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Simple Four-axis Final Remarks

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    I know that many brothers want to scold Hulu.  Because this finished book is so unexpected.  Of course, some brothers should also know that Hulu has already begun to finish a long time ago.  From the time the United States was nuclear attacked on 911, and the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, which were well prepared, the outcome was doomed. Yunfei, the protagonist, took advantage of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States to make a profit for himself, and at the same time, he set a new stage for the U.S. economy that was already about to collapse.  foot.  "When the United States collapses, it will naturally take Europe and Japan with it, especially Japan. They are sending money to America. Europe is not stupid, but it is still in financial crisis, so there is no need to go to war or anything like that.  Until now, there are still nearly 500 brothers who are subscribing and supporting. Hulu would like to thank you. Without your company, Hulu would not be where it is now, and neither would Intelligent Engineering be where it is now.  When writing this book, Hulu was not familiar with Internet articles at all. He once said that he wrote this just to stop sitting at the mahjong table.  I had no experience at all and had no idea what an online novel was. At that time, I had not read an online novel for many years.  Because the online novels I used to read were all rented from the school bookstore. At first, it cost ten yuan a month to read thirty books, and then it cost ten yuan to read twenty books The biggest drawback of IG is that the protagonist follows  The country is in conflict, so it is impossible to get involved in the military industry, and everything is very difficult.  Therefore, the ¡ò¡ÍMilitary Industry that I am writing about now appears. If you want to engage in industry, it is impossible for one person to do it. Even if the protagonist has a golden finger, it will not work.  This can only be achieved if a country develops comprehensively and systematically!  so.  The protagonists of the military industry directly moved to the country's side!  ¡°This book was signed when it was almost 100,000 words long. It was an accident.  It was finally put on the shelves, which was even more of a surprise.  This is a story without an outline and is very random.  Here, I would like to thank one person in particular, Lan Bingyi!  Yes, you are absolutely right, this is a girl.  I was in a new author group, Shuiquan.  I met her. That girl was pretending to be a man, but I found out.  I know her because she has three high-V numbers and twenty-one recommendation votes.  In fact, I didn¡¯t even know what recommendation votes were for at that time.  Anyway, if others ask for votes, let¡¯s ask for them too.  then.  She became my ticket farmer.  Later.  It must have been around September 10th. At that time, I was the busiest in the factory. In one month, the standard working hours were 168 hours, and I worked 443 hours. At that time, I was not sitting in the office, but doing it myself.  , engage in new product development plus there is no contract.  I was planning to stop, but she encouraged me.  Let me persist So, this book has been written until now, from the upload on August 26, 2013 to the end of today, a total of 752 days!  Many old brothers have accompanied us all the way. Hulu really has to thank you.  When I wrote this book, I didn¡¯t think about making money. Later, I still didn¡¯t think about making money, because there was no pressure at that time, the salary at work was not low, and I could code secretly every day when I had time at work.  I have always been writing according to my own ideas. Until now, many things have not been written. I can even write eight million words without any problem.  Tonight, or maybe last night is more appropriate, when I was writing about Intelligent Engineering, I started writing the ending without any warning.  I was stunned. I had already written more than 2,000 words and couldn't go on. I didn't want to finish the book so quickly. According to the plan, there were still hundreds of thousands left. I had to fight the monkeys and step on the American emperor.  I slept with those Japanese actresses, and even had to fight for the stars and the sea In the end, I talked to the brothers in the book club group, and I felt very uncomfortable. I couldn't bear to end it now.  I once talked about this matter with Tianhai Xiangyun when I was finishing the book. He said that he couldn't let it go, and other old brothers couldn't let it go either. After reading it for a long time, it wasn't about how enjoyable the book was, but that he had feelings for it.  The brothers who read the book have feelings for each other. Needless to say, Hulu, the one who writes the book.  Therefore, when the military industry competed for the monthly vote list last month, Hulu still insisted on updating it every day!  In one month, Intelligent Engineering and Military Industry updated a total of more than 650,000 words!  I couldn¡¯t bear to let go, so I wrote for almost an extra month. In the end, I still endured the reluctance and finished it!  