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The final volume of life together, the final chapter, saying goodbye with a smile

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    "Oh no, no, no, no" Shui Yun ran to Master Cat like a headless chicken: "Brother-in-law, I seem to have forgotten your ring at home." "Ha! I knew it, even the bachelor party  This is what happens to the best man who didn't make it" Liu Hang came out and complained as if he was gloating at his misfortune.  Mr. Mao still looked calm: "Are you still wondering whether to treat it as a striptease? You should understand that holding a traditional bachelor party may bring us disaster." Wang Xu stood  He said with vacant eyes: "The wedding will start in less than twenty minutes now. If you can't find the ring, you will be in disaster" "Okay, okay, calm down, little guy, don't let the girls see it.  Yes, just like this, wipe off the sweat. Remember you are the best man, so be calm." Mr. Mao was definitely a movie star. His expression did not change, and he pretended to be fine and whispered: "Wang Xu, quietly.  He walked out of the church quickly, then rushed to my house to look for the ring, and then came back as quickly as possible. Anyway, if you carry a baby on your back, even if you attract attention when you go out, others will think that you just took him to change diapers or something. "  "As expected, he is a master of high-speed mass production and treacherous tricks. Could his son's physiological phenomena be used as a cover like this" Although Wang Xu said this, he still obeyed the instructions in action.  He carried a child on his back and wore a clerical robe as he walked out of the church. He looked so silly that he was sure to be onlookers as he walked down the street.  But as soon as he left the church door, Wang Xu was stunned. The courtyard and driveway outside had changed and turned into an open area. It was only two or three o'clock in the afternoon, but now the sky was red with the sunset.  The boundless earth is connected to the distant sky, as if this is an empty world.  But less than ten meters in front of Wang Xu, there was a park bench standing alone, which looked very eye-catching.  He walked forward like a ghost, took off the ancient clothes from his back, and placed it on the bench. At this time, the child actually fell asleep with his thumb in his mouth.  Wang Xu himself was sitting there, waiting quietly. He didn't know what he was waiting for.  But we waited.  On the horizon, a man appeared, wearing a T-shirt and medium trousers, riding a children's tricycle, walking slowly. His face was blurred against the setting sun. Even if Wang Xu tried hard to look, he could not see it.  It is difficult to see its appearance clearly.  Mr. Shen also sat on the bench. He and Wang Xu were sitting at both ends, and in the middle was young Master Gu Sui, who was lying and sleeping soundly.  "Are you here to ask me for the answer?" Wang Xu said.  "No need to say it, I already know that you have already made your choice." Shen replied.  "Hey! Is this mystical tone imitating "Matrix"? Your next sentence shouldn't be, the point is why you chose this way, right?" God sneered: "Of course the reason for your choice is" He looked up  Looking at the sky, he said righteously: "Threesome is every man's dream." Then he lowered his head to Wang Xu: "Really?" Wang Xu was shocked: "Suddenly, the conversation changed and completely refreshed his lower limit!  What kind of god are you?" Shen said: "You just need to remember that I will treat you generously and ask for nothing in return. That's all." He waved his hand and threw the two rings to Wang Xu, then stood up.  Returned to his car.  Wang Xu caught the ring and said, "Are you leaving?" "Yeah, I think at least for a long time, I won't care about you anymore, and you can live happily ever after."  "Wang Xu smiled and asked: "Should I say goodbye or say goodbye forever?" Shen turned around and said: "Huh This is not a question you should ask. I can let you go.  Ship, but can¡¯t reveal any future. Two years ago, you were nobody and had nothing. But now, in the church behind you, there are your classmates, colleagues, gay friends, and the soulless guys.  They are considered your friends, aren't they? These are not given to you by me, although I used to think they were, but now I have to say that you are no longer 'nothing', you have achieved all this by yourself, and you have everything that belongs to you.  "This is your world, your life. As you once said, I can control whether you live or die, but I can no longer decide whether you cry or laugh." Wang Xu took a long breath, stood up, and put on his back again.  Gu San: "Then, I'll say goodbye to you with a smile, Mr. Shen." God pedaled on the little tricycle and gradually went away. In the end, he couldn't help shouting: "Don't get carried away! I  I'll be back sooner or later!" "Hey! The result is revealed!"
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