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Volume 1 The Wind Rises 34. Banquet

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    34. Banquet "How dare you come here!" The moment they saw that I was not a thief, everyone in the room was stunned, and then the next second, oh well, they ran away. ????????? Look at the ah-oh-h-huh look, it¡¯s obvious that I¡¯m having a hard time playing the game, and I¡¯m going to have a real-person PK here.  But as soon as Ah Oh um rushed forward, he was stopped by the hippopotamus without losing any strength: "Don't come here, calm down." "Calm down!" Ah Oh um was still furious, passing by, Armstrong Cannon and others  I had to help, and I successfully suppressed the one who was about to rush up and beat him up, "Damn! Traitor! You actually dare to come here! Let me go! I'll beat him to death!" I'm not a thief.  He scratched his head and looked at everyone in the venue with some embarrassment, but he did not expect that his master would be so angry.  Of course, he doesn't dare to walk into this hall at the moment. He is really afraid that he will be beaten up by a group of people. This is not the purpose of his coming here. So at this moment, I am not a thief and still stand at the door, but  He didn't dare to go in. He completely lost the high-spirited attitude he had on the battlefield before.  "Okay, okay, stop making trouble." At this moment, Yuntian suddenly spoke, "Come in." "Yes, President." I smiled a little, and the restraint in my expression finally disappeared.  Got to relax.  "President?" After hearing the words that I was not a thief, the others were stunned, and even the furious Ah Oh um calmed down.  At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Yuntian, with an obvious look of doubt on his face.  "Let me introduce again, this is I am not a thief, ah oh um's apprentice." Yuntian pointed at the I am not a thief standing next to him, and introduced to everyone, but ah oh um, who was also shot while lying down, turned over.  He rolled his eyes and said, "Nickname, actor. Graduated from film and television academy." "What on earth is going on?" The passerby asked what everyone wanted to ask the most.  ¡°I was sent by the president to be an undercover agent in the monastery.¡± I am not a thief, I replied sheepishly.  So, everyone's eyes once again focused on Yuntian - of course, before that, they still looked at "I am not a thief", and then looked for the truth of what he just said on Yuntian's face.  xing.  Yuntian glanced at everyone, and then smiled: "Let me explain it to you"  After just finishing the second training session of Ah Oh, I received an invitation from the old naughty boy to meet me, so I hurriedly  coming.  But what he didn't expect was that among the people present, there was actually Yuntian, the real president of Wings of the Void. When he saw the big shot for the first time, he immediately felt a little nervous.  "You mean I'm not a thief?" After looking at me I'm not a thief, Yuntian smiled very easily, "Don't be nervous, just treat me as a friend." "Yesyes, President." I'm not a thief.  He took a deep breath and relaxed his mind slightly, "President, are you looking for me?" Tian nodded, "Actually, I have something to ask you." "Please ask me?" I'm not a thief.  Looking at the sky suspiciously.  "I have been observing you for a while, and I found that this task is really only possible for you." Yuntian nodded and said straight to the point, "I would like to ask you to be an undercover agent.   I know that you are a student at the Academy of Film and Television, and you are naturally good at acting. You are also very easy to devote yourself to, and it is easy to win the trust of others. Most importantly, I can see that you really have a sense of belonging to Wings of the Void.  So I feel relieved." Listening to Yuntian's words, I am not a thief and did not respond immediately, but looked at Yuntian quietly.  "How about it? Agree?" Yuntian continued, "Of course, you must be mentally prepared, because you are likely to fight with Xiaoa, hippopotamus or even me in the future. But I believe that even if I don't teach you these things  You, you also know how to do it, this is your specialty Of course, I won't let you do this in vain. I will let the old naughty boy arrange your tuition and various expenses in the future.  , and all the rewards given to you by the other party during your time as an undercover agent are all yours. " "I don't know, President, which guild do you want me to work as an undercover agent in?" I am not a thief after being silent for a moment.  