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Work related Chapter 874 Desperate Situation (Finale)

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    Ryan had only received the magical secret of landslides before, but he had never used it.  When he was an 8th level magister, he once tried to cast it, but gave up at the last moment because he didn't have enough magic power. If he had to cast it by force, he could cast it, but he would have to pay a huge price and even endanger his life.  Now, Ryan's magic power is absolutely sufficient, so he is definitely capable of casting this ultimate earth magic. Just now, Ryan saw Vipses sinking into the hill, and when he was thinking about how to kill Vipses, he suddenly remembered  The magic of landslides and earth-shattering, so he planned to cast this spell that he had not yet cast.  With a soft drink from Ruian, the super magic sword in his hand shot out a ray of light, which quickly shot into the large hole on the hillside.  In an instant, the earth shook suddenly, as if a volcano erupted, and the whole hill shook violently up and down, left and right.  First, a huge crack split the hill into two, and then another crack appeared in the other direction, splitting the hill into four. Then the hill was cut off in the middle and divided into eight. Finally, the mountain divided into eight large pieces began to break rapidly, and the mountain appeared.  There are countless cracks, and it seems that it will not stop until it breaks into pieces.  Originally, the ground was already experiencing strong earthquakes after the secret realm was closed, but compared to the landslides and ground cracking at this moment, it was like flat ground and not worth mentioning.  Regarding the effect of Landslide and Earthquake, Ruian's eyes widened. Back then, he had seen the Stone Snapping Turtle perform an incomplete Landslide and Earthquake. He was already extremely shocked at that time. Now, the power of the Landslide and Earthquake he has used is much stronger than before.  That time it was at least dozens of times stronger, which he couldn't believe.  "Ah! Ah!" Vipses' scream came from the mountain. He was not dead, but he was not far away from death. The big hole he smashed into the hill was where Ruian focused his attack. Countless rocks were constantly crushed and squeezed.  , it will definitely not stop until Vipses is worn to death.  A moment later, amidst the screams that never stopped, a small hole suddenly opened on the mountainside that had been shattered into countless pieces.  Then a hand stretched out.  This is Vipses's hand.  His vitality was so tenacious that he survived the landslide and earth-shattering magic and still had the ability to struggle out.  However, since he was unable to break out of the encirclement quickly and could only crawl out slowly, his fate was destined to end here.  "Fall!" Ruian shouted softly, and another ray of light shot out from the super-level magic sword in his hand. Then the hill shook even more violently, and the upper half of the mountain that had been disconnected halfway up the mountain finally couldn't support it anymore.  It turned into countless huge stones and collapsed.  And the place where it fell was exactly where Vipses was struggling to climb out.  "Ah!" Vipses let out one last scream, and then there was no more screams. Half of the hill hit him hard, could he not be killed on the spot?  However, Ryan would not believe that Vipses was dead so easily, so the landslide magic continued to be used.  Until this two to three hundred meter high hill was razed to the ground.  Ryan stopped when he saw some of Vipses' remaining limbs.  "We have finally dealt with Vipses, and now we can go back." Ryan breathed a long sigh of relief. The hatred he had been entangled with Vipses for so long finally came to an end.  For a moment, Ryan felt relaxed, as if a heavy burden he had carried for a long time was lifted.  However, Ruian has no enemies and is now in a desperate situation.  When he flew towards the secret realm exit with the shield magic, he began to feel it.  The dangers in the secret realm are becoming more and more serious, and they have begun to threaten their own life safety.  "The pouring rain has no effect on Ryan at all, and the shielding magic can prevent him from getting wet at all."  The storm and wind blades didn't have much impact. They couldn't break the shield. At most, they only made Ryan fly a little slower.  As for the spatial cracks carried in the storm, as long as Ruian carefully circumvents them, there will be no danger.  " However, the lightning strikes that struck down one after another caused Rui'an great trouble. He could not dodge them and could only bear them.  The lightning seemed to be aimed at Ryan who was flying in mid-air, so Ryan had to consume a lot of magic power to maintain the shielding magic from being broken.  "The power of this lightning is too great. A diamond shield will be broken by at most three lightning strikes." Ruian couldn't help but curse secretly in his heart, but he didn't want to think about how other people might be struck by lightning.  He would be hacked to death on the spot, but the fact that he could hold it back with magic was enough to prove that he was very strong.  "No, I can't fly in the air anymore. I'm just a target for lightning in the air. I can only be beaten passively. In this way, no matter how much fighting spirit I have, I won't be able to support myself until I leave the secret realm." Ruian made a quick decision and landed towards the ground.  , he wanted to walk away from the ground.  But the ground is also very difficult to walk on, with constant earthquakes.The noise was not big, but the sudden eruption of flames really had a great impact on Ruian. He needed to be extremely careful to avoid being hit by the flames.  "Bang!" Another bolt of lightning struck down, forcing Ryan, who had an obvious target on the plain, to support the shield and move forward.  It is true that walking on the ground will cause fewer lightning strikes than in the air, but it is not absolutely impossible. The lightning in the secret realm seems to recognize Ruian, and no matter how far he walks, he will strike from time to time.  "Ah! Calculating my current speed, it will take at least five days to reach the entrance of the secret realm. How can I survive these five days?" Ruian was extremely depressed and looked very embarrassed.  When Kemp Oseidon came in when the secret realm was closed, he must have experienced a similar scene, but Kemp Oseidon must have dealt with it easily.  Nowadays, Ryan, who has reached the peak level 9 Sword Master, is not yet capable of reaching the level of Camp Oseidon. At this moment, he has to hope that the next situation will become better and make it easier for him to survive.  However, Ruian's expectations could not be realized. As time went by, the disorderly storm became stronger and stronger. At this moment, the wind blade had disappeared, replaced by dense space cracks, so Ruian had to fill the cracks from time to time to pass.  What's even more frightening is that various sudden dangers made Rui'an unable to guard against them. He was almost on the verge of despair several times. Fortunately, Rui'an broke out with fighting spirit and escaped at the last moment.  "No, I can't go on like this. I will definitely be killed if I go on. These natural killers are too scary." Fear began to appear in Ruian's heart, and he had to find a way to get out of this predicament.  "By the way, I entered the space rift and moved forward a certain distance in the void. As long as I come out near the entrance of the secret realm, I can avoid all kinds of dangers in the secret realm." Ruian quickly opened a tunnel in the direction of the entrance to the secret realm.  The big space crack immediately rushed in.  Immediately, Ruian floated forward quickly in the void with the incoming momentum, and it was estimated that he would move a long distance soon.  Ryan couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief and secretly cursed himself for being stupid for taking so long to think of this solution.  But Ruian hadn't been happy for long when an unimaginable scene appeared in front of him, which made him jump with fear: "How can there be light in the void? Isn't it always endless darkness?" "Ah! No! Those bright places are  Space collapses, and it turns out that the void will also be affected by the outside world. " Ryan was shocked by the direction he was heading.  If he crashes directly into the collapsing space, he will definitely be defenseless next.  "No, we must leave the void immediately." Ruian quickly burst out with fighting spirit, forcibly changed the direction of his advance, then swung his sword suddenly, tearing open a long space crack, and rushed out in a flash.  Continue to return to the world in the secret realm.  "Bang!" Just as Ruian came out of the crack in space, he suddenly received a bolt of lightning, hitting him hard on the back.  "Ah!" Ruian couldn't help but scream. Fortunately, the golden armor on his body offset a large amount of lightning, thus avoiding serious injury. However, spitting out a large mouthful of blood was essential.  Next, Ryan had to continue to carry the shield magic and move forward, walking extremely slowly.  Extremely difficult.  After one day, Ruian couldn¡¯t hold on any longer and had to find a place to rest.  Suddenly he saw a large mountain in front of him. It didn't seem to be shaking very badly. At least the whole mountain was not torn apart and remained intact.  "Let's find a place to rest on that mountain. I'm about to reach my limit." Ruian made a quick decision and quickly changed direction and ran towards the mountain.  As soon as he reached the foot of the mountain, Ruian quickly swung his sword, quickly opened a deep cave, and hid in it.  Then, just to be on the safe side, Ruian dug down rocks from the edge of the cave entrance and sealed the cave.  This time, Ruian was temporarily safe. A slight shaking could be felt in the cave. Ruian quickly cast a layer of magic to make the walls of the cave stronger and prevent them from collapsing.  After some arrangements, Ruian lay down directly on the ground, so tired that he almost fell asleep immediately.  Next, Ryan will restore his fighting spirit in this temporarily safe place and think about how to leave the increasingly dangerous secret realm.  ¡­ At the same time, on the ice field outside the secret realm, Cheshu Di and others finally escaped from the wind area where the number of wind blades suddenly increased tenfold after a desperate run.  They were all injured and almost lost their combat effectiveness, but they were lucky to be able to save their lives.  "Hahaha!" Once it was safe, everyone laughed crazily, including Cheshu Di, who was usually the most stable, and couldn't help but laugh to save his life.  This time, their luck is very good. Before, they listened to Rui¡¯s advice.??s suggestion, he immediately left the northern secret realm and returned to the ice fields of the outside world.  Then they seemed to sense something and began to leave quickly across the wind-swept ice field.  As a result, two days later, the secret realm suddenly closed. Suddenly, the strong wind on the ice field increased tenfold, and the wind blade also increased tenfold, making it extremely dangerous.  Fortunately, everyone was far away at this time, and the danger on the ice sheet was greatly reduced, allowing them to finally escape safely.  "Ah! Ryan is still in the secret realm." Suddenly, Escardi mentioned Ryan, and everyone stopped laughing. This time Ryan saved everyone, and everyone was grateful to Ryan.  "Don't worry, Ruian will definitely be able to come out." Cheshudi was full of confidence in Ruian, "Let's find a safe place to settle down, recuperate, and wait for Ruian to come out." Everyone nodded in agreement. They were in the ice field.  Set up camp outside for repairs.  But after waiting for ten days, Ruian still didn't come out. At this time, many people were desperate. Since Ruian hadn't come out for so long, it meant that Ruian was in danger.  "No! I believe Ryan will definitely come back. No matter how much time passes, I believe he will not be trapped in the secret realm." In this regard, Cheshu Di is full of confidence.  Suddenly, several other people who were familiar with Ruian had similar thoughts.  "Let's go back! I'm going to the Oseidon family to wait for Ryan to come back." Everyone was bound to be unable to wait in the ice field for a long time. Cheshudi made a suggestion, which quickly attracted the agreement of several others, such as Escardi, who was not busy either.  Instead of going back to the Odoli Empire, he changed his route to the Kaouya Empire.  Go to House Oseidon and wait for Ryan to come back. ?¡­ ?What¡¯s wrong with Ryan?  He is still safe.  He has stayed in the cave these days and has not left, always thinking about the best way to leave.  "How about I walk for a while, and then find a big mountain to hide and rest. If I keep walking in this cycle, maybe I can leave the secret realm." This was the idea at the beginning, but it was quickly rejected, because now in the secret realm  The danger has reached a critical point that threatens Ruian's life. If he is unlucky, a sudden danger may kill Ruian.  "I think I still have potential that can be explored. Once my strength improves further, I will be able to block all dangers and leave safely." This is Ruian's final thought.  Therefore, he has been staying in this temporarily safe cave to practice in seclusion these days, trying to improve his strength.  "My fighting spirit has reached its limit. Even adding more will not help. Now it is not a problem of insufficient fighting spirit." "There is no need to improve my magic and sword skills. Even if they are improved, it seems that they can't stop those people.  Exploding wildly.¡± Finally, Ryan looked through the lighting crystal.  Looking at the mountain walls that continued to sway but remained solid all around, a burst of realization suddenly appeared in my heart: "By the way, my understanding of the earth element is still lacking. As long as I fully understand the meaning of the earth element and then integrate it into magic,  We will definitely be able to display the strongest defense of the earth element." With the direction, Ryan suddenly felt that the pressure was slightly relieved. He experienced it carefully and learned a lot these days.  