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Chapter 243: I saw the plain and thought of you

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    While Linn was chewing the chewing gum she got from the female guard she knocked down, she carefully hid behind the grille of the vent above the corridor. The piercing sirens all around made her a little upset, but because of her ability  It was still sealed, so I had to endure it.  She discovered early on that there were a large number of monitors in every corridor here. It would be very risky to walk directly in them without any care. It happened to be right above the stairwell where she knocked down the guard who had been watching over her.  There was an opening for a ventilation duct, and Linn, who was relatively slender, chose to use the ventilation duct as a temporary means of movement.  Through the gaps in the grille, Linn could see guards driving many imprisoned "patients" back to their rooms with eager expressions from time to time. Most of the patients obeyed the instructions silently.  But there was still a part of them that seemed to feel that an "opportunity" had come, and turned around and wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape. They even directly chose to have a direct conflict with the guards who looked big and thick.  "You are so courageous." Linn blew up a small bubble with chewing gum and looked at the scene below while thinking silently in his heart, "It's a pity that my brain is not very good." Linn felt the power of the electric baton in the hands of the guard.  Naturally, it is clear that even if his ability is sealed, he still has resistance and perception of electric current. If this electric baton is turned on to the maximum power, it can even burn a small wound on Linn's body.  Now I see that as soon as the electric baton in the guard's hand comes into contact with the "disobedient" "patients", those patients will twist crazily as if they have eaten Xuanmai, and then rise up with the sound of lightning.  The green smoke fell to the ground together, and even the air seemed to begin to exude the smell of burnt protein.  After most of the disobedient "patients" fell to the ground, the guards would forcibly ask other "patients" to lift them up and drive them back to their respective rooms together, while there were still three or five lying on the ground.  They didn't move, and the guards didn't care about them anymore, just left them there and left.  "Haha" Linn sneered in her heart when she saw this scene. She could clearly see that these unlucky guys didn't know whether it was because they had bad hearts and couldn't bear the electric shock or for other reasons. Anyway, they were dead.  Although she was also a "patient" of Assam Hospital, she didn't feel any sympathy for the plight of these guys. However, judging from the indifference of the guards after electrocuting these unfortunate guys, Linn came to two conclusions:  a conclusion.  First, it should indeed be the same as the information I learned from the guard who was subdued before. This alarm is a very urgent situation, so some "restless" guys must be dealt with severely.  Second, this so-called "hospital" does not treat the imprisoned "patients" as human beings at all.  After a while, the alarm was still sounding nonstop, but the guards and "patients" in this passage had all been evacuated. Linn observed for a few more minutes. With his size, he could travel in the ventilation duct.  The route ended here. Although she didn't want to be photographed by the surveillance camera, she was no longer willing to wait any longer. After making sure that no one was around, she planned to leave the ventilation duct where she was at this time and find her way underground.  On the way to the institute, find a way to open your own bracelet.  But just when Linn was about to take action, she suddenly felt an uneasy throb in her heart, and her hands and face that were about to push away the grille in front of her stopped.  "There's someone!" Even though her ability was temporarily sealed, Linn's intuition told her so. At this time, the entire corridor was brightly illuminated by LED lights. From her perspective, there was no one at all.  In addition to a few "patients" who had already expired lying on the ground not far away, Linn was very sure that these guys were indeed no longer breathing.  "Stealth? Spirit? Optical camouflage?" Linn, who was quite confident in his intuition, was almost 100% sure that there was someone in this corridor, but he couldn't see it at all.  This made her situation a bit worse now that she had left. If her ability was still there, Linn could use the electromagnetic field she spread to locate the enemy like a radar, but she had no choice at this time.  Linn huddled himself in the ventilation duct, forcing himself to remain motionless, while slowing down his breathing, waiting for other opportunities, and observing more carefully.  Finally, after she concentrated her attention, she noticed something was wrong. The air flow seemed to be strange somewhere on one side of the corridor, causing the refraction of the light to become slightly distorted, vaguely outlining an image similar to the human body. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? out ??????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Linn saw this figure walked to theFinally, a man wearing a black jumpsuit and what looked like a pilot's helmet appeared in front of Linn.  Because of the way he was dressed, Linn couldn't tell whether this guy was a boy or a girl. He only saw the man in black squatting next to the corpses. His one-piece black clothes were wrapped with stripes that looked like a tree diagram.  Textures, there is a faint fluorescence in these textures, a tactical bag of the same texture is tied to the waist and thighs, and a firearm similar to an FNP90 submachine gun is held in one hand. The gun also has the same texture as the clothes.  There was a slight flash of light, while the other hand was groping for something on the corpses.  "Optical camouflage" Seeing the person and the equipment that suddenly appeared in front of him, Linn immediately understood the reason why he could not see the other person before. "But it seems that he cannot remain invisible when contacting other objects other than the ground or it must be  Are you considering the energy supply? " Linn kept thinking about how to deal with the problem at hand while continuing to observe. After groping for a moment on the corpses, Linn directly grabbed the wrist of one of the corpses.  He directly pulled off a bracelet, and then, after seemingly confirming it for a moment, he placed the bracelet in the tactical satchel hanging on his waist.  Seeing this, Linn subconsciously glanced at the bracelet on her hand with her peripheral vision. Although she couldn't see clearly because of the distance, whether it was the same kind of bracelet that the man in black took away, her memory told her.  I, the body that the man in black was groping for just now, seems to be eating in the cafeteria and belongs to a person who is also being guarded by special guards like myself. If we use this to deduce "This man in black has the ability to remove the bracelet?"  