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Text Chapter 5 Stingy old man

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    Chapter 5: The Stingy Old Man¡¯s Bistro is for civilians, but the design and decoration on the second floor is still good.  It tends to have ancient style and elegant architecture. Not all ordinary people can afford this level of consumption place on a regular basis.  Today, there were not many customers even on the first floor of the tavern, and naturally there was no one on the second floor. On the second floor, Wu Xue stopped pretending not to know each other with the clerk.  "The old man is waiting for you at the old place." The clerk of this tavern is called Yin Ke. Yin Ke has been working as a clerk here since the first time Wu Xue came to this tavern. The tavern is not big, including the owner of the hotel, which is what Wu Xue Yin Ke said.  There were only three people in total, the old man.  There is another person who is the chef in the back kitchen.  Every time Wu Xue comes here, she doesn't have many chances to see the person in the kitchen, but they still know each other.  "Hey, Yin Ke, I just gave you money. Don't forget to bring up what I ordered. The old man is so stingy that he didn't even prepare a sip of water when he saw him." Wu Xue was originally heading towards the end of the second floor.  Walking to a private room inside, he suddenly remembered something, and then quickly turned around to remind Yin Ke to arrive.  "Haha, don't worry, I won't forget it." It seemed that he knew the old man's personality, so Yin Ke just smiled knowingly and went downstairs to prepare food for Wu Xue.  The tavern is not big, and there are not many private rooms on the second floor. There are only five rooms, and the best one among them is the one near the alley window.  Walking to the private room, Wu Xue pushed the door open and entered. There were no outsiders in the private room, the only ones were Yin Ke and the old man Wu Xue said.  The old man is one of the few people Wu Xue is familiar with in this world. In fact, the two of them are not just familiar with each other. Strictly speaking, the old man should be regarded as Wu Xue's master.  The skills that Wu Xue practiced, as well as the dagger in Wu Xue's hand that could refine blood, were all given to Wu Xue by the old man.  The reason why the old man can be regarded as Wu Xue's master, but not Wu Xue's master, is because the old man basically gave Wu Xue a set of formulas and a dagger.  Wu Xue was never taught a single thing.  Moreover, the old man never asked Wu Xue to call him master, and the old man himself did not admit this.  Therefore, the relationship between Wu Xue and the old man is more like an acquaintance who has forgotten the past.  The old man has a cold personality and is not good at words. Moreover, the old man has a problem similar to that of Wu Xue. Wu Xue is greedy for money, while the old man is stingy.  Logically speaking, Wu Xue can be regarded as his disciple, but every time Wu Xue returns from an expedition, Wu Xue needs to spend his own money to eat and drink here.  There is no such thing as free here.  "You're back? Are you pretending to be dead this time or digging a hole to bury yourself?" Seeing Wu Xue come in, the old man showed no obvious emotional changes. He just raised his eyelids slightly, glanced at Wu Xue, and said this sentence,  Just not looking at Wu Xue.  Familiar with the old man's character, Wu Xue didn't care about the old man's cold appearance. He pulled up a stool with a playful smile on his face, without even asking the old man to invite him, so he just took care of himself there.  "What did the old man say? Am I the one pretending to be dead? It would be too troublesome to dig a hole and bury myself Hehe, I think everyone participated in the battle this time and was the last one to evacuate." Wu  Xue took out a teacup with a smile, stretched out her hand to pull the teapot in front of the old man, and poured herself a cup.  The old man had quick eyes and quick hands, and opened the teapot slightly to prevent Wu Xue from drinking his cheap tea.  He was not able to take advantage of the old man. Although this was not beyond Wu Xue's expectation, Wu Xue still curled his lips and muttered "stingy" in a low voice. Wu Xue's voice was very low, but the old man's hearing was extremely good.  keen.  Hearing Wu Xue's words, he frowned slightly, but he didn't say much.  "Humph, don't you and I still know? If you could participate in the whole battle, you wouldn't be Wu Xue. I don't know how the city-state could teach you such a weirdo, so afraid of death." Obviously Wu Xue couldn't deceive the old man.  Wu Xue and the old man met for the first time on the battlefield. Wu Xue was caught pretending to be dead by the old man. Never mind the anxiety in his heart when Wu Xue was discovered. He was just afraid that the old man would report it to the city-state.  He, Wu Xue at that time was really just a new recruit of a city-state, with strength but no ability, and background but no background.  Once identified as a deserter, Wu Xue would definitely not escape death.  Fortunately, the old man is not a human being. He has no interest in the war between humans, and he has no intention of paying attention to human deserters. Originally, the old man went to the battlefield to find corpses.  