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Actor Debuts Chapter 568 Is it over?  !

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    ps: ps: I have to say that this book was finished in a hurry, but due to the child's affairs, it has been frequently interrupted recently, and I am really embarrassed to delay it any longer.  Maybe there will be another Korean entertainment book in the near future, but it will be published after a certain amount of manuscripts have been saved, and many of the ideas from the original book will be included.  But no matter what, this book ends like this. I am very grateful to many book friends such as [Seven Stars Electric], [Twist], [Feed Tank], [Henyu], [Timesong Xiaozai], etc. for their support, as well as the editor.  Big help.  thank you all!  ?Finally: I will definitely come back.  The next day, the planning and publicity departments of AL Company handed over the complete publicity plan of the film to Liu Xiyuan. After reading it, Liu Xiyuan was very satisfied and asked the company to implement it.  Next, the entertainment industry is filled with the sound of Liu Xiyuan's new movie "Strictly Come Dancing", and the outside world is also paying great attention to Liu Xiyuan's movie.  At the same time, the draft was also in full swing. In the end, Liu Xinyu won the championship, while Liu Shengmin won or the runner-up, and Jin Yayan finished third.  AL also announced their debut plans. Liu Xinyu and Ryu Sungmin will debut solo before the end of the year, while Kim Yayeon will be used by AL to create a girl group around them to fill the gap in AL's girl group.  This girl group, temporarily named al's charm, will debut in the first half of 2015.  At the same time, AL Company also disclosed its plan to launch a boy band in the second half of 2015, which suddenly attracted the attention of the entire entertainment industry to AL Company.  In addition, the charity activities launched by AL Company to care for children have also attracted attention from all parties. At the same time, attention has also been paid to Liu Xiyuan's new movie "Strictly Come Dancing".  Although there were some unfavorable remarks, they did not cause much trouble and were calmed down by AL Company.  With the publicity, the movie "Strictly Come Dancing" also achieved amazing box office results. After breaking a series of records, it became a classic in everyone's memory.  Along with "Strictly Come Dancing", what has attracted global attention is a charity event called "Going Home".  Originally, this activity was only initiated by AL Company.  Activities to care for orphans and combat child trafficking later evolved into a global "Go Home" operation.  Many countries around the world have deployed a large number of police forces to severely crack down on the crime of child trafficking. China, in particular, has taken thunderous actions.  2014 is coming to an end, and Liu Xinyu and Liu Shengmin, created by AL Company, caused a great sensation when they debuted, especially Liu Xinyu, who gathered a lot of popularity in Asia as soon as they were released.  And AL Company is also known as Star Helicopter, as long as it is in AL Company.  You don¡¯t have to worry about your acting career.  2014 is known as the year of AL. A series of actions taken by AL Company in 2014 have achieved great returns.  At the beginning of 2015, al Music Week once again surprised people. This time the music week only arranged a concert and a dance conference, but the five consecutive days of concerts made fans satisfied.  Another event worth mentioning is that Liu Xiyuan's film won 4 nominations at the 87th Academy Awards.  "Strictly Come Dancing" received nominations for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Score, Best Original Song and Best Director, making South Korea a sensation.  Because the 87th Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to be held on February 22, 2015, which is the fourth day of the first lunar month in China.  For South Korea, which is deeply influenced by Chinese culture, the Spring Festival is also a major festival for them.  Liu Xiyuan is leaving South Korea after spending a happy Spring Festival with his family.  This time Liu Xiyuan went to the United States on a special plane, and Krystal was also going to the United States with him.  Lim Yoona, Goo Ha Beom and the cast and crew of "Strictly Come Dancing".  Of course, little Yunxi also went to the United States. Little Yunxi, who is more than one year old, can speak some simple words.  "Oppa, how long will we stay in the United States this time?" krystal asked Liu Xiyuan.  While talking, he was teasing Xiao Yunxi.  "I should stay until the end of the month. I'm too busy during this period and I need to take a good rest." Liu Xiyuan said.  He is really busy during this period, and he also plans to go to the United States for a vacation this time.  "That's great. I know a lot of delicious places. Let's go together. How about that? Little Yunxi?" krystal asked with a smile. Krystal, who had resumed her activities, hadn't had a good rest for a long time.  And this time when she went to the United States, krystal also had her own little thoughts. Mother Zheng criticized krystal so hard that she almost asked her to quit the FX group.  The reason is that Zheng¡¯s mother also wants to have a grandson. Although little Yunxi is also very cute, she is Lin Yuner¡¯s daughter after all. Therefore, after Zheng¡¯s mother brainwashed krystal countless times, krystal also decided to become a mother.  Going to the United States this time is a good opportunity, and she has already communicated with the company that she will temporarily stop activities in the next year.  During this period of time, under the deliberate arrangement of Zheng¡¯s mother, she was able to maintain her health and work hard for the next generation.  "Okay, okay, okay." Xiao Yunxi patted the little girlHand said with a smile.  "Be good, come here, give me a hug," Krystal said with a smile. She was in a good mood, her eyes were bent, and her smile was very charming.  "Dad, give me a hug." But Xiao Yunxi didn't buy it. The little guy was still the most attached to Liu Xiyuan. When Liu Xiyuan hugged her, it was really difficult for ordinary people to take over.  "Bad guy." Krystal said with a dissatisfied frown.  "Bad, bad, bad." The little guy likes to imitate the most, and he yelled after listening to Krystal's words.  "Okay, I really lost to you. I'm going to find your aunt." Krystal had no choice but to do anything to the little guy. This time during the trip to the United States, Quan Xiyan and Liu Shengmin also went together. Liu Shengmin had just passed his promotional period.  I also plan to take a break.  "Haha Xiyuan, it seems that the little girl has something on her mind." At this time, Lin Yoona walked over with a smile and looked at the back of Krystal who jumped away and said.  "What's wrong?" Liu Xiyuan asked Lin Yuner with some confusion.  Girls' Generation has fewer activities, so Yoona spends more time at home, unlike Krystal, who is generally busy with activities.  "It's nothing. Xiyuan, do you think there are too few people in our house? Usually when we get home, we are so quiet." Lin Yuner smiled and did not say anything.  "Really? How can you be quiet with this little guy here?" Liu Xiyuan said with a smile. Although little Yunxi is a girl, she is still very noisy.  When little Yunxi saw her father smiling at her, she also laughed along with him.  "Really? Let's go, let's board the plane." Lin Yuner smiled gracefully, and then boarded the plane with Liu Xiyuan. The special plane flew to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, where there are more and more exciting lives waiting for them  ¡­ =========================== Complete book =====================  ==========(To be continued)
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