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Text Chapter 19 Fire

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    The clerk was dumbfounded. A stack of red banknotes was in front of her eyes, and her face suddenly turned slightly red. However, she was sensible and apologized quickly: "I'm sorry!" After saying that, she cautiously said to Xiao Jun'er: "Little sister,  I'll take you to try on clothes!" Since the other party said she was sorry, Xiao Jun'er didn't say anything more. As for Ye Fei, seeing that the other party was interested, he didn't embarrass her anymore and just snorted softly.  A sound.  A short interlude passed, and then Ye Fei helped Xiao Jun'er pick out eight sets of clothes in a row, buying almost all the spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes before walking out of the children's clothing store.  "Little Jun'er's face is filled with a happy smile. No matter it is a woman, a girl, or even a little girl, who doesn't like beautiful new clothes?  When carrying Xiao Jun'er's clothes and entering the clothing store, the clerks also looked at the pair of Ye Fei and Xiao Jun'er with strange eyes, but there were no blind clerks who discriminated against Ye Fei.  At least judging from the smiles they showed and the enthusiasm they treated Ye Fei, you couldn't tell.  When he came out of the clothing city, Ye Fei's strange clothes attracted the attention of others even more. He was wearing a T-shirt, denim casual shoes, and his hair was still the same, looking even more nondescript.  On the contrary, when he entered the barber shop, the barber shop clerk did not cast a strange look at Ye Fei. After all, if you work in a barber shop, what kind of strange clothes have you not seen?  This is an era that pursues individuality.  When he heard that Ye Fei was going to cut off his long hair, the hairstylist sighed.  Ye Fei glanced around at the hairstylists in this hair salon. Their hairstyles seemed more exaggerated than his own, with colorful and different shapes. However, paired with their clothes, although they were weird, they did not lose their beauty.  He is now dressed in casual clothes, with his long hair pulled up, and there is no sense of beauty at all.  "Just give me a normal haircut!" Ye Fei said.  The hairstylist was a young man in his mid-twenties. He said with a pity, "Has this hair been growing for many years? Why are you willing to cut it off?" However, even though he asked this question, the hairstylist's hands did not stay.  After looking at Ye Fei's face, he suggested: "Cut it short!" "Okay!" Ye Fei nodded, but he was a little uncomfortable with it. He had never cut his hair on purpose since he was a child.  An hour later, Ye Fei and Xiao Jun'er walked out of the hair salon. At this time, Ye Fei was completely normal in terms of clothing. He had short and short short hair, casual clothes, and a pair of red and white casual shoes. He looked like a normal person.  He looks more like a college student in his early twenties.  At this time, a piercing siren suddenly sounded on the street in the distance, people stopped one after another, and vehicles retreated in an orderly manner.  "What is this sound?" Ye Fei asked Xiang Xiaojun'er.  "It's 119. There must be a fire somewhere!" Xiao Jun'er naturally knew the sirens and those fire trucks, and explained to Ye Fei. Although Ye Fei had just entered the secular world, he had also heard a lot of secular rules in the mountains.  , Hearing this, he nodded and looked up at the sky. Huge black smoke rose from the southeast, mixed with traces of fire. It looked like this fire was huge.  ¡°Let¡¯s go, big brother, we¡¯re going back, it¡¯s getting late!¡± Xiao Jun¡¯er said.  At this time, the black smoke was high enough that you could even smell something burning, and some extinguished smoke fell on the streets here.  " Xiao Jun'er looked at the sky, and his expression suddenly changed. The fire was in the direction where Xiao Jun'er and the others lived, and the direction where the fire trucks went was also in that direction.  "Brother, let's go quickly. It seems that there is a fire on our street!" Xiao Jun'er couldn't help but be impatient. Grandma was ill in bed and had no ability to escape. If the fire was really over there Hearing this, Ye Fei first  He was stunned for a moment, then he picked up Xiao Jun'er and ran away.  At Ye Fei's speed, the distance of a few streets only took one minute. However, that was too shocking. Ye Fei deliberately slowed down his pace, but in the eyes of others, it was still quite amazing.  "Little Jun'er was held in his arms, and he could only hear the whistling in his ears. The scenery on the street passed by, and he could not see clearly.  After crossing two streets, you can already smell the pungent smell of fireworks. Fireworks are floating on the streets. At this time, you can see a whole firelight in the sky in front of you, and various sirens are ringing in the night sky.  The area where Xiao Juner lives can be said to be a shanty town in this prosperous city. Most of the houses on both sides of the street are wooden houses. One look at this situation, and you know that the fire is somewhat unstoppable.  When Ye Fei arrived at the intersection with Xiao Jun'er in his arms, the fifty meters in front of the intersection almost turned into a sea of ??fire. Both sides of the road at the intersection were almost crowded with people, mostly on this street.?? Residents, it is early autumn and the weather is quite hot. Most of the people who ran out were shirtless and wearing large pants, and some even only had a pair of flowery pants. The scene was a bit chaotic.  "Little Jun'er, don't run around, wait here for big brother, I'll go see grandma!" Ye Fei put down Xiao Jun'er.  Xiao Jun'er was very sensible, and nodded and said: "Brother, be careful!" But tears couldn't stop flowing out. When he saw the fire scene, it almost swept the entire area. He even thought of coming to his own home, and he felt extremely  Worried about grandma.  Except for the fire trucks and fire officers and soldiers, most of them were people running out of the streets. Very few people rushed into the sea of ????fire. This time the fire swept through the entire shantytown. The five or six fire trucks seemed a bit insufficient, let alone the fire.  The fire truck behind the street was so huge that it couldn't be driven in and could only prevent the fire from spreading.  "Boom, boom, boom!" Just as Ye Fei was getting close to the sea of ????fire, the sound of bombing came from his ears. When a fire officer saw a person trying to turn into the path, he quickly shouted to stop: "Don't go in, you  Don't" Then he was speechless and rubbed his eyes. There was no one in front of him.  "Did I see it wrong?" the fire officer said to himself.  Ye Fei entered the trail and soon arrived at the door of Xiao Jun'er's house. The house was a red brick cement house. It was not on fire, but was almost enveloped by the surrounding fire. There were few residents nearby, most of them were older tile-roofed houses or  In the shantytown, thick smoke obscured the view, and the choking smell penetrated the nostrils.  Ye Fei's heart tightened. Given the circumstances, Xiao Jun'er's grandma might be in danger. Even if the house wasn't burned, with her physical condition, the smoke and dust could choke her to death.  Ye Fei quickly ran into the house. The whole room was almost filled with smoke. He looked at the bed through the smoke. He walked over and saw that he was no longer breathing.  Ye Fei did not hesitate, picked up the old man and walked out. Walking out of the alley, the fire outside was gradually suppressed and no longer spread.  "Brother Ye, how is grandma?" Captain Li happened to be here at this time. Captain Li is naturally the most familiar with this area. However, he is not on duty tonight. He only rushed over after receiving a call. He was at the intersection of the street.  Seeing Xiao Jun'er, he knew that Ye Fei had entered the fire scene, so he quickly came over to wait.
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