Linn suddenly had this idea in his mind, "Or will the bracelet naturally unlock after wearing it and losing traces of life? If it is the former" Although I know that the greater possibility is the latter, but if  If it's the former, then you can find a faster way to unlock the seal, and you don't have to go to some basement research institute. I don't know if it can be done Linn's hand alternately stretched out to the one pinned behind his back.  He held a high-power electric baton and thought about whether he could capture the man in black if he took action at this time.  When the ability is sealed, it is indeed a bit tricky to face an enemy with stealth ability, but if there is advance preparation and sudden attack, Linn still has a lot of confidence based on his simple physical fitness at this time.  But she didn't know if the other party had other abilities besides the obvious optical camouflage equipment on his body, so she decided to observe it for a while.  After the man in black put away the bracelet, he pressed his palms on each of the corpses several times. Then Linn saw that the corpses seemed to have suddenly weathered and turned into  There was a pile of particles that were finer than dust, and a piece of rising steam. These ashes and steam disappeared completely under the flow of air in a short while, leaving only the remaining clothes and underwear on the spot.  Seeing this, Linn had no choice but to think of a surprise attack. Regardless of whether this ability was a superpower or a prop, it would be too risky to act rashly. She could only hope that this guy would leave as soon as possible before making other plans.  While Linn was still struggling, suddenly there were bursts of footsteps not far from the corridor. Although it didn't seem so obvious amid the continuous sound of the alarm, Linn still noticed that there seemed to be more than one person coming.  The man in black immediately turned around. In Linn's field of vision, he saw the textured light on his black jumpsuit and the gun in his hand flowing rapidly. In less than one breath,  The whole person seemed to have melted into the air and lost all traces.  "Who is this person Leaving aside the man in black who obviously had some special mission just now, everyone else should have evacuated according to the alarm at this time" Linn, who had lost the opportunity to raid, continued to be silent.  Keep an eye on ventilation ducts.  Through the grille, Linn saw three figures walking over from the other side of the corridor. Judging from their clothes, they seemed to be the "doctors" of this "hospital", and it happened that the "doctor" at the front was  Linn's face was very familiar, but he was not a doctor from Assam Hospital, but "Doctor Zhu from Qincheng Second Hospital", and behind him were Li Wushang and Xiaoquan.  "Sure enough, this guy also escaped, and his chosen destination should also be the underground research institute" For some reason, as long as he saw Zhu Jue, Linn would have an inexplicable feeling of powerlessness in his heart, "No, Zhu Jue  His abilities should have also been sealed. If he is attacked by the guy who just made himself invisible, he might end up in a bad situation So should I not remind him, or should I not remind him? " No, I can't laugh.  Making a sound Linn quickly covered his mouth.  Looking at Zhu Jue and the others,As he walked towards the place where the man in black was hiding, Zhu Jue suddenly stopped and said to the two people behind him: "Wait, something is wrong." "What's wrong, Captain Zhu?"  When Li Wushang heard this, he immediately stopped and showed a vigilant expression, and began to observe his surroundings.  "Something's wrong" Zhu Jue stood more than ten meters away from the clothes that had turned into fly ash and fell to the ground, staring at the scattered clothes in front of him.  Xiaoquan's eyes followed Zhu Jue's and she frowned slightly before saying, "How come there are clothes left there There must be no one who still chooses to run naked at this time." Then Xiaoquan  Li Wushang and Li Wushang looked at each other. Li Wushang had also participated in several missions. Although Xiaoquan only participated in one mission when he was still Luo Xiaobei, he was later resurrected and infiltrated into the upper echelons of the cult.  Their experience is by no means small, and the two of them knew that there was definitely something wrong with encountering something that seemed inexplicable at this time.  The two of them even considered the possible situation in their minds. An outsider had sneaked into the hospital scene and needed to change clothesor the original owner of the clothes had been exposed to something like corpse water "There is someone hiding here.  It's somewhere we can't see." Zhu Jue looked alert, squinting his eyes slightly and looking around the clothes.  "This guy" Linn, who was still behind the ventilation grille not far away, was a little surprised. According to her expectation, if this guy Zhu Jue saw those clothes, he would just walk over without hesitation. It looked like what he just did  The man in black might not be able to make a surprise attack on them, "When did he become so alert? Has his mental illness really improved after being treated by this 'hospital'?  " Because he knew that his actions had been exposed, and that except for himself, the abilities of the other two people had been sealed, Xiaoquan immediately planned to activate his telepathy ability and checked the surrounding situation.  "No need, Xiaoquan." Zhu Jue suddenly said, seemingly aware of Xiaoquan's actions behind him, "I already know who the hiding guy is." Linn sighed silently, and it seemed that next time  Maybe they would really start to fight. If they really started fighting, should they suddenly help Zhu Jue from behind? He once again grasped the electric baton. Linn exhaled slowly, thinking that he was being sealed.  I don¡¯t know how much of the combat experience and skills after special abilities can be used.  At least for now, it seems that this guy suddenly doesn't seem so unreliable. If he can never get sick, maybe he won't think about how to leave this team all day long.  If it had been before "That's not right!" While thinking about it, Linn suddenly realized that Zhu Jue, this guy, had never been sick at all, and the scene in front of him must have been the same. She should have seen him as early as the moment she saw him  Just turn around and go back along the ventilation duct to find another way.  But she still noticed it too late.  "linn, I knew it was you!" Zhu Jue had a confident smile on his face. He stretched out his hand and pointed to somewhere in the pile of clothes on the ground. Although the distance was not close, the eyesight of the people present could still clearly see that,  Zhu Jue was pointing to a small piece of light pink underwear with no pattern decoration. "I always felt like an acquaintance was nearby, but I couldn't remember who it was until I saw this double A cup."  "I just remembered, Linn, you are really nearby, right?" "Who are you talking about!"
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