But he was just short of the most crucial finishing touch, and he completely understood it.  "It would be nice to slowly experience it in a safe place, but right here it is possible to collapse at any time" At this moment, the cave that had been supporting for many days and was still strong finally couldn't support it and collapsed suddenly  Come down.  This time, Ruian will be buried alive.  At this critical moment of life and death, an idea flashed in Ruian's mind, and he felt a sense of heaviness that he had not been able to comprehend for a long time from the countless suffocating rocks that were coming towards him.  In an instant, the fragmented understandings in Ruian's mind were connected by this sense of weight, forming a complete understanding.  In an instant, Ruian quickly raised his hands high, and a large circle of light emerged from his palms. It was like a protective magic, and the fallen head was completely blocked by the mountain wall, making it impossible to fall again.  This is not shield magic, but it is better than shield magic. Its effect is several times more powerful than shield magic. At this moment, the mountain wall supporting most of the mountain appears to be at ease and relaxed.  "This is the secret of the earth element. I succeeded!" Ruian stood up happily. With the extremely powerful force of his arms, he completely lifted up the collapsed mountain wall, and then he broke out of the hole.  "Come on! Lightning! Come harder!" Ruian roared toward the sky, and then a halo of light appeared around his body that looked like a shield, but if you look closely, it didn't look like shield magic.  Soon, Ruian flew towards the entrance of the secret realm at high speed against the circle of light.  The lightning still struck Ruian fiercely, but when it hit the aperture, it seemed to be rebounded, and it bounced out all of a sudden.??, unable to break the aperture surrounding Ryan's body at all.  Not only lightning, but also various other dangers cannot break through this seemingly thin layer of aperture.  "Hahaha! This is the true meaning of earth magic." Ruian was filled with emotion and couldn't help but accelerate towards the entrance of the secret realm.  At this moment, Ruian is eager to return home. ?¡­ ?¡­ ?Fal City, in the manor of the Oseidon family.  Fairlie was talking to Ketisha in the yard. Ketisha had just arrived from the distant Kingdom of Arlo. She didn¡¯t know that Ryan had gone on an adventure to a dangerous secret place and might never come back.  Fairlie vaguely knew that Ryan was doing extremely dangerous things, but she did not dare to tell Katisha for fear that Katisha would be sad.  Suddenly, several figures flew straight over from the sky in the distance, but landed very directly in the yard.  "Ah! Level 9 Sword Master! Level 9 Holy Magister!" Ketisha couldn't help but stand up and exclaimed. She followed Ryan and was well-informed, so she could determine the identities of these people.  "Which one is Master Ruian's wife?" Cheshudi asked with a heavy face.  "I am." A sense of foreboding suddenly appeared in Ketisha's heart. Several level 9 professionals came to the scene in front of her. They were definitely not here to cause trouble for Ryan, but more like people who came to announce bad news.  For a moment, Ketisha's whole body became trembling, and she was almost unable to stand.  Looking at Ketisha¡¯s extremely frightened face, Cheshudi and others didn¡¯t know how to speak. If Ketisha was told the truth, they were really worried that Ketisha wouldn¡¯t be able to bear it.  "Tell me, what happened to Ryan?" Ketisha's trembling voice was filled with deep fear.  After a moment of silence, Cheshu Di had to bite the bullet and said: "Madam, Ruian" At this moment, a long whistle came from an extremely distant place. The sound was not loud, but it was exceptionally clear.  "Ah! This is Ryan's voice, he's back!" Ketisha's complexion quickly improved, she couldn't help shouting loudly, and then ran in the direction of the sound.  Cheshu Di and others were stunned, but then they shouted equally excitedly: "Haha! Ryan is back. He can indeed come out of the secret realm safely." Unfortunately, no one paid attention to Cheshu Di and others at this time.  Everything is focused on the figure flying rapidly in the distance in the sky.  This figure is Ryan, he is back!  After traveling day and night, I finally came back at the most critical moment.  Ryan stopped his body and landed directly in front of Katisha, and then desperately hugged Katisha tightly and did not let go for a long time "Ryan, you are back! It's great that you are back!" "Yes.  Ah! I¡¯m back and I¡¯ll never leave again! Let¡¯s live a normal life.¡±¡­ (End of the book)
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