Some flaws may be the best ending.  Because this book is Hulu's first one, I didn't think about how far it would go in the beginning. I originally planned to write about CNC machine tools, but in the end, the plot developed like this. There is no outline, which is sad.  .  If Hulu hadn't communicated with some seniors later and learned that he should be restrained, this book would be even worse!  Thanks again to the brothers who have subscribed, given rewards, voted for recommendations, and given monthly votes. Hulu cannot write down all of my thanks to everyone.  But the person who remembers it most deeply must definitely write it down.     TianhaiXiangyun and Demonic Dragon and Ghost were the two alliance leaders. At that time, my father said that I was not doing my job properly and asked me to take a good rest after get off work and do some inexplicable things to waste time.  These two wealthy people were rewarded with 10,000 points if I updated a chapter. I remember it was the Spring Festival of 2014. I was in my hometown, and I told my dad to see how much my brothers support me!  So, my dad silently agreed and told me that my body is the most important thing, and money can be earned slowly.  I told him at that time, Dad, my sister and I have graduated, and our family doesn¡¯t have much money to spend. You are over fifty, why are you going out to the elevated highway?  Then, he said nothing more.  Men can understand it and can¡¯t stop.  This book once had a serious interruption.  It was also the first month of 2014, and Hulu had just received a lot of promotions. However, due to the death of my grandfather (it is more appropriate to call me grandpa, my father is the son-in-law), updates were discontinued.  At that time, I really couldn¡¯t get excited about anything, because I was raised by my grandfather. At that time, my father lost a lot of money in business, which was very big for us at that time, and then he went out to work.  I didn't make much money, so I ran a vegetable business at home. My mother and I went out early every day and came home late, eating only breakfast and dinner every day.  After entering junior high school and living on campus, the old man walked several miles every morning to deliver breakfast and vegetables to Hulu In high school, he was far away from home, and the old man's back began to peel off. Every time he went on monthly vacation, the old man left  I waited on the street for miles, reluctant to eat any delicious food, so I kept it So, Hulu was at the lowest point in his life at that time. Finally, my wife said, it¡¯s okay if you don¡¯t write. Anyway, the house is not bad.  You earn one or two thousand yuan a month, but if you don¡¯t write to your brothers who support you, you should at least tell them Then, you continue, slowly walking out From Zhigong to  Now full-time, Hulu would like to thank all the brothers for their support.  The first person to ask for a reward is called Qi Zi Ci, a person who is not one of my readers. Hulu didn¡¯t even know what Qidian Coin was for at that time!  He gave a 588 friendly reward, but later because he said my book was rubbish, we had a conflict and have not contacted me again The first person to collect it was myself, so I won¡¯t thank you anymore.  The first person to click was also myself, so I still don¡¯t want to thank you The first brother who voted for the monthly ticket, I¡¯m sorry, Hulu really forgot about it, because I didn¡¯t know what the monthly ticket was for at that time, but the editor said, Hulu, you  It's on the shelves tomorrow.  I asked what it meant to put it on the shelf. My editor at the time was named Qingshan. I guess he was really mad. I started updating chapter v long after it was put on the shelf. After updating for a while, I saw, wow, there were actually 24 of them.  Subscribe, I told my mother, look, I made money, seven cents and two, and then, I went out for a meal and spent more than one hundred oceans The first person to vote for recommendation probably doesn¡¯t know.  Yes, anyway, the girl who impressed me the most was Lan Bingyi, who invested the most before signing a contract!  There is also that bastard Bing Zhihen, who tells Hulu every day, young man, you have to be careful, the amazing feeling you had at the beginning is gone There are so many things to thank Hulu, and Hulu really can¡¯t come up with them all.  If I keep writing it, it will become sloppy again. I first ask the editor how to post it to the end without charging money for posting. If it doesn¡¯t work, I guess brothers who read the original version will have to spend some money to see the gourd comments  ¡­ Piracy, you can do whatever you want I just want to say something to all the brothers who have supported, have supported, are supporting, and will support in the future, without you, there would be no such bad book as Intelligent Engineering Thank you  you!  Thank you for your support and accompanying Zhi Gong through the 752 days and nights!  Thank you for accompanying Hulu for these 752 days and nights. I hope that brothers can accompany Hulu to go further!  Thank you all again!  (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature, the novel will be better and updated faster!
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