He spoke.  "We don't know yet." Yuntian sighed helplessly, and then said.  "Don't know?" "Yes." Yuntian nodded, "However, when a person named Mr. Xing contacts you, it means that your undercover mission has officially begun." "I understand." I  Not the thief nodded and expressed his willingness to accept this task.  "Then??From now on, you are responsible for the intelligence work of Void Wings.  Yuntian smiled and said, "I will let the old naughty boy fully cooperate with you and make your worth high enough so that the other party will find you."  And what you are learning about intelligence work now will be very helpful for your undercover career in the future But you'd better establish two sets of intelligence systems, the first one is overt, and the second one is hidden.  The contact person is the old naughty boy.  " "I understand, President.  "I am not a thief and nodded very cautiously.  "That's probably it.  "Yuntian told everyone the story of how he asked me to be an undercover agent because I was not a thief. "Later on, our Void Wings always had two sets of intelligence systems.  One set is known to all of you, and the other set is secretly known only to the old naughty boy. They are all single-item contact information, and even I don¡¯t know it.  " "Damn, you already knew that the Hermitage would be detrimental to you?  " "At the beginning, I only knew that someone would be harmful to our guild, but I didn't know which guild it was.  "Yuntian smiled. "So, when did the little thief start entering the monastery as an undercover agent?  " At this moment, everyone looked at me as if I was not a thief, with a hint of admiration. This was truly a sign of enduring humiliation. "It started"  After the first party, everyone was about to leave Yanjing.  At that time, I was not a thief but I went to Yuntian. "I have promised to be ruthless.  "    "oh?  How did he react?  "Yuntian raised his eyebrows. This long-hidden plan finally succeeded. "As you expected, President, he is very happy.  "I'm not a thief" said, "When he first contacted me, I didn't agree. He asked me to think about it carefully."  I delayed him for this period of time and only agreed to him now. As expected, he did not doubt me.  And I also sent him some information.  " "Which information did you give him?  "Yuntian laughed. "Relevant information about the second transfer.  "I'm not a thief," I said with a smile, "By the way, Mr. Xing's game ID is called Xing Die Qingqing."  " Yuntian smiled, didn't say anything else, just nodded. "" "Damn it, you're too sinister!"  "I'm not a thief," he shouted. "Can you be more dangerous than Mr. Xing?"  "Yuntian curled his lips, "In that second mission, I originally gave him some information, but he actually wanted to give it to me in return and wanted to seduce me.  I did tell him a few real situations, otherwise he would have been too confident, so you all know the result.  "    "too dark.  "Everyone complained in unison. Tian curled his lips disdainfully, "I have to manage a guild. How can I do it if I'm not a gangster?  In that guild battle, who do you think gave Xiao Xiao the layout of the enemy's defense line so that he could easily go deep behind enemy lines?  That¡¯s not to say I wasn¡¯t sent out by a thief.  Intelligence warfare is better than anything else. That fool, Star Death Wuqing, was dozens of steps behind me from the beginning.  " "However, didn't he later have people attack him as he passed by?  " "That time" Yuntian laughed, "He later moved to Erhuoxing's villa, and those machines have archive records.  Although that idiot is stupid, he is not really stupid after all. He naturally wants to prevent others from leaking information. Those ecological cabins are specially customized and have information records inside, so it is naturally inconvenient for thieves to directly leak information.  Let me know the information.  " "What does that have to do with being attacked in passing?  " "He asked others to attack us, but in fact he was telling me that the important day who passed by the ring he got from Andrew smiled and explained, "We ignored that ring for some reasons. But.  Xingsi Qingqing knew the importance of the ring, so the thief sent the information completely through the hands of others And that time, he also used the Wings of the Void.  The ANBU intelligence system told the old naughty boy about the incident in advance, so the Ark Guild's attack was a failure anyway. " "But it's a pity." At this time, the old naughty boy said something.  