After discovering that Wu Xue was a weirdo, he had no intention of taking care of it, but when the old man approached Wu Xue, he seemed to have discovered something.  The original Wu Xue was hidden among the many corpses, and her body was soaked in blood.  However, the old man pulled Wu Xue out of the pile of corpses without caring at all.  Although the old man is not big, only about 1.5 meters, he is very strong. Although Wu Xue was only a sixteen-year-old youth at the time, he weighed at least one hundred and thirty kilograms, but the old man was  Still, he pulled Wu Xue out of the pile of corpses with only one hand. A pair of old hands kept touching Wu Xue's body.?Fumbling for something.  In addition to touching, the old man took out a dagger and cut a small gash on Wu Xue's body.  Wu Xue did not suffer any injuries on the fierce battlefield. On the contrary, after the battle, he was cut by an old man who did not know what he was doing.  That was the first time Wu Xue had been bled since she came to this world.  Wu Xue was caught off guard and let out a cry of pain, and then began to struggle violently.  The old man seemed to be more interested in Wu Xue's body and blood. When the old man put Wu Xue's blood into his mouth and tasted it carefully for a while.  The old man mentioned that Wu Xue left the battlefield of that battle.  Wu Xue felt very funny when he thought of what happened back then. He thought he had encountered some old monster who loved to eat human heads.  Touching one's own body is to see if the meat on one's body is strong enough, and drinking one's own blood is to judge whether one's own meat is delicious.  Wu Xue was brought to this tavern by the old man with extreme anxiety.  Wu Xue tried to escape several times on the road, but failed.  After arriving at the tavern, Wu Xue did not suffer the inhumane treatment he imagined, with his skin and bones removed.  He asked someone to prepare some food for Wu Xue, but it was just the most ordinary steamed buns and cold water. Then the old man didn't say much to Wu Xue. He just left him alone in a room and threw him a book.  Give him some food on time every day.  Wu Xue was imprisoned like this for three days. During these three days, Wu Xue had nothing to do. From the extreme fear at the beginning, she became at peace later.  When Wu Xue had nothing to do, he looked through the book that the old man threw to him. It didn't matter. Wu Xue immediately discovered that what was recorded in the book was a cultivation method.  As a new recruit, Wu Xue will be given the basic skills of the army after joining the army. However, the basic skills of the army are not advanced. Although it is easy to practice, even if you practice to a great extent, you will still have the strength of a small soldier.  Although Wu Xue has never seen advanced techniques, some insights are innate, and he can tell at a glance that the techniques recorded in the book are not simple.  Combining everything before, Wu Xue realized that she had misunderstood the old man. The old man must have found him because he wanted to accept him as his apprentice.  After thinking about this, Wu Xue became even more fearless. In three days, Wu Xue read the entire book, and for some reason, Wu Xue understood the exercises exceptionally well.  Relaxingly, Wu Xue actually memorized a secret book that contained many graphics and text after just reading it over and over again.  In the days that followed, Wu Xue's life was spent cultivating in seclusion, joining the army, deserting on the battlefield, sucking blood and refining essence, and repeated the process.  "Tch! What's wrong with being afraid of death? I'm just afraid of death. What can you do to me?" Wu Xue was originally very grateful to this old man who taught him his skills. At the beginning, Wu Xue was still very respectful to the old man.  Yes, but gradually Wu Xue became familiar with the old man's character and knew that the old man didn't like others to be very respectful to him and acted extremely reserved in front of him.  On the contrary, if you are casual with him, although the old man still looks cold to you, he is very happy inside.  "With your current strength, you are enough to fight even some ordinary heroes. You also have the capital to escape against stronger heroes. What's the point of hiding at the end and sucking blood and refining essence from the corpse?" The old man was obviously interested in Wu Xue.  I don¡¯t agree with the usual way of cultivation.  In the old man's view, Wu Xue was weak at the beginning, so she pretended to be dead on the battlefield, or dug a hole to bury herself to save herself. In the end, she absorbed the blood from the corpse and practiced with her fighting skills. Although the method was cumbersome.  , but it can also be regarded as a path to promotion.  But as Wu Xue's strength continues to improve, Wu Xue is still like this on the battlefield, and the old man just doesn't agree.  The old man gave Wu Xue a skill that was almost evil. It strengthened the body and strengthened the cultivation base by refining blood essence. This kind of skill usually makes the fastest progress on the battlefield.  If the old man were Wu Xue, he would definitely choose to become a hero and go to the battlefield to fight to his heart's content.  It will definitely not be like Wu Xue. Although the blood essence has been absorbed, the battle process can only be described in six points.
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