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war3. The Frozen Throne Chapter 78 The Swordsman in Blue, No Trace of Afterimage

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    The dazzling golden light was incredibly fast, covering hundreds of meters in almost an instant. It caught up with the galloping death horse first and crashed into the back of the ignorant Rorschach.  However, at that moment, a light blue rainbow light, like a clear spring, flashed out from the collapsed stone ruins on the side, intercepting the golden brilliance halfway.  "Clang¡ª¡ª" exploded.  The crisp sound of gold and iron, like the playing of a guzheng, slowly rippled in the air.  The golden object that failed to attack was thrown into the air, and at the same time, it also revealed the true appearance of a pure golden headband. However, it seemed to be stunned by the sudden attack and did not fall back or return again.  Launched an attack, but staggered to a stop in mid-air.  Until then, Luo Xia turned his head belatedly and discovered that there was a light blue and white figure in the open space more than 20 meters in front of him.  That was a man dressed very strangely.  She has long sky-blue hair that reaches her waist and is tied into a ponytail at the back, while two strands of hair hang down in front of her forehead and flow down along her earlobes. While covering part of her appearance, she also reveals a bit of spontaneity.  And his delicate face does not make people feel unruly. Coupled with his thin and slender figure, he naturally reveals a gentle and soft character.  But what surprised Rorschach was that in the hands of this stranger, who looked more like a poet than a swordsman, he held a slender and bamboo-like sheathed sword.  This strange and slender long knife was held in his hand like a green fishing rod used for fishing.  There is no sharp and sharp smell at all.  The man noticed Luo Xia's gaze, turned his head slightly, with a gentle expression, nodded and said: "I am a guest of Oda Kei's family" But before he could say his name, "Buzz -" sounded in the air.  ¡ª" a sound.  Rorschach instinctively looked up, and immediately saw the golden hoop that was floating in the air crashing down again, but this time, it rotated down at an astonishingly high speed, completely turning into a blurry disk.  phantom.  Not close yet.  The air resounded with a buzzing sound like a chainsaw tearing everything apart.  "Wellthis kind of evil thing that confuses people's hearts should not appear in the world." When he was suddenly attacked, the man was not surprised but happy, and murmured something in a low voice.  Then his right hand climbed onto the slender handle of the knife.  At the same time, the body leans forward slightly.  The center of gravity dropped to the waist, as if he was deliberately close to the fatal golden wheel, and he stood still as if he wanted to die.  Until the second before the whole body was torn apart.  When Rorschach on the side couldn't help but use his death grip to save people, he suddenly started to move.  It was the same "buzz" sound. With Rorschach's eyesight, he could only capture the afterimages of more than ten intertwined swords. Then the surrounding atmosphere suddenly stirred up like a tornado, blowing away all the weeds and gravel on the ground.  In an instant, the flat ground more than ten meters away from the man became a large, clean circle.  As soon as the speeding golden light burst in, it was enveloped by the overwhelming brilliant sword light. Only a dozen consecutive crisp sounds of "clang" were heard. In the blink of an eye, it staggered around and crashed into the sky at a faster speed.  go back.  "It is indeed a magic weapon of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even if it is used for evil purposes, it is indeed extraordinary." The man sighed instead, as if he regretted not being able to perform any meritorious deeds. However, he immediately raised his head and looked at the man who had just arrived from a distance.  A pig demon with an angry look on his face.  "You are the monster that robs women thousands of miles away, right" The handsome man's eyes were calm, and he said to himself without waiting for the pig monster to reply: "Then, be careful -" "Be careful? Take action.  You had to remind your opponent before? This is too pedantic" Luo Xia was stunned for a moment and subconsciously cursed.  However, after he saw the scene at the next moment, he immediately overturned these superficial perceptions. Instead, he felt that this seemingly cool and gentle young swordsman actually had something of a so-called dark side.  Becausethere is no one thing. I'm afraid it will be even more uncomfortable to see how I die.  There is a kind of swordsmanship. Even if you are told the time of the move openly, you can see the changes step by step, and you can't make any resistance.  The moment the blue-clothed swordsman finished speaking, his body swayed at the same time, and he actually transformed into a dozen identical afterimages.  It's like the frames of a slow-down movie are indented. At a distance of hundreds of meters, every movement turns into a phantom floating in the air. It is lifelike but different at the same time. It unfolds step by step.  Every tiny movement.  Draw the sword, unsheath it, step forward, and slash horizontally.  The changes between just four postures are like the little ripples left behind by a flying swallow crossing the water, rippling quietly.?The figure of more than ten ripples.  It seemed slow, but it was actually so fast that the pig demon clearly witnessed everything that happened, but had no time to make any resistance. He could only watch the sharp and sharp sword light with a cold and forced look.  