The task of transporting goods can also be completed, and you can make more money." "Yeah, it's just a loss of hundreds of thousands of gold coins." At this point, Yuntian and the old naughty boy sighed at the same time.  ??Devil.  This is how everyone evaluates this old man and his young man.  "So, that little thief and the other party's illusionist" Hippo quickly grasped another key to the problem without losing his enthusiasm.  "Yes. That was also a piece of intelligence." Yun Tian nodded, "If there hadn't been that piece of intelligence?, in the Land of Dragons, we won't be able to deal with the illusionist immediately, so we will be the ones who die at that time.  " "So, during the robbery" "The entire fortress's defense layout and related information were all sent by the thieves through the ANBU.  "The old naughty boy nodded and admitted, "But I didn't expect Yun Tianzhen to actually plan to rob it. Later, it was Yun Tian who asked the little thief to find a way to defraud Xingshu Wuqing away.  As for the people left behind in the fortress, it was also the work of the little thief Even later, the little thief told me how Star Death Wuqing was preparing to launch a counterattack.  " Hearing this, everyone was speechless. The way they looked at Yuntian was no longer the second-rate look they had before. This game had been planned for two years. In this way, Xingchu Wuqing and his  The reason why the Priory lost to Yuntian was not because they were useless, but because they had fallen into Yuntian's trap from the beginning. No matter how hard they struggled, they could not get out of this trap. "Including us and the Priory Club today.  All the intelligence thieves told us about the competition early on, so it would be no problem for us to win.  " "Damn it, I thought you suddenly became so awesome. The manpower you arranged was very targeted. It turns out you already knew it.  " "Too cunning!  You are simply fighting the opponent with a cheating device!  "    "Ah ha ha!  "Yuntian laughed with a proud look on his face. "You're a scumbag, why doesn't anyone come and kill you?  "The hippopotamus curled his lips unabated, "If I were ruthless, I would have hired a killer to kill you long ago.  " "He found it.  "This time, it's my turn to talk." He was originally shouting in anger, but there was really a fool in his staff who was ready to do this.  "    "Then what?  "Yuntian was shocked. "I'm probably busy explaining the evidence to the police now.  "I'm not a thief" chuckled, "That's why I'm late."  " "Haha, I have you!  "Yuntian smiled very satisfied and said, "By the way, how is that fool doing now?  " " After successive failures, he had a big fight with his partners, and then completely fell out.  "I'm not a thief," I replied, "His partner is the European Carlifen Consortium."  However, judging from the current situation, it is estimated that they will completely withdraw from Asia in the near future because the money they mobilized to invest here has ruined the candidate for the successor of the Califan Consortium and the Star Death Merciless.  .   Speaking of which, this candidate seems to have some conflicts with you, Uncle Wang.  " The old naughty boy was stunned for a moment, then nodded without saying anything. Everyone in the elite group knows his story. " I'm afraid that after he goes back, he will no longer be a candidate.  "I am not a thief and smiled slightly. Some words do not need to be said in full. Sure enough, after hearing the words that I am not a thief, the old naughty boy was stunned for a moment, and then laughed. "By the way, President, I will bring you something.  Here comes some good news.  "    "oh?  Any other good news?  " " Before Stars Die Wuqing quit the game, he actually discovered a historic site called Sky City. It is said that there are two scrolls you want on it.  I said with a smile, not a thief, "Do you think this is good news?"  " "Haha, this is indeed good news!  Yuntian was stunned for a moment, then laughed, and then opened a bottle of champagne, "Everyone!"  Tonight is our celebration party!  Congratulations to the little thief who has retired and officially returned to our elite group.  Everyone will not go home until they are drunk tonight.  " "Master, I remember you can't drink alcohol, and you can't drink orange juice either.  "While Yuntian was pouring champagne for everyone, I Am Not a Thief indeed suddenly took out a bag he brought, "I brought you your favorite beef nai.  " "Smelly little boy!  "    "Ah ha ha!  "    (over)
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