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Volume 1: Nirvana of the Mountain Village Boy Chapter 999: The Fruit of the Path (Ending Chapter)

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    Boom!  Suddenly, Lei Ze took action against the Demon Lord. The powerful thunder light, combined with the Law of Thunder, blasted away the Demon Lord's shadow, instantly exposing him to the Law of Dao. With an angry roar, he ended up with the same fate as the Supreme Lord of the Horse Clan.  .  Returning again, I don¡¯t know how many millions of years it will take to remain silent.  The Blood Emperor took the opportunity to attack Lei Ze, but at this moment, Lei Ze retreated outside to avoid the Blood Emperor's attack. Before withdrawing, Lei Ze struck at Hongjun again, knocking him back a few steps.  This made the Blood Emperor feel baffled. He had already come here, why did he have to withdraw?  Hongjun showed a look of hatred. The ghost in Dihuang was able to take away Lei Ze's body, which was inseparable from him. This was Lei Ze's revenge.  In fact, Hongjun and the Blood Emperor were very confused at this time, why did the Wolf Ancestor, the Goddess, and Ning Wuque not take action?  Are you waiting for the thunder tribulation to dissipate?  Judging from the situation of Haotian's tribulation, it will take a long time for this thunder tribulation to dissipate, and by this time, they have all obtained the Eight Desolations Dao Fruit.  However, this is not a bad thing for them. Now there are only two people left. Hongjun's eyes flashed coldly. He has planned for this moment for tens of millions of years, how can he give it to others?  Boom!  At this time, Hongjun and the golden figure merged into one, bursting out a bright divine light, blasting towards the Blood Emperor, and the Blood Emperor was not behind. The two fought fiercely in the thunder tribulation, and it was extremely fierce.  Even Hongjun, the closer he is to the Eight Desolations Dao Fruit, the weaker the power of heaven and earth he can control. In the fight with the Blood Emperor, he has to guard against the power of thunder and calamity. However, it is this advantage that makes Hongjun  Have the last laugh.  The Blood Emperor was pierced through his body and shattered in the thunder.  "Hahaha!" Hongjun laughed.  The blood-stained body headed towards the core of thunder and calamity shrouded in colorful clouds.  ??Outside of the thunder tribulation.  Ning Wuque and Wolf Ancestor stood opposite each other.  "Why don't you fight for that Dao Fruit?" Ancestor Wolf held a long knife in his hand, wore a silver robe, and smiled.  Ning Wuque looked at the Wolf Ancestor. His legendary life was inseparable from the influence of this wolf supreme.  "Dao Fruit? Dao Fruit is in your heart. My Dao Fruit is to defeat you." Ning Wuque said.  "Aren't you curious about what I will see in the future?" Ancestor Wolf said with a smile.  "Why be curious? The future. As long as you live, there will be a future. Everyone's path and fruit are different. I have been thinking about why I am a rootless person. I have no roots. Nature is like duckweed. How to realize the Tao and find the root.  , to become a big tree in the sky." Ning Wuque looked at Wolf Ancestor, "Then I suddenly understood that the so-called rootlessness is just cutting off oneself." "When did you understand that?"  "When Huangpao brought me a message, when Xuanhuang came out, and when there was a battlefield between gods and demons, the God of Death said that it was time to return to the ancient times for the fallen leaves to return to their roots. I found the opportunity to prove the truth. That is the root, find the proof  Only with the root of the Tao can one attain the Tao, not with the fruit of the Tao!" Ning Wuque looked at Hongjun, who was walking towards the Eight Desolate Tao Fruits in the midst of the thunderstorm, and said lightly, "If the root is there, it will sprout.  , it can grow and bear fruit. To get the fruit, you still need to cultivate it and let it take root. What if the fruit cannot take root? "It's like the goddess didn't move?"  As he spoke, the goddess's murderous intent came over coldly and without hesitation.  Ning Wuque smiled at her, "Just like the root of her enlightenment is in me, no matter what path she attains, she is causally involved with me, and my attainment is also involved with you, and your attainment is the same.  "This metaphor is very vivid. Roots are the key. Without fruit, the tree can still bear fruit. Without roots, the tree can only die."  "Actually, I only understood this truth by chance. The person who taught me this truth was an orphan. He planted roots and bore fruit. He planted fruit but reaped nothing." The Wolf Ancestor said, "How can I put it? Time is really good.  It's a very interesting law. You can see many things that others can't see, such as the future and the past. I used the power of heaven to bring you back from the future. It was indeed correct, just like when I came back from the future.  Go back to the past, in the Immortal Tomb, and tell Hongjun that the opportunity for them to attain enlightenment is the same. " "If you think I am your root, I'm sorry, you are wrong," said the Wolf Ancestor with a smile.  The orphan who woke me up was not the tree I chopped off. How could a tree survive without roots? " "Of course. Have you ever seen a tree without roots? I have seen it grow roots.  Roots are just trees. They grow roots on their own. I just said that you are the last battle before my enlightenment. You are the fruit of my enlightenment. I did not say that you are the root of my enlightenment. There are no roots.  People can also grow roots." Ning Wuque looked at Wolf Ancestor.  ¡°Mom, what are they talking about???  "Ning Chen was confused. He was getting close to the goddess. His thighs are thicker than his father's. If he gets into trouble in the future, if he stands behind his mother, huh, who else? If he stands behind his father, huh, his butt will suffer again. "I see.  !  "The wolf ancestor nodded, and then stepped forward with a long sword, "In the battle of the Supreme, all wolf tribes in the past generations who have reached the supreme combat power have the opportunity to become the supreme. All you need to do is defeat the old supreme. You have the supreme combat power and you can challenge me.  So, waiting for you to fight.  " "I have been looking forward to this battle for a long time!  "Ning Wuque nodded. "Boom!" The wolves were surrounded by stars, turning into a time universe, while Ning Wuque was flowing with the long river of time, submerging the two figures. "Hey, why is there no one?  "The light faded away, and Ning Chen looked over there curiously. "The battle of time naturally rages in time.  "The goddess spoke for the first time, her voice was ethereal and insubstantial, like a dream, but it made Ning Chen very happy. His life was finally protected. From now on, I will play the emotional card. Dad will never dare to spank me again.?¡­?Wan Mu  The sky is full of frost and frost, and the leaves are floating all over the sky. The Shenhuang Mountains are towering and endless, like real dragons circling. The ancient trees stand in the sky, and the ancient cliffs are surrounded by thousand-year-old vines.  In the wild scene, black clouds are rolling in the sky, covering all directions. A silver moon is hidden among the thick black clouds, and the towering mountains are towering into the clouds, majestic and majestic.  From time to time, it exudes endless grandeur. On the ancient stone steps, there are towering old trees and old vines, like real dragons as thick as buckets, standing on the top of the mountain. "  Are you sure you don't want to go to Taikoo?  "The man in silver robe asked. The man with purple hair and white robe smiled and looked at the two women beside him, shaking his head slightly, "I won't go, I have my roots here.  Why should I follow you to Taikoo again?  Xing Gong and Ning Feng will ask you to take care of them.  " "By the way, why hasn't the goddess been chasing you recently?  "The man in silver robe asked with a smile. The man in white robe was helpless, "I am trapped in the river of time and cannot get out for the time being. Otherwise, I would not dare to bring flowers and peacocks out.  "Boom! Time and space rotate, and the heaven and earth change. Endless coercion envelopes the void. There is a rumble, and a giant man holding an ax walks out of the sky. His black hair is shawl, covering most of his face. He is "chiluo" with his upper body covered in muscles.  It's like a coiled dragon, full of shocking power. "The road to time and space is opened, the ancient passage is open, and you can leave."  " Ning Wuque looked at Haotian after he attained enlightenment, "Haotian, you look like this.  It's really" "Hmph, you'd better get rid of the goddess' pursuit first and then laugh.  " "I'm going to Taikoo.  Go faster.  "Seeing that not only Ning Wuque was smiling, Haotian roared, and the color of the world suddenly changed. The powerful men on the top of the mountain walked into the door of time and space one after another. There were Kong Xuan, Ran Deng, Zhao Gongming, Qingxu Daode Zhenjun, and Xie  Divine Spear, Wolf Clan Powerhouse, Dragon Clan Ancestral Dragon, Xing Tian, ??Xing Gong, Yi Yun, Ning Feng, Ning Fan, as well as Shenxiu, Ksitigarbha, Lu Ya, Xuangui, Kunpeng, Bai Qi, and other powerful people from the Eight Desolations  . Bai Qi was killed by Tongtian, but his soul was not damaged. After Haotian achieved enlightenment, he used the power of heaven and earth to reshape his body. Ning Fan wanted to go to Taikoo because he was preparing to enter the world. However, in Ning.  In the perfect world, there is no Tao he is looking for. With a firm Taoist heart, he resolutely embarks on the ancient road. In addition, there are Lei Ze, Beast King, Qingqiu, Nuwa and others who have been promoted to supreme combat power.  The strong man. Boom! The time and space of the world returned to normal. Haotian resisted the urge to beat Ning Wuque and walked away. Not long after, he saw Haotian coming back with a child and a small beast, and said angrily, "Don't.  To cause destruction in Shenhuang, especially your son, tell him to get away as far as he can. If I see him again, I will send him directly to Taikoo.  " Ning Chen stood up aggrievedly and rubbed his butt. The little golden beast touched its round belly, pointed its middle finger at Haotian, and muttered, "Don't you just want to eat some honey?  " "Dad, aunt, second mother!  "Ning Chen stood aside obediently, but looked around, why hasn't mom come yet? Boom! Time and space were torn apart, and a figure appeared. Ning Wuque's face changed slightly, and he disappeared with the Flower Fairy and the Peacock Fairy. "Shua!  " The seven-colored light shines, extremely holy, like a round of seven-colored divine sun hanging in the sky, blooming with immeasurable divine brilliance. A graceful silhouette, surrounded by seven-colored brilliance, is dazzling. "Mom is here, pull!  "Ning Chen also ran away,Don't run away. I thought that after awakening my mother's memory, I would hold her in my lap. Unexpectedly, the spanking was even harder than that of my father.  ¡­ ¡­ Outside the small village surrounded by mountains and rivers, a winding river flows. Several children are playing. A child is squatting by the pond, listening to the story told by an old man fishing.  "What about the bad guy named Hongjun?" The old man said, "If you get the Tao Fruit, you can also realize the Tao. It depends on whether the Tao Fruit can sprout. Unfortunately, the Tao Fruit he got did not sprout, and he ended up with the same fate as the bad guy." "  "Liar, didn't you say that the Supreme Being is immortal?" "Of course he is not dead, and Hongjun is not dead either. He is just reincarnated, reincarnated, and reincarnated again, just like Haotian's enlightenment and the reincarnation of the Three Pure Ones, completely breaking away from Pangu's influence and embarking on the path of seeking.  The path is the same. Even those supreme beings are returning to the ancient times and returning to their roots." "Who will win in the battle between Ning Wuque and Wolf Ancestor?" "What about those ancient times?  So what if the strong man goes to the ancient times?" The old man smiled, "I've never been there, how can I know? What else can I do? It must be alive and dead, and they will come back in the end. Where are the roots?  "You should die there." "The demon king has attained enlightenment, why are you still afraid of the goddess?" The child was puzzled.  The old man smiled, "It's not that I'm afraid, but there's no need to fight. Even if I kill the goddess, what's the point? Since it's meaningless, why bother fighting to the death? Besides, men should always give way to women." "Our back mountain is called "  The Seven Sacred Mountains, there are seven tombstones on the mountain, are they the seven dead saints?" the child asked.  "My name is Sun Wukong. Are some people also called Bull Demon King? Am I the reincarnation of Sun Wukong?" "Who knows?" The old man put away his fishing gear and returned home. His two wives were waiting for him to come home for dinner.  After dinner, let¡¯s talk about home affairs.  Suddenly, the fairy light shines.  "Alas, I have to run away again"
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