The human brilliance was chopped off bit by bit towards his head.  However, at that moment when life and death were decided, the sword light that was supposed to fall down suddenly tilted slightly, and the graceful blue figure also showed an obscure stiffness, but the deflection between breaths brought about  A completely different effect.  ¡°Pfft¡ª¡ª¡± Along with the big splash of blood, there was also a thick and long arm that fell to the elbow.  Among the people present, the only one with such thick black hair on his arms was the inhuman pig demon.  Sure enough, when Luo Xia came to his senses, he saw that only the blue-clothed swordsman was standing still, and where the pig demon was, there was no longer any figure, only a faint figure in the distant sky hundreds of meters away.  A group of fleeing black clouds were revealed.  Without any harsh words, the arrogant and arrogant monster just escaped.  But even though she was saved, Luo Xia's heart felt cold.  Because no matter how he estimated, he couldn't figure out how he could escape from this sword.  Regardless of all the defensive skills of the death knight, or the dense fist shadow of the small universe, it seems that they are completely unable to resist this mysterious trick of "moistening things silently". This sword seems to be far less sharp than he and the pig demon just now  The fighting was so majestic and caused almost no damage to the environment, but from the side, it can be seen that its damage was condensed to an astonishing level.  "That pig demon, according to my prediction, already has the power of the middle level of silver, and this swordsman whose name I don't know can't be seen at all What if the world is full of such monsters and warriors?  , How powerful can the two bosses at the top of the demon camp be?" Luo Xia, who felt a little gloomy in his heart, sighed unconsciously, but still drove his horse closer to the swordsman in blue.  .  "The strange thing is that this handsome young warrior who has just shown his prowess has maintained a proud and upright posture since he defeated the pig demon, standing silent and motionless.  When Rorschach approached and felt a little confused, he suddenly caught a glimpse of his plain white clothes covered with large bright red spots.  "Are you injured?" Luo Xia asked in surprise.  "Ahem" Hearing this voice, the swordsman opened his mouth, as if he wanted to answer, but suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood, followed by his body and half-knelt on the ground, and could only lean on the knife stuck on the ground.  Chang Sword barely managed to hold on, and when he saw Luo Xia coming over, he gasped and said, "It's okay, some little ones" But before he finished speaking these heroic words, there was a "bang" and he couldn't hold up anymore and collapsed to the ground.  , Luo Xia lowered his head and saw that the unknown swordsman in blue had fainted on the spot.  Luo Xia, who had black lines all over his head, shook his head and lowered his head to check. After a while, he found that although this man was thin and simple, he did not have any obvious injuries on his body. He couldn't help but wonder: "Is it the so-called internal injury or congestion?  ? Or is it the effect of some kind of curse? " Thinking like this, he caught a glimpse of the blue-clothed swordsman showing some pain in his coma, and suddenly his heart moved: "Speaking of which, based on the power of the sword just now, this man's evaluation must have been  It is beyond the silver level. Although it is unlikely to be gold level, it is at least the silver level. It just so happens that I lack the ability to make a final decision. If I kill him, I will be lucky enough to reveal his swordsmanship.  It may be as unbelievable as me, but it will definitely have immediate results" But after hesitating for a moment, Rorschach gave up this unrealistic idea.  Not only because he saved his life just now, but also because according to the basic law of reward and difficulty in infinite space, even if he takes advantage of someone's danger and kills him, he will definitely only be able to reveal incomplete items that even the top Black Iron might not have.  .  And since this strange swordsman can appear without Rorschach's perception, who knows if he has any fellow disciples or ninjas lurking aside?  Even if not, this kind of master's counterattack in danger is definitely enough to make the half-disabled myself drink a pot.  "Let's still think about how to get out of here What is that?" At this time, a "swish" sound suddenly sounded in the distance. Luo Xia also felt some kind of close spiritual connection. He immediately raised his head and found that as a contractor  The young warrior girl fell from the sky on Xiong Shaodong's flying broom.  "Finally I found you, Captain, why is this place like this? Are you okay?" Xiong Shaodong was still looking around, looking at the battlefield with huge ravines. Just when he was showing surprise, he suddenly saw Luo Shaodong.  Xia looked miserable and immediately felt urgentGet up.  Before Luo Xia could answer, suddenly there were urgent footsteps from the other side. When she turned around, she saw Ji Qing walking over.  It turned out that after she placed the new girl Xie Rui, she felt uneasy and came alone to help in the battle. However, she did not expect that the death horse performed its task too perfectly and stopped too far away from the battlefield. So until the twists and turns of the battle ended,  She arrived late.  Luo Xia shook his head and did not mean to blame. He pointed at the person lying on the ground and said: "Let's go back first. The solution to this mission may depend on him" (To be continued)
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