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Chapter 17 The Nightmare Arrives

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    Ting Yu also looked surprised and excited. After a long time, she said, "So your soul pet is so powerful!"

    Chu Mu just smiled and said nothing.

    Zhang Luo still stayed where he was, staring at the dead centipede.

    It took him a long time to capture this centipede, and he had put a lot of effort into it in the past few months. The most important thing is that once the centipede dies, he will definitely have no chance of entering the top ten in the life-and-death battle that will follow soon.  If you don't make it into the top ten, you will be brutally killed!  !

    Thinking that he was going to die, Zhang Luo almost collapsed. His body was shaking so hard that he seemed to have completely lost himself

    "II'm going to kill you!!!"

    Suddenly, Zhang Luo had a dagger in his hand and rushed towards Chu Mu.

    "It's obvious that Zhang Luo has lost his mind. If he is going to die, then he has to drag Chu Mu on his back!"


    The moonlight figure jumped up quickly, and its sharp claws scratched across Zhang Luo's chest. Zhang Luo stopped abruptly just in the middle of his charge, and stood there in horror, staring at the cold moonlight fox

    Little Moxie half-crouched on the ground, his silver eyes staring at Zhang Luo coldly, his teeth grinning, his extremely sharp claws buried in the ground, grabbing a long claw mark!

    "If you take one step closer, you will be the one who dies." Chu Mu said coldly.

    Zhang Luo stood there in cold sweat. If the late claws had scratched his neck just now, he would have died early!

    After a while, Chu Mu saw that Zhang Luo did not dare to act rashly anymore, so he walked to the place where the soul cores were placed and put away both soul cores.

    After the battle, Chu Mu naturally had no need to stay here any longer and turned around to leave.

    "Want to leave?"

    At this time, Ge Qing sneered and recited the soul covenant spell.

    A blue pattern slowly formed on the ground, and Ge Qing¡¯s soul pet slowly appeared in the light curtain!

    ¡°Hiss, hiss~~~~~~~~~~¡±

    A long snake nearly two meters long suddenly sprang out from the group light curtain!

    Scale snake!

    The color of the luminous scales on the high-level soul pet¡¯s body is enough to prove that this is a terrifying fourth-level creature!

    Fourth level, high level, the strength is very close to the wolves attacking them of the deacons!

    Chu Mu frowned. He had considered that this place was relatively close to the camp and those in Zhang Luo's circle would not dare to mess around. However, he did not expect that Ge Qing would take action anyway.

    The face of Ting Yu next to him didn¡¯t look good either. He obviously didn¡¯t expect these people to be so shameless and bold and dare to act recklessly near the camp.

    "Ah!!! Ah!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!"

    Suddenly, a shrill scream came out!  !

    The battle was about to break out, but it was broken by the sudden scream!

    Everyone was stunned and looked at Zhang Luo who suddenly went crazy.

    Zhang Luo didn¡¯t know what kind of attack he had received, and he covered his heart inexplicably. His face became extremely pale, sweat kept sliding down his cheeks, and his whole face was almost twisted together because of pain!

    The screams continued, and Zhang Luo began to roll on the ground. The extremely painful look made everyone feel horrified!

    "The Nightmareis the Nightmare" A young man suddenly woke up and pointed at a vague green shadow that appeared around Zhang Luo's body with a look of horror on his face!

    The green shadow became more and more obvious like a ghost, and terror shrouded Zhang Luo's body. Zhang Luo's body began to twitch, the veins and blood vessels on his body burst, and his pupils continued to dilate

    "His nightmare actually grew by one level at this time" Ge Qing's face also became ugly, and he did not expect that such a thing would suddenly happen.

    The nightmare that devours the soul of its master!  !

    "Obviously, Zhang Luo's soul power is no longer enough to support the Nightmare that has been promoted to one level. His soul will also become the offering for the Green Nightmare, and he will eventually die miserably.

    Nightmare, this is the devil in the body of every soul pet master living on the island.  Once again, they watched a person being swallowed by a nightmare. Chu Mu, Ge Qing and others all turned pale

    One day, they will be like Zhang Luo


    As soon as the Green Nightmare attacks, the deacons will be able to detect that Zhang Luo's soul is swallowed up.After that, the Blue Nightmare in him became an ownerless soul pet, and was quickly taken back by two deacons.

    Since the deacons had already arrived, Ge Qing naturally did not dare to act recklessly and could only look at Chu Mu with a cold look.

    "Hmph, you killed Zhang Luo. I will avenge him. On the day of the decisive battle, just wait until you are swallowed by my scaly snake!" Ge Qing had no intention of letting Chu Mu go easily.  After Mu left, he put down his harsh words.

    Chu Mu ignored Ge Qing¡¯s threat. It¡¯s hard to say who will win when the time comes!

    After returning to the wooden house, Chu Mu still couldn't help but think of Zhang Luo's miserable death, and a layer of haze enveloped his heart.

    This was not the first time that Chu Mu saw someone having their soul devoured by the Green Nightmare, but every time he saw it, he felt as if his heart was being held by a terrifying claw.

    In fact, Chu Mu¡¯s White Nightmare has reached the terrifying fifth level!  If the White Nightmare could be summoned to fight for him, Chu Mu could easily defeat all his competitors. After all, the White Nightmare and the Blue Nightmare were not on the same level at all.

    Almost all of Chu Mu's soul power now goes to feed this white nightmare, and it is impossible to summon this devil to fight for him until his strength reaches a certain level. All Chu Mu has to do now is to try his best to prevent it.  He ended up like Zhang Luo.  (Remember the website address:
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