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Chapter 64 Demonic flames burn Cao Yi

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    "White Nightmare!! It's the White Nightmare!!!!"

    "It is the White Nightmare that only the core members of the Nightmare Palace possess!"

    "How can a servant feed the White Nightmare!!"

    For these deacons, the Green Nightmare is already a terrifying soul pet, and above the Green Nightmare, there is the even more terrifying Blue Nightmare.

    In the entire Blue Nightmare Island, only the most authoritative island owner owns the Blue Nightmare. The feeding process of the Blue Nightmare is also based on the lives of countless soul pet masters. Very few people can completely feed a Blue Nightmare.  .

    In the eyes of these Blue Nightmare deacons, the Blue Nightmare is already an unattainable existence, and above the Blue Nightmare, there is the even more terrifying White Nightmare!

    The horror of the White Nightmare is beyond what the deacons can imagine!  In the Nightmare Palace, any member with a White Nightmare is undoubtedly in charge of the power of life and death in the entire Nightmare Palace, which is simply not comparable to the island owners and deacons of these desolate islands!


    The sound of the demonic cry echoed in a heart-shaking way. It was obvious that the White Nightmare in Chu Mu had only just entered the second stage!

    However, the aura released by a second-level soul pet was so horrifying. Even a fourth-level wolf seemed to shrink under the devil's aura. The original ferocious and ferocious appearance was gone, and they did not dare to  Get even half a point closer to Chu Mu!

    The arena was extremely empty, and everyone was staring at Chu Mu, who was burning with frightening demonic flames in the gravel battlefield.

    Chu Mu hugged Mo Xie. At this moment, he felt like a white flame of resentment was burning in his heart. Cao Yi, whose eyes were locked, wanted to burn this despicable guy to ashes with his anger!  !

    "Three-Nian Soul Master, hum so what, your soul power has been exhausted. Next time you will only have to feed your White Nightmare with your own soul." Cao Yi, who looked slightly pale, raised an eyebrow.  A cruel smile.

    Chu Mu's state clearly meant that he had not really summoned the White Nightmare. It was just because the White Nightmare had absorbed all of Chu Mu's negative emotions and briefly attached itself to his body and soul, transferring his own  The evil power turned into Chu Mu's power.

    "Three Thoughts Soul Warrior!!!"

    When they heard what Cao Yi said, the Fenggu soldiers standing not far away stirred up an uproar in their hearts!

    ¡°Could it be that the reason why Chu Mu is as powerful as the Blue Nightmare servants like them is entirely because the White Nightmare in his body is more terrifying than their Blue Nightmare!

    They are all around the level of Six Thought Soul Disciples, but Chu Mu¡¯s strength is much higher than them!  !

    Chu Mu remained silent. The awe-inspiring evil aura could make the surrounding servants and deacons feel a chill that invaded the depths of their souls!  !

    Suddenly, Chu Mu¡¯s eyes burned, like the eyes of a devil¡¯s torch, burning with pale demonic flames!  !  !

    Soul Skill - Charming, Demonic Flame

    White flames radiated from his eyes again, like two sharp swords, piercing directly into Cao Yi's body!

    Chu Mu's attack was so fast that Cao Yi, who was a little distracted, had no time to dodge. The demonic flames immediately burned in Cao Yi's body!  !

    The white transparent flame kept shaking, burning on Cao Yi's body like a weak flame. This flame

    It didn¡¯t burn Cao Yi¡¯s skin, but it never went out.

    But Cao Yi¡¯s entire face turned pale instantly after being burned, and he opened his mouth and let out a hissing scream of pain!  !  !

    "FourFour thoughts! Youactually reached the level of Four Thoughts Soul Master!!!"

    During the previous mental confrontation, Cao Yi had already confirmed that Chu Mu was a soul warrior with three thoughts. However, at this moment, Chu Mu's thoughts increased again, and he was in a state of being affected by some evil force.  A very crazy and exciting stage!  !

    Cao Yi himself is a six-minded soul warrior, so his mental power can completely suppress Chu Mu, but after being frightened by the White Nightmare, it has been difficult to attack Chu Mu's spirit. Now Chu Mu's soul thought  It suddenly improved and actually suppressed his soul thoughts!  !

    The white demonic flames began to crazily burn Cao Yi's soul. Cao Yi's whole face was already twitching, and he knelt on the ground in great pain, shouting hoarsely!

    Cao Yi has a powerful soul thought, and it is difficult to directly burn his soul with magic flames.  But the terrifying thing about the White Nightmare's soul flame is that even if it cannot burn the soul to death, it will bring huge harm to the injured person.Painful, this kind of pain is simply worse than death!  !

    "II wantto kill you" Cao Yi raised his head and spat out a few words tremblingly.

    The white demonic flames were still burning on Cao Yi's body, but Cao Yi recited the incantation with great difficulty and summoned his soul pet boldly!

    A dark blue pattern slowly appeared on the ground, and a creature full of ferocious aura quickly appeared in the cold indigo light!  !

    Dire wolf!  !  !

    Cao Yi¡¯s second pet is the dire wolf!  !

    The dark blue fur looks like fur covered in ice, and the hairs are like ice-tip barbs. The terrifying cold air quickly spreads with the howling of the dire wolf!

    "Attack it!! Attack it!!!" Cao Yi shouted directly at his dire wolf with great difficulty.

    The dire wolf stood twenty meters away from Chu Mu. The ferocious wolf smoke stared at the terrifying White Nightmare on Chu Mu. He didn't even dare to approach immediately. Cao Yi shouted angrily even more!

    "Cao Yi, are you crazy?" The island owner stood up suddenly and angrily shouted at Cao Yi who tried to attack Chu Mu.

    The fact that Chu Mu has a White Nightmare in his body definitely means that there is a person in charge of the Nightmare Palace behind him. This kind of person is definitely not an ordinary servant, so how can he kill at will?

    Cao Yi couldn't care too much at this time. Killing Chu Mu became the only thought in his mind. Nothing could extinguish the anger in his heart.

    However, although Cao Yi was angry, his dire wolf was obviously afraid of Chu Mu's White Nightmare aura and did not dare to step forward. This made Cao Yi feel tight in his chest, and blood overflowed from his mouth despite the trauma to his soul.

    "That thing is only the second stage!! It has not even been been fully summoned. The coward kill him I will let you kill him!!!" Cao Yi roared his own  Soul pet!

    After being roared by its master, the dire wolf finally gathered some courage, took steps, and rushed towards Chu Mu!  !

    Seeing Cao Yi really launch an attack, everyone was stunned again.  A high-level general-level dire wolf, even in its third stage form, is definitely more powerful than Liu Zhen's fourth stage dire wolf!  How could a servant resist such a soul pet?  !

    No one would have expected that Chu Mu, who was possessed by the White Nightmare, would suddenly attack Cao Yi, and no one would have thought that Cao Yi would dare to act so crazy and let the dire wolf attack Chu Mu, who had the White Nightmare!  (Remember the website address:
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