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Text Chapter 29: Making money is easy

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    In fact, lottery tickets are no longer allowed to be issued in the 31st century, because people in the 31st century have discovered the loopholes in the lottery. Some people who are good at numerical calculations can use the loopholes to accurately calculate the winning number of the lottery to more than ten digits.  As long as you spend tens of thousands of dollars, you can win the first prize every time.  Lin Feng is a leader in digital calculation. Taking the two-color ball in the 21st century as an example, he can accurately calculate the numbers in the red area to within fifteen numbers, and the numbers in the blue area can be accurate to two digits.  However, even if the winning numbers can be accurately determined to this extent, it is still a small problem for Lin Feng to win, because if he wants to make a multiple bet of fifteen plus two, it will cost at least more than 20,000 yuan, and he only has a few dollars in his pocket.  A steel collapse.  It is obviously impossible to ask Lan Qian'er to borrow money. Her predecessor already owed her enough. If she were to ask her to borrow more than 20,000 yuan to buy lottery tickets, she would probably hit her with a kitchen knife.  There was no other way, so Lin Feng had no choice but to go to the casino.  In fact, going to the casino is also a way to make quick money, but if you win too much money in the casino, it will easily attract people's attention, so Lin Feng only plans to go to the casino to make enough money from the multiple lottery tickets.  Lin Feng left the house early in the morning and took the bus to the casino. He only had a Gang Bang in his pocket.  So he decided to start playing slot machines.  In the 31st century, people¡¯s research on slot machines has been as thorough as women in this era have studied their own faces. Therefore, even if Lin Feng only has a steel chip on his body, it is easy to win money from slot machines.  However, in order not to attract people¡¯s attention, after Lin Feng won a thousand yuan, he converted his points into cash.  Next, Lin Feng set his sights on blackjack, pai gow, mahjong, and roulette - in order not to attract attention, no matter what he played, he always lost a small amount first, and then won.  Then there were small losses and big wins - and just like that, it was already afternoon when he finally won more than 20,000 yuan without showing off.  When he walked out of the casino, Lin Feng bought a pair of sunglasses and a hat, armed himself, and went directly to the lottery betting station. The reason why he was armed was because he was afraid of being recognized by others¡ª¡ªit seems that everyone who wins the jackpot in the 21st century is afraid.  Being recognized.  That night, the numbers drawn by Shuangseqiu were indeed within their precise numbers.  Lin Feng estimated that the first and second prizes of his double-entry ticket together should be more than 10 million, and after tax, it is estimated to be about 10 million.  He easily made a net profit of 10 million in one day, but Lin Feng had no sense of accomplishment.  His business in the thirty-first century could make more than 10 million profits a day, and all he has to do now is wait for dawn to claim his prize.  The next day, Lin Feng slept until the afternoon before going to collect the prize. After detailed calculation, Lin Feng netted more than 11 million yuan after deducting taxes. After spending several hours to get all the prizes, a lady persuaded him  He made some contributions to charity. Lin Feng saw that she was quite pretty, so he donated 1 million to charity, and then opened two cards with his ID card, depositing 5 million in each card and leaving one.  One for myself and one for Lan Qian'er.  In fact, he can use this money to continue buying lottery tickets, and he will soon become the richest man on earth. However, for Lin Feng, his coming to the 21st century is just a journey. For him, money and fame are  It doesn¡¯t matter, as long as it¡¯s enough.  ¡ª¡ª Mo Zhaozhong answered a phone call. This call came from Lan Qian'er's home. It was from someone  The man's voice said something happened to Lan Qian'er.  Mo Zhaozhong hurriedly called Lan Qianer's cell phone but it kept turning off. It seemed that something had really happened.  Although Mo Zhaozhong called and scolded Lan Qian'er some time ago, after all, father and daughter have a deep love. When he thought that something might happen to Lan Qian'er, he was so anxious that he didn't even take his wife with him as a driver, so he drove by himself.  His home was still some distance from the blue apartment. When passing by a secluded road, Mo Zhaozhong noticed a car parked in front of him. There was a person lying in the middle of the road, and honking the horn was useless.  Mo Zhaozhong was helpless, he couldn't just press him.  He opened the door and got out of the car and was about to move him aside. As soon as he got out of the car, the man lying on the ground moved. Three or four people with their faces covered also ran out of the car in front and rushed towards him.  .  With rich life experience, Mo Zhaozhong realized that he had been deceived. The phone call just now was a conspiracy, and this group of people came to kidnap him.  As a result, before he had time to take out the phone, he was hit with a sap on the back of the head. He screamed and passed out.  "Haha, I didn't expect kidnapping to be easy, just like on TV." Several people packed Mo Zhaozhong in sacks and carried him into the car. After punching him hard to make sure he was unconscious, they started the car and chatted.  The sky has risen.  "Haha, Mr. Xia, your trick is quite unique. You just used his daughter's home phone to call him, and you also imitated Lin Feng's voice. Mo Zhaozhong will record it for the police in the future."?, the finger of blame must be pointed at Lin Feng.  "A person with a face full of anger said. "His daughter and I are colleagues, why is it so difficult to steal a key to her house?  Unexpectedly, the two of them cooperated very well. Lan Qian'er had to have a day of talking at the company and her cell phone kept shutting down.  And when I just went to Lan Qian'er's house, Lin Feng was not at home either.  I will order people to put Mo Zhaozhong¡¯s watch, mobile phone and other belongings in Lin Feng¡¯s room later, and then call the police. By then, Lin Feng will not be able to clean himself after jumping into the Yellow River.  "If Lan Qian'er and Lin Feng saw the person talking, they would be shocked. This person is actually Xia Luowen. "Well, then I will let it out a little bit and say that people from the Longhu Gang were involved in this kidnapping.  And Lin Feng happens to be from the Longhu Gang, haha, that would be hilarious.  This Lin Feng has never done anything since he joined our Dragon Tiger Gang. I never thought that he could be my hidden ghost this time.  "The arrogant man looked proud. He was none other than Zhou Longhu, the boss of the Longhu Gang. "This is indeed lively, but you are the boss of the Longhu Gang after all. If you let yourself out like this, you will probably be suspected by the police.  .  " Xia Luowen said worriedly. "Haha, by that time I had already taken the ransom and went abroad - by the way, Mr. Xia, how much ransom are we planning to extort this time?  "Zhou Longhu asked expectantly. "Ten million.  If you have more people, we will divide the accounts between four and six. You will have six and I will have four.  " "Haha, it's refreshing to work with Mr. Xia.  By the way, Mr. Xia, let me ask more, since you and his daughter are colleagues, and you want to pursue his daughter, why did you kidnap him?  Zhou Longhu asked puzzledly.
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