerful. The limbs, trunk, waist, and head are all undergoing complete transformation at this moment!  !

    "Thisis this transformation!" Yang Zhide was completely stunned!  Racial mutation is a very rare phenomenon. Yang Zhide has only heard of it, but has never seen it with his own eyes, especially one that instantly mutates from an extremely weak moonlight fox into an extremely powerful combination of demon spirit and beast elements.  The powerful six-tailed demon fox!

    Mo Xie¡¯s body has undergone racial changes, and at the same time it is also transforming into a three-stage six-tailed demon fox!

    When Mo Xieyi turned into a six-tailed demon fox, he was only at the second level and ninth level. That kind of aura already made the bloodthirsty beast retreat. After reaching the third level, this kind of evil aura became even more terrifying. Even Yang Zhide, who was standing far away, could feel it.  The horror of this awe-inspiring demonic aura actually made it extremely difficult for him to move his body!

    Moye's body is twice as big as before, but its gorgeous yet wild six-tails are twice as long as its body. Sometimes it stands like a steel cable, sometimes it flutters like a spiral ribbon!  !


    Mo Xie¡¯s eyes were completely focused on the bloodthirsty beast, but two strange flames could be seen burning in his silver eyes.

    The fierce light was revealed. At this moment, Mo Xie only saw the enemy and endless fighting rage!  !


    The four-hoof demonic flames suddenly burned up, but in the next moment, only four flames burning quietly on the ground were left in place, and Mo Xie, with a silver-white body, had already rushed to the bloodthirsty beast!  !

    While running, Mo Xie did not use a secret attack at all, but his speed was twice as fast as the previous secret attack. Even Chu Mu could not see clearly at this speed, let alone the clumsy bloodthirsty beast and  Dull Yang Zhide.

    ??Evil Flame Claw!  !

    There was no sharp blade, no bright red blood. This time, Mo Xie's claws were suddenly covered with a layer of extremely evil demon flames. This demon flame was burning on Mo Xie's extremely sharp claws without any warmth.  , but it made Mo Xie's claws even sharper!

    The skin of the bloodthirsty beast has reached the initial level three defense, but this still cannot stop the tearing and burning of the evil flame claws!


    The bright red skin was torn open instantly, without any hindrance, and penetrated deep into the bones!

    At the same time, the demon flames were running wildly in the torn body of the blood beast, and actually swallowed a large piece of meat and internal organs of the blood beast alive!  !

    Mo Xie¡¯s evil flame claws began to tear apart from the blood beast¡¯s shoulders, and the evil flames began to burn from the blood beast¡¯s shoulders to its torso. The burning speed was very fast, as if it was swallowed up instantly!  !

    Moye's limbs swayed lightly, and Moye flew through the air as if he had the ability to step into the air for a short time. The flame hoof was a little in the air, and he jumped up again. There was no need to look back at the bloody beast whose internal organs were mostly burned by the demonic fire.  , Leng Ao passed through, his eyes as sharp as a sword piercing Yang Zhide's heart.

    Seeing such a horrifying scene, Yang Zhide felt death approaching. Faced with such a fierce demon fire six-tailed fox, he could only use the wind entanglement in a panic, hoping to blow away Mo Xie in the same way.

    However, how could Mo Xie, who had undergone changes and transformations, care about this little wind entanglement technique? The six gorgeous long tails turned into six living spiritual creatures while running, and they intertwined and swayed strangely!

    With the strange fluttering of the six tails, Mo Xie's silver hair suddenly burned with demon fire. The demon fire had no temperature, but when it swallowed Yang Zhide's wind entanglement, it completely trapped Yang Zhide!

    Facing a person who had been severely wounded by the soul twice in a row, Mo Xie didn't need the Evil Flame Claw at all. The claw quickly passed through Yang Zhide's arm, and Yang Zhide's arm immediately separated from his body!  !  !


    The shrill screams immediately echoed in the jungle. This scream was heartbreaking and extremely painful!  !

    Mo Xie could definitely give Yang Zhide a fatal blow, but Chu Mu still had doubts in his heart, how could he let Yang Zhide die so happily.

    "woo woo woo woo!!!!!!!"

    Yang Zhide covered his exposed arm and lay on the ground in pain. Mo Xie stepped on this guy coldly and arrogantly, with his six tails spread out like a peacock. Suddenly, a powerful demonic aura shocked Yang Zhide!  (Remember the website address:
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