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Text File.160 The place of ghosts that is no longer silent

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    As the saying goes, it doesn't mean that enemies never get together.  Although due to war and natural disasters, the road leading from the Eastern Plaguelands to the north has undergone acceptable terrain changes, this secret place connecting the two sides has not undergone any indiscernible transformation due to the erosion of time.  .  But The activities of natural disasters do not seem to be the reason why a familiar face appears on the road to the Ghost Land.  "Akilsund" After turning around the path between the two mountains and re-locking the route in the direction of Silvermoon City, a group of creatures lying on the road not far away blocked everyone's way.  A group of Amani warriors.  And the leader among them is the Eagle Lord who was almost beaten out by the power of Thunder Fury.  If nothing else, the iconic mohawk is so eye-catching! ???????????? It seems like all the trolls look more or less like this?  "This person is coming with bad intentions!" Judging from the size of the troops beside the Troll Warlord, it seems that these Amani tribe warriors have just experienced a very fierce conflict, and now they are full of resentment and want to find someone to smash  place.  As for those who can launch a large-scale attack in such a place, there is no one except the blood elves.  Unless the trolls have a hole in their heads and insist on breaking through the traces left by the Scourge - but if they can fight like this in the face of a zombie army without any command, I guess their brains are not much better.  .  "Have you seen it?" Izmi tried to make a standard collision action with her elbows, but her height was not proportional to her age.  So the whole action turned into the action of hitting someone's side with the hilt of the sword - accompanied by a muffled sound and a system prompt of 10 points of health loss.  "It's you!" A hint of rage flashed in Akilsund's turbid eyes.  But if you look closely, you will find that the troll priest's right hand unconsciously covers the weapon at his waist as a reflex action.  It is obvious that for the upper representative objects of the wind element encountered before.  Being beaten to a pulp has become a painful memory for Ekilsund, so much so that there is a conditioned reflex reaction between the same culprit.  ¡°Ah, it seems that there have been some past events between the two of you that make people have to think about it¡ª¡ª¡± Ding!  In return for this assumption, and at the same time as a return of his talent's weapon, Lu De unceremoniously hit Izmi twice on the head with his overturned training spear.  ??Anyway.  Even the most fragile swordsman is rough-skinned and thick-skinned compared to other professions. He will definitely not fall down because of this small setback!  "If there is only this priest, there will be no problem, but" Lu De's eyes turned to another tall figure next to Ekilsund.  (Nalorak, level?? Humanoid creature/leader, life 1027w) "The other one is not easy to deal with!" Simply based on appearance.  The troll named Narorak is obviously half a head taller than Akilsund, and his muscles are much stronger. He is obviously a melee character.  By the way, even if a creature like a troll belongs to the most common legal profession, its strength is at least as strong as that of a human warrior.  So this guy seems to be very strong, so he is a physics professional, etc., but that will cause trouble and even repair costs!  "You bastards who brought shame on me" A deep grunt escaped from Egilsson's mouth. After being amplified by the resonance of the chest, it sounded like a small thundercloud undulating.  If the distance was not too far, you might still be able to see the thick red color of the Troll Priest.  ¡ª¡ªSo any talk about the difference between physics and magic professions is totally a lie!  You see, a mere shaman has learned the bloodthirst of a warrior!     Huh?  There seems to be something subtly wrong "Ekilsson, it was these vulnerable guys who defeated you?" Narolak's expression was full of mockery.  It is obvious that the relationship between the trolls is not monolithic - for this kind of strength formed by tribes as settlement groups.  Normal internal relationships may be maintained on the surface because of a strong leader, but if they are assigned to separate individuals, this can only be said to be a matter of opinion.  "Weak. Small, vulnerable humansmy giant bearThe Legion can easily crush them to pieces!  " It sounds like he is mocking the guy in front of him. However, as long as the IQ is slightly above the average level, it is not difficult to find that Narolak's target is actually his own race. " "What do you know, a guy who only knows how to use Huh!"  " Two cold snorts came out of the Eagle Priest's nostrils. "The power of elemental artifacts is comparable to the spirits of ancestors If you had the opportunity to experience it for yourself, I'm afraid you wouldn't talk so much here" Especially  Unhappy, Akilsun's hand lit up with lightning, and he aimed it at Lu De. The hot blue-white energy penetrated the air barrier and hit the horse on his back with a speed that exceeded everyone's reaction speed.  Someone. But there was no Maoyue - Lu De, who was bathed in lightning, didn't even have the word "immune" on his helmet except for the fact that it was raised in a ridiculous radial shape due to the effect of static electricity.  It felt like the fury of thunder had taken the initiative to absorb the lightning. ¡°Is this guy¡¯s brain showing off?  "The tail of the black dragon drew one large arc after another in the air, and the eyes he looked at the troll were like looking at the weeds on the roadside. "He actually used other spells of the corresponding system in front of the elemental artifact.  Does he really think he is an elemental lord?  " "Who knows maybe there are more cheering guys around this time, so you ignore it?  "Although someone still maintains a semi-indifferent attitude on the surface, he has secretly issued instructions in the team channel to act according to the situation. "(It seems that this is the troll's usual mopping up forcebecause the blood elves have frequent activities.  Because of the relationship, the scale is also much larger than last time?)" "Bang!" A wisp of electricity, not much thicker than a fan, was released from the tip of Thunder Fury, hitting Ekilsund's chest accurately. "Of course  . There is no instant killing or defection, but the troll's already eye-catching mohawk has become more fluffy and dense - like the one that is often hung on a key chain.  The pendant is like that, eh. ¡°Do you need me to help you solve it, eh?  Come on, little ones.  Wow ha ha ha ha!  " Without waiting for any response from Akilsund, Narorak's thick palm suddenly waved down. Like a starting order - the troll army riding brown bear mounts armed with fangs and horns suddenly issued a  Strange shouts, rushing towards the small group of people in front of him. "" As for the ignored troll priest, after his face changed several times, he acquiesced to this move that was similar to a struggle for power.  "Run away!  " Seeing the troll army coming back with great momentum, Lu De shouted in the team channel. Turn around and run away Or is it better to call it a strategic retreat? After all, two troll warlords were singled out, plus the one next to him.  A group of warriors with obvious bad backgrounds would only do such weird things if they have a hole in their heads! "Stop, you coward!"  "The roar of the Troll Warlord was earth-shattering, but there was no moon. Although mounts like Velociraptor are good at bursts, they have no advantage at all in terms of endurance. - Especially the black bears of Narolak, who can run away  It is already difficult to charge against these huge beasts! "Do you think others are fools and still fight you face to face when you clearly have no advantage?  " Listening to the roaring getting farther and farther behind him, Lu De rolled his eyes in disgrace. "In terms of the adaptability and durability of the terrain, it is obvious that she is still a girl who has been transformed by Ahn'Qiraj's black technology Ah no.  , it is much more powerful than the alien insect. It is said that there is also a special modified type that is enhanced by the flea's drive system and is said to be able to directly climb over the height of the warlock code. However, that kind of acceleration is not enough for ordinary people.  I can¡¯t stand it¡­ Probably. ¡°Coward!  Poor thing!  Don't let me see you again in Ghostland!  " After chasing hard for a while, however, when the distance between the two sides became larger and larger, Narolak had to give up the meaningless pursuit. " There is no way. If it continues, although the troll itself is still  There is no problem, but those poor brown bears look like they are foaming at the mouth Well, the food of the trolls is probably not much better! Although the access to Silvermoon City is not that good due to the intrusion of the trolls!  It went well, but it also escaped the intense commotion.?, many creatures originally entrenched in the Land of Ghosts were also forcibly driven out of their original guard points.  It saves a lot of trouble in fighting.  It¡¯s just that¡­ When the gorgeous door of Silver Moon City appeared in everyone¡¯s sight, something that shouldn¡¯t belong here instantly caught Lu De¡¯s attention.  Originally used to provide a flying point for the dragon eagle to rest.  There were two more guys inside who were obviously not normal in size.  Both feet flying dragons.  "Sure enough, after the crisis in Blackrock Tower is resolved, it is urgent to win over neutral forces" Even though magister troops were sent to participate in the battle of Ahn'Qiraj.  At the same time, some good intentions were shown in the supply of materials. However, in fact, the blood elves were still in a state where their position was not clear.  "So this is diplomacy! This is diplomacy!" On the contrary, the eyes of the princess of Demacia were shining like a child after seeing a novel toy.  "If diplomacy can be solved like chatting, drinking tea and eating snacks, there will be no need for us to take action, so you really have a lot to learn -" Although there is an essential difference in height, Izzy  Mi behaved at this time as if he was the more mature one.  - Although it may be true.  "Are you sure?" Lu De's expression was a little strange.  "The fanatics of the Scarlet Crusade only need one weapon to completely rule them Although they are now merged into the Silver Hand, if old Mograine is willing, he can still recruit all of them immediately.  " "It's because we have grasped the lifeline So as long as we also grasp the blood elves' lifeline, they won't be any more difficult than the other guys!" "That's good But this  It¡¯s meaningless.¡± Someone¡¯s glares were directed at the target as if they didn¡¯t want money.  (Izumi: Don¡¯t be like that guy Xiaojing!) ¡°The blood elves are neither short of money nor technology. The only thing they lack ispopulation.¡± ¡°Gu!¡± Izumi suddenly felt like a happy eggplant.  Then he wilted.  After all, most materials can be solved through exchange and support. However, for the blood elves, who have particularly strong racial concepts, it seems that population is not something that can be produced overnight, right?  Even if you encourage procreation or something, you still have to take into account the elf¡¯s cheating age limit, ah!  (To be continued) ps: ps1: Note: Friends who have played zam should know that in fact, the most courageous one here is the bear Every time he lets his younger brother deal with it, and then he runs to his altar and there is really no one there.  Only come on!  PS2: However, the Dragon Eagle seems to have been flying there all the time, and these things have never